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Right Answer/Wrong Answer

Him: Are you ok?
Me: Oh yeah, I'm just groping this massive third eye zit on my forehead.
Him: Ah, is that why you've been wearing you hair like that?
Me: Yup.
Him: I like your hair that way.
Me: Thanks. Unfortunately, the only hairstyle that hides the massive zit also showcases my biggest patch of gray hair.
Him: Yeah, I'd noticed you had a lot of gray hair lately.
Me: And you'd been doing so well too.

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Maybe he could make up for it a little by following with, of course I'll take care of the kids while you go get your hair done, and why don't you stop at the spa too... ;)

Well at least you got part of the way through the conversation before he put his foot in his mouth? LOL

I was totally admiring the way he was side-stepping each mine.

Missed it by that much...

Too bad. I've always liked him so much! lol!

So close, and yet, so far.

So he only opens his mouth to change feet, huh?

They never learn, do they...

Ouch! Did he survive?

I haven't yet told my husband about the budding patches of new grey I noticed at his temples on our honeymoon because I think they are adorable, but he won't.
However, I guarantee he'll say something snarky to me one day that will encourage me to let the grey-haired cat out of the mean-bag ;-)

Sorry! You did nothing to provoke the grey hair notice :-) I'd just come from Chris's blog and had the Me's and You's mixed up.
But the comment on my husband's greys stands :-)

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