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So, I got into this diet and exercise thing this Spring as a beach/spending most of the summer in a bathing suit prep, and I did great. Exercised every day, ate really well, lost a bunch of weight (for me), it was great. And then we went to the beach in early July and I said screw the diet, this is vacation, and I never went back. And predictably, I did go back, to just about where I started.

Which sucks. It isn't a surprise, of course, but I had been fooling myself into thinking I had held off at least a couple of pounds.

And the thing that really pisses me off is that I was enjoying it. I loved exercising every day again, I liked how much better I felt when I ate less crap and less overall. It honestly was its own reward, and I don't know why I stopped.

Chris and I are taking our first ever trip away from the kids for our 10th wedding anniversary this Fall. We leave six weeks from today. (As always, if you want to break into my house while we are away, the blue rug and the inlaid screen in the living room are by far the most valuable things in the house - bring a friend and a dolly though, those buggers are heavy.) And so I'm going back on the wagon today to see if six weeks from today I can be closer to my wedding weight than my 38 weeks pregnant with child #1 weight.

There isn't that far to go. Ten pounds would be great, fifteen would probably be pushing it, twenty would definitely be too much. And just to motivate myself with shame, here's where I'm starting.


I'm taking tips, if you have any.

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Love where you are!!! 'cause some of us were at that weight and thought we were "fat" 30 lbs and 10 years agon.

Love where you are!!! 'cause some of us were at that weight and thought we were "fat" 30 lbs and 10 years ago.

Hee... your starting weight is my goal weight. I'm just going to pretend in my head I'm 6 inches taller than you right now. :-)

My current motivation is a trip to Hawaii that I am (supposedly) taking next year. (I won't believe it until at least the plane tickets are booked.) Hawaii has always been my dream vacation and I don't want to ruin it by being upset about wearing a bathing suit. Not to mention, the girls who are going with me are SKINNY. Eek!

One thing that works for me when I try to start a new habit is putting a sticker on the calendar for each day I do what I am supposed to do. If it can work for potty training kids, it works for me. (M&M rewards probably would not have your desired effect.)

Jennie McCarthy said the other day on Good Morning America or something similar that she's 5'6" and 125. If you lose 10 pounds, you'll be (as she said) "normal for Hollywood"!


Also, cute toes ;)

You are my hero. Go girl.

Nice toes! And the comment that Kat said up there, that's also me, exactly.

Ha!!! I wish i weighed that much.. (actually I'm only 2 pounds heavier than that, but I haven't seen that number in quite a while) The sad thing is... Owen is a few weeks younger than my son... Sigh. How tall are you? Maybe that will make me feel better. Unless you're taller than me haha

Hey! You liked the 30 day shred, right? Go for it, again! And someone suggested a "raccoon' diet to someone the other day. You know how raccoons always wash their food? Well, if you couldn't wash it and have it remain intact (i.e. cake) then don't eat it. Sounded like a good deal to me.

Where you are is about where I am trying to get to. Only about 4 lbs to go or more if I can do it. It's taken 27 months to get the baby weight (and then some) off.

Weight Watchers. Seriously. You could easily lose 5-10 lbs in 6 weeks. It's so easy to do. Tons of info for free online or just pay the weekly fee and go to a meeting. Or, cut your carb intake for 6 weeks, and that would also cut 5-10 lbs. You have to shock your body somehow. If you exercise on top of changing your eating habits, it will come off.

You can do it! Keep us posted.

My advice (take it or leave it) eat all the time. Buy tons of fruit and eat it when you're hungry. Buy little tiny snacks like goldfish. By the time you eat enough of them to cause any damage you're sick of them (at least that's how it worked for me). And I got hungry less often.

Last year, I hit 142. I'm 5'2". When we went on a cruise in May, I was 129. Now I'm back to 132 because I've lost motivation, but I'm still working on it. Having something to look forward to is a great motivation.

Good Luck! We know you can do it! Congrats on the 10 years!!!!

a bout with the flu is usually a great kick-start.

Heh. I'm in the same boat, almost exactly. I was working out for the beach (although I didn't actually lose any weight) and then let go for vacation. Now I'm within a pound of you, going on a trip alone with my husband in just under 7 weeks, and I want to lose, oh, say, 10 pounds. Although more importantly than the pounds, I want to jiggle a lot less. (And I just saw myself in a picture the other day, and I would prefer my hips not be wider than my husband's shoulders!)

Maybe I should post a picture of my scale, too! Although, then I would have to clean the bathroom floor, which isn't really a goal of mine at all :)

add me to the "your starting weight is my goal weight" camp. And I'm pretty sure I'm shorter than you.

The combination of Weight Watchers and the 30 Day Shred has worked wonders for me (though I've been sort of halfheartedly dieting/exercising through the summer because life has been so crazy).

I'm intending to hop back on that wagon when we get back from our vacation. Wishing us solidarity (and success) in our diets.

With all due respect, I think you look great the way you are. I have 100 pounds to lose and recently started on a new journey, and I never ever thought it would be as hard as it is. I wish you the best of luck!

Definitely Weight Watchers. Go in, buy the books and calculator ( I think it cost a total of around $35) for all of it and do it yourself. The first few weeks the weight will literally fall off!

138 at 5'6" is not a bad place to be. And have you SEEN some of the people on beaches who should NOT be wearing bikini's? They are all over the place.

Good luck! You're not at a bad place to begin with, 10 lbs should be a cakewalk. Except, you know, with no cake.

Funny thing - with my height and general build, at your weight I'd be close to dead :P I'd be thrilled if I could get under 200 actually.

Ah...but such pretty toes!

Oatmeal and/or fruit for breakfast. Lots of fruit, vegetables and water in your diet. My recommendation is walking. Walking is easy and burns tons of calories. I lost 12 pounds easily this way myself without much effort by walking an hour or so, 5-6 days a week.

You did it once so you can do it again. Nice toes! ;-)

I am about to make you feel very good. I am 5'2" and started my diet/excercise/get skinny or die trying routine today at 166 lbs. Ouch. Yeah. I will add my name to the list of Weight Watchers fans. I got down to 130 or so with that after my 2nd child. My plan this time is to set short term goals. Currently 4 lbs in 2 weeks. Please do update though, I can pretend I am working out along with you.

I would give my first born to weigh 138 lbs.

A friend and I were talking the other day about not liking our current weights, and I felt bad justifying my distaste for my current weight because at 5'5" and nearly the exact same weight as you right now, I'm not overweight, but this is the heaviest I've ever been when not pregnant or postpartum. I normally sit in the low 120s, and right before I conceived my son I was at a very low 113.

My friend was saying that she's about 30 lbs heavier than she wants to be and I apologized for complaining, but she said, "Hey look, this is your body, and if you're not happy with where you are, it doesn't matter where others are. They're not the ones trying to wear your pants. YOU are."

I've never felt better about wanting to improve myself, because as she pointed out, it's about being happy with ME.


For me, weight loss and maintenance comes from eating three smaller-portioned meals, and lots of small snacks throughout the day. Yogurt or a hard-boiled egg mid-morning (do you eat eggs?), a handful of roasted almonds and cashews around 2pm, and most importantly laying off the serious desserts. That one is the hardest for me. Well, that and portion control. OH yeah. And exercise. I'm starting with walking my daughter to school most days and I'll work my way back up to 5am runs.

Good luck!

You have nice toes. Seriously. Not just nice-for-a-mother or nice-for-a-thirty-something, but like college-freshman-cute toes. My toes are horrific. I have warned my husband that he will have to use his bench grinder to keep them trim by the time I'm 60. The nails are already thickening, and they have the slightest yellow tinge. GROSS!!!! So embarassing. I try to paint them, but 1) I am just not good at crap like that and don't care enough to keep them current and 2) you can still see that they are thick and ridged when they are painted. Sigh.

Anyhow, GOOD LUCK! I support you fully. I need an inspiration. I am in exactly the same place of hovering slightly above a good weight. Last year I was in tip-top shape, and now I have let about 8 pounds creep up on me, and it's almost enough to shame me into not being such a piggish, lazy, slob. ALMOST enough.

Ha!!! Reading other comments now. Re: kati and her comment about the flu/kick-start, SO TRUE! That was how I got started last year. Once that first 4 or 5 pounds is gone, it is smooth sailing. And how convenient to get it over with in 12 hours.

Try going vegan and sugar free until dinner time, but staying sensible with dinner and dessert/drinks. You aren't cutting anything out, except, if you're like me, you take out a lot of sugar and fat by cutting it out of just the first two thirds of the day. I even still have ice cream at night, or a beer, or glass of wine, and it's still working.

I have been on the TLC disturbed phobia diet and it is working wonders for me. Here's how it works:
Anytime there is a show on television like Half-ton Mom, Half-ton Dad, World's largest person, Inside Bookhaven, etc you must watch it. It does not matter how many times you have seen it, if it's on you must watch it. You soon find yourself looking for these programs constantly, you will become unable to watch anything else if these types of programs are on. Then as if by magic, you develop the disturbed phobia that you will become one of these people. Now I don't mean you worry that over a long period of time you will continue to put on weight and become less active and therefore unatractive. Oh no, I said disturbed phobia. This is a fear that you will go to bed tonight and when you wake up it is 7 years later you weigh a thousand pounds, haven't been out of bed in years and your idea of clothes shopping is ordering king-sized red satin sheets over the interweb. This new found phobia will make you run screaming from crappy food and chase you out of the house to go running. Um, yeah, I have issues. But I've lost 35 pounds.
Now if you'll excuse me I have to go do crunches.

Just enjoy the vacation!

Make sure you eat enough calories. You don't want to fall below 1200 a day. My husband from his heaviest weight it at 164 pounds lost. And If he can do it (stubborn hard head male) anyone can. Just stay focused. Im at 45pounds lost and counting. Good Luck

Good Luck!

Cute nail polish - what color is that? :)

I am in EXACTLY the same situation as you are only with hideous toes. I am really annoyed that one week of vacation can undo weeks of exercise and healthy eating. I wish I had more advice, but just be glad you have nice feet.

1st of all, your crazy. You are so not fat.

2nd of all, where are you going?

3rd of all, I'm so proud of you for going away.

4th of all, I just realized that you were somehow deleted from my google reader and I have not read you, in like, a month!

yeah! Where are you going?

You are so not fat!

I just realized you somehow got erased from my google reader and I have a month of posts to catch up on!

ok-sorry for the double comment, user error.

What has worked for me is to go to the gym every other day and run two miles. I look pretty hot after just two weeks :O

And cut out soda and fast food. One of the women I work with did that and her weight loss has been INSANE.

That said, I think you look pretty good as you are. And how tall are you? 138 is about normal, even on the slim side of things for a lot of people.

For me, Weight Watchers plus lactating has been hugely successful. Lost more that 35 pounds since January that way. That being said, I'm PRAYING that I'm 138 tonight at weigh-in -- it's a PMS week in addition to being right after a long weekend. My goal weight is 135. And I'm 5/2" (if I recall, you are taller). Everyone has a weight at which they are comfortable, but I think you are pretty close to what is reasonable for you.

I started working/volunteering at a soup kitchen to pay of a speeding ticket a couple of weeks ago. Now I think diets are really dumb.

That said, so is our North American diet. I suggest thinking about the grossness of the crap we put into our bodies.

That said, I sort of love some of the crap. So, for reasons of health and vanity, I'm trying to give up sugar and yeast. I have one food buddy that I'm sending a daily email to in order to be accountable for what I eat. Do you want to play?

Good luck on getting back on the exercise train!

Oh, man, I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant with #1 and weigh in at 148 (though I head to the doctor for my weekly weigh-in in half an hour, so we'll see what I'm up to now). I've never had to diet before and I'm not looking forward to having to actively try to lose the baby weight.

To make matters worse, my best friend had a baby in May and lost ALL of her baby weight in 8 weeks and looks fabulous. Thank goodness she doesn't live by me or I would feel even worse if it takes me a long time to lose it.

Go Beth! I have no doubt you can reach your goal. Don't get discouraged, you may plateau at one point, you just have to keep going until you get to your goal.

Sigh... my scale reads 30 pounds (YES, THIRTY!!!) higher than that. And about your sister in law not telling you your new niece's name... have you seen this?! (Pregnant women are smug) You will laugh your ass off... :)

Um, up your meds? You're worried about 138?

Woman, you are clearly mad as a hatter. Go eat a bon bon.

Also, you weight 138 at 38 weeks with Mia? This is going to put a serious rift in our relationship. I was 138 at 13 weeks. I gained 10 every month after. You do the math.

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