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I woke up this morning to larvae is my kitchen. Larvae. My first thought was "fuck, are those maggots?" After some research, I moved onto "thank god, those aren't maggots." And then I finally landed on "fuck, I wish those were maggots." Maggots seem to be pretty easy to get rid of, other possible sources of larvae, not so much. (People, never image search "maggots." You've been warned.)

Now, it was a grand total of about 12 larvae over the course of the day, which I think I can live through, provided there aren't any more. I asked Chris to pick up a flame thrower at Target on his way home, and he said they didn't have any, but I'm thinking Wal-Mart has to have them, right? And if the larvae keep coming, I will have to get one.

I have a bug... thing. Not a single-bug thing, which don't (he he) bug me all that much, but herds of bugs creep me out. I blame it on the day at the old house when I was walking up the front walk just as a massive termite swarm flew out of the door jamb and straight into my face. I never really recovered.

Which explains why I set out to just check the dry goods in the kitchen this afternoon, and then decided to go ahead and throw out the flour and crackers and pasta and cereal and corn meal that was open, and then decided I may as well be safe and pitch all of the wheat and rice and corn products, and ended up filling twelve trash bags with every bit of food from the pantry that wasn't in cans or jars. I am refusing to even speculate about how much money is out on the corner right now waiting for the garbage men, but at least I feel confident that I will not be feeding the children bugs.

So then I had to make Chris stop on the way home to replace the things I could not live without until tomorrow morning. And he did, and as soon as he brought them into the house I packed them into ziploc bags and put them in the freezer. So if you come over, that's why I have chocolate powder and granola bars in the freezer.

I haven't seen a bug in eight hours, except for the ones I generously saved in a baggie to show to Chris. (He was quite appreciative.) Wish me luck, would you?

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Ugh. I hate bugs too. Especially hers thereof.

Uh. Herds.

Yeah, I can deal with bugs but not loads of them. And larvae? No thanks.

I feel like they're on me. I may need to throw out half my pantry too, just to keep the nightmares at bay.


I grew up really poor, right? You know that already, yes? Well, we were poor enough that we took whatever anyone gave us, ever, and we freezed all of that wheat, flour, sugar, etc....SO WE COULD PICK THE FROZEN BUGS OUT OF IT.

Thank you for helping me pull that little nugget out of the buried recesses of my memory. No, really. ;-)

THANK YOU for not posting pictures. That is all.

Oohhhh, I'm so sorry. This happened to us once too . . . with weevils not larvae. We tossed everything and wiped out the shelves with bleach. The next day I went to The Container Store and bought a ton of hermetically sealed glass jars (cheaper than it sounds, actually) and they've kept our dry goods bug free ever since.

Check your dry foods as you bring them into the house. Sometimes things come PRE-INFESTED. One of the perils of actually caring enough to cook real meals from whole foods. So unfair :(

Mmmm weevils! Extra fiber and crunch. Sometimes when I lived with my dad, we just couldn't keep them away, so we gave up and pretended it was whole wheat pizza crust.

Mmmm weevils! Extra fiber and crunch. Sometimes when I lived with my dad, we just couldn't keep them away, so we gave up and pretended it was whole wheat pizza crust.

eww eww eww! good luck - hope you get no more.
I don't mind bugs etc outside, but I don't like them inside - spiders are fine, as they eat the pesky flies, but catapillars on the brocoli and ants on mass - YUK YUK YUK!

I had to take a shower before I could comment. (and now I keep breaking out into compulsive wiggle/shakes).

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate bugs. I used to hate spiders the most, and now I am so over spiders that I really only hate the hairy sullen type that throw as much attitude as the lazy teenage neighbor kids. I can thank our centipede problem for that upgrade in bug tolerance- we had a RAGING centipede problem in our old house and OMG I almost made us move just because of those suckers alone. Instead I settled on having a man come and spray extremely toxic chemicals all over our house and especially in the SECOND FLOOR MASTER BEDROOM since that is where the centipedes seemed to prefer to spend all of their time and ick OMG NO.

Well done on throwing the food out. I find that I routinely do that with stuff like flour because I also have a fear of mold, but I think you were smart because remind me to tell you about the time I brought baked yams to thanksgiving dinner and didn't realize that we had some big black ants throw themselves a party in the brown sugar. Beth, you can never be too careful about these things.

1) Walmart ABSOLUTELY sells flame throwers.
2) What a great way to clean out your pantry!


This is so timely for me. I slept on the floor the other night next to the kids' beds (who doesn't?) and ended up with flea bites (though I can never find any on the cats ...). THEN yesterday I was digging in a closet and saw a silverfish which I thought I had gotten rid of with a big cloud of toxic poison last year. Don't even get me started on the "Palmetto Bugs" a.k.a. giant cockroaches.

I don't want to bomb the house again 'cause I'm a little concerned about the residue and young children. What I need is a good pair of blinders.

So, there is this one fly in my house. Who seems to be following me everywhere.

Correction. There are a crapload of flies in my house. There must have been a maggot nest somewhere.

I'm afraid to look under the fridge. Or behind the television. Or anywhere that the boy could have squirreled something away that seemed like an attractive place for a flynest.

At least you got him back for the gray hair comment.

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