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Poll time!

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I voted step down, but for what it's worth Mike loves Kohl's, so if households were voting, we'd be split. Kyle hasn't formed an opinion yet, but if he knows what's good for him, he'll join me on the Target side of the line.

I don't mind Kohl's and find great deals there- you just need to be selective. Very reasonable for kids' clothes too! Although I feel that their shoe selection has taken a turn for the tragic. Unless you want sneakers- then you are good to go.

Is there a 'I've got no idea what Kohls is' option? Cos I'll take that one.

I've actually been quite impressed with some of the clothes at Target. Kohl's, meh. I always think it is a good idea until I get there and rarely do I find anything that I like. Kids clothes are great though. I can usually find good deals.

Well I shop for "womens" sizes and the womens section at Target is beyond tragic, so Kohl's is always a better option.

Well, we HAVE a Kohls. But I've never shopped there so I'm not able to vote. Personally, the majority of kids' shopping is done at Old Navy.

Depends on what size you wear. Typically the womens 2 (if you can find it) doesn't fit me, and at 30, I feel like I can't buy the majority of my clothes in the junior section. And even though I'm 5'3", I can't shop in the petite section (what's up with petite clothes usually being made for Grandmas anyway...)

BUT, Kohl's has VERA WANG! And you get Kohl's Cash! Shop!

I absolutely love Kohl's for kitchen linens. I find great stuff at super low prices (placemats, napkins, tablecloths). They seem to have better kids and mens clothing than they do women's. But I agree with a pp, you just have to be careful with what you buy. They do have a lot a good solid basics.

Kohl's is hit or miss for me. Tried again last weekend and everything I tried on made me look pregnant, not a look I am going for. That style of shirt does nothing for me. I always find something at Target. I realized the other day that most of my clothes are from Target and Old Navy. I haven't had luck anywhere else lately. My old standbys of AT Loft and Macy's have failed me. TJMaxx has been decent lately. Anyone have any suggestions of where I can find non-pregnancy looking, non-hoochie, non-grandma clothes?

Where I live, the only options are Kohl's, Target, JCPenney or Younkers, though both our JCP and Younkers are either teen stuff or old lady crap. So I totally shop Kohl's, especially end of season when you can get a sweater for like $5.00.

Khol's clearance is fab for the kids. I've also had some good luck with finding things for the hubs on clearance. Me not so much...I do better at the Macy's clearance rack. And in case you are wondering I never buy anything that isn't on sale, so maybe I am that cheap! ;)

I'd vote for "brilliant because my kid doesn't know there's a toy section there...and there's also no video game/DVD section there." Also, "brilliant because my husband won't want to go along and spend too much money on impulse purchases, like he would at Target."

I think Kohl's is definitely a step up - they have Vera Wang!!! (pardon the excitement there) and they always seem to have great sales. It's one of the few places I can find decent work clothes, and it's definitely the cheapest of the bunch.

(p.s. Since when did Express start charging $100 for dress pants?)

My mom and her friends have great luck at Kohl's, but I resent the Pretend Sales (stuff that's 40% off after being marked up so that 40% off is more like regular price, and it's ALWAYS 40% off).

I'm Canadian! Unlike my friends who are all about the cross border shopping, I have NO IDEA what Khol's is.

I love Kohl's clothes much better than Target. SO much bigger selection. And they have good name brand stuff. Like bras, they have tons of name brand bras a fabulous prices.

But I love my Target. Just not so much for clothes.

I love kids' clothes at kohl's, but I only buy the Jumping Beans line. Mix and match separates, high quality, clothes fit my beanpole children. And the sticker price is $10/piece but 3 out of 4 weeks each month they are "on sale" for half price, or $5 each. So if you ever go and they actually want $10 for the t-shirt with like 12 square inches of material in it, you're getting ripped off. Just try again the next week.

I also love Target's clothes for the same reason, but you really can tell a difference in quality of fabric IMO.

Our Kohls has diapers. We have good sales on basics, (like $5 a t-shirt long or short sleeved perfect for layering) Yep, lotsa crap, but really good clearance prices.

Kohl's is definitely a step up for Target for me. The women's sizes at Kohl's are not mixed in with the maternity clothes like they are at our Target. The last two times I went to target the only cute things I liked were maternity and I was mortified that I picked those up since I am SOOOO not preggers. Just fluffy.

wait. you mean there are places to buy clothes other than Target????

wait. you mean there are places to buy clothes other than Target????

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