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Big Girl

I don't know what happened to Mia over the summer. She... expanded.

I think it has a lot to do with swimming. On Memorial Day, we could barely coax her to put her toes into the baby pool. By August, she had taught herself to swim. By the time the pool closed this month she could go an entire length, 25 yards, without stopping.

Last Spring, she did two highly-unsuccessful rounds of swimming lessons. The main goal of these lessons was to get the kids to put their faces in the water and blow bubbles. Not only did Mia never do that, but half the time she wouldn't even get in the water. The instructor (who Mia adores, that wasn't the problem) recommended that I move Mia down a level. Instead, after our summer at the pool, I moved her up a level. And at her first class, the instructor said she was too good and had to skip that level completely. At her next class, someone she had never met before told her to jump into five feet of water, and she did it without hesitation.

When Mia started preschool last Fall, she cried about it every day. And I don't mean she cried the two days a week that she actually had school, she cried every single day because she was going to have to go back to school at some point in the future. She cried about school every single day for four months. And then she was better for a while, and then in the Spring it started again. I was terrified when school started again, and Mia was stressed about it for weeks beforehand. And every morning, she runs the entire way from our house to her school, singing and yelling all the way that she loves school. On the first day, she ran straight into her classroom and it took her five minutes to remember to come tell me goodbye.

And I'm so proud of her I could burst. Mia has always been a little shy, and now she walks up to people in the grocery store and tells them her life story. She makes immediate friends with any kids she meets. She will go and do and try anything, and then compose and perform an operetta about the experience. Suddenly, she's confident, and outrageous. and larger than life, and I am in awe of her.

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Brava Miabean! and Brava Mamma!

Brava Mia girl! and Brava Mamma!

sorry about that - thought it hadn't gone through the first time

Such an amazing girl... nice to know her beauty inside matches her beauty outside.

Yeah Mia.

And I'm so jealous, b/c now Michael, who never had problems at school, is having so many problems.

She sounds like just such an incredible little person :)

BIG GIRL. Oh my God, Beth! What a miracle it is to see them go from this wee little screaming THING to a big girl who sees the world for the big amazing ball of wonder that it is.

What a ride, man.

Gosh, I wish I was brave enough to be like that. She is going to be the star of her class, I am sure.

I have one of those too and I wish I could be more like her and she is all of 5! She posses more pizzazz in her pinky then most people do their entire lives. How lucky are we to be able to experience it vicariously through these little people. So Exciting!

Kids! They make you waffle between standing on a chair shaking both fists screaming "WHAT THE HELL?!!" and melting into a weeping blobby puddle of pride.

That oscillation can get pretty messy, let me tell you. Good thing it's all internal.


I am currently o nteh crying every day though preschool only meets two days carousel right now. I don't know if I'll survive if it continues for 5 months. My hat is off to you. I'm so glad to hear she's so happy and enthusisatic now. Maybe she could be Sam's preschool life coach.

They do grow up fast. And in Mia's case, sometimes in spurts. It's so nice when they love school. It makes life easier.

Have a great day.


That's awesome! Way to go, Mia. That gives me hope for my son, who is 3.5 and acts just as Mia used to. He's incredibly hesitant and timid, and won't leave my side to go to swimming lessons (or anything else) either. Great to hear that things can change so dramatically.

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