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Things I need you to tell me

Please tell me the following:

  1. Where to go for a pre-show dinner in NYC, keeping in mind that we are vegetarians who do eat fish but it isn't usually our first choice.

  2. Where a nearly 35 year old mother of two should look for a not overly expensive dress to wear to her 10th anniversary dinner at a restaurant where the other patrons are equally likely to wear jeans or evening gowns.

  3. That no 19 month old child has ever given up naps entirely in all the history of time and I therefore have nothing to worry about.

  4. How I should get my hair cut. You need to tell me this one before 6:00 today, which is when I leave to get my hair cut.

Ther was more, but typing this out on my iPhone while Owen screams in his crib and refuses to sleep has gotten more than a little tedious.

Comments (30)

I say go for an A-line bob. You know higher on the back and longer in the front. It is super cute.

I say check Kohls or Taget first for the dress.

Good Luck!!!

I say go for an A-line bob. You know higher on the back and longer in the front. It is super cute.

I say check Kohls or Taget first for the dress.

Good Luck!!!

Sorry to say but not one of my 4 napped past 18 months. But apparently they're freaks as I've never heard of anyone else having the same problem.

Are you coming to NYC?? Supercool! Where to eat depends on where you will be.

If you are going to Broadway show near Times Square you're right in Restaurant Row where you can find anything. There is an amazing Japanese place at 43rd and 7th, can't remember what it is called but it's soooo worth it.

Bangkok House has amazing Thai food- 46th between 8th and 9th.

On East 28th street there is the COOLEST vegetarian Indian place. You have to take your shoes off and sit in raised up booths. The decor alone is worth checking out. If you go there make sure you go into the bathroom.

Email me if you want more info.

then the three of us have freaks. my daughter stopped regularly napping between 19 and 20 months after being a dream sleeper/napper. she's 26 months now. let's just say less gets done around the house these days.

A line bob would be good. just don't go too far up in the back. you know, kate gosselin style ;)

and as for a dress, has dresses on sale right now... good luck!

Another vote for a bob!

I haven't ordered from there before, so take this with a grain of salt, but when I was trying to help my sister in law find a great, inexpensive dress for my wedding we saw a lot of pretty options here:

I love Amma ( and like most Indian restaurants they have lots of vegetarian options. Click Menu and then Vegetarian and you'll see the tasting menu they have (with or without wine pairings).

About the dresses, Target might surprise you and even Nieman Marcus has sections with gorgeous dresses and not so terrible prices. Maybe those larvae in your kitchen are silkworms and you could make your own dress?

Bay Leaf on 51st is a great Indian place - great, off-the-hook food, quiet, good service, beautifully decorated - if you make a reservation there, ask to sit in the front room by the window. It's delish, quiet and romantic - much, much better than a lot of the Indian places closer to touristy areas like Broadway. Have fun, I love nyc!

White House Black Market OR Ann Taylor for the appropriate attire.

Mary's Fish Camp is the only fish place I know which may be of ZERO benefit to you. (But for what it's worth - it's DELICIOUS.)

Also - I liked your hair best around Easter of 06 (thank goodness for Chris' Flickr which helped to remind me of the time!)

I am no help with #1 & #3.

#2: See, I'd treat myself to something from Anthropologie for a 10-year-anniversary dinner. That's special right there.

Finally, you have such great features, any cut will look good on you. But, maybe spice it up and go shorter.

#1 Go to Tabla for your pre-show dinner. Indian food, awesome service & ambiance, mostly vegetarian. It's not really theater district, but who wants to eat in Times Square, anyway.

#2 Neiman Marcus sale has some awesome deals. You can get a formerly $500 dress for $150. Which, for your 10 year, isn't too bad at all. Treat yourself.

The rest I cannot help you with, although I think keeping your hair in a manner that allows you to pull it back would be best.

1. Pizza.

2. Their off season stuff is unbelievable, both in it's cuteness and price.

3. Mine were all 12 months. ALL THREE OF THEM. Good luck, sucka.

4. Emailed. ;-)

Oh OH OH!!! I know the answer to the dress question! Black sweater dress (or charcoal) with knee high boots and silver jewelry (preferably big pieces, but simple design). As for where to look, I think I saw some at Target (might have been on-line).
I can't help you with 1 or 4, but as for he is not ready to give up naps. You have nothing to worry about. My recommendation is to find a shitload of toys that can not be used to stack up (and therefore pitch oneself out of the crib) or that are too exciting and pile them all up in the crib. This method (shut is too a method) has worked with both of boys. It gives them just enough to do to entertain themselves until they fall asleep. We have used book, trains, matchbox cars, toy screwdrivers, empty cups, and anything else that seems to be distracting the thrashing child while carrying him upstairs to lock him in his crib.

I meant that lovingly, FYI. Of course I would never leave a precious baby screaming in the crib because I need him to take a nap. Nope, not me.

Banana has some beautiful dresses right now. Perfect for a Fall anniversary dinner!

Always Target for not-so-expensive dresses!

if you don't mind super-casual, there is a good ethiopian place in the high 40s on 10th ave. there are actually 2 kitty-corner to each other. one is called queen of sheba; i can't remember the name of the other one but easy to find in a zagat guide. enjoy!

Newport News is fabulous, as another commentor suggested! I have bought a lot of clothes from them and love everything. Depending on when you are going, you can get deals on fancy dresses after homecoming. As for the others, I am no help.

Steinmart for the dress. I was just there this morning and they had some cute ones on sale. I got on to wear to a wedding Saturday night for $20! It is nearly impossible to a kind of hip woman over 35 to find appropriate dresses, either grandmama or hoochie mama!

I can only speak my experience with naps as such. Mine *tried* giving up naps (both around 2.5yrs) and I told them to stfu - in the nice, Mommy-voice, of course. Even if he's just in his crib being quiet (or not so quiet), quiet time still counts for something. He needs it, especially because he doesn't know that. (There's sense in there, somewhere, I know it!)

David took me to NYC too see a show, see my sister and we ate at DB Bistro Moderne about a month ago. Food was really good. Was withing easy walking distance of the theater district. Not a vegetarian place, but had a risotto dish, and a gnocchi (sp?) that I am pretty sure had no meat. A lot of fish options too, if you are up to it.

I just let my hair grow until it is too long to tolerate, and then go in and tell her to cut off enough to last me 4 months. Then I repeat the process, not really stylish, but very practical taking care of the kids. I would like the a-line bob but it may require combing my hair each day and not having a ponytail, not sure if I am up to it.


It depends where the show is... if it's near Times Square, there's quite a few places you could go. My favorite is Chevy's (fresh mex). They have them most places, but none in OH, which is where I live now... so I always go when I get the chance! There are a lot of nice places hidden around that area, though. Maybe just walk around until you find something nice. When I lived in NY my parents stayed in the area around 47th St between 8th and 9th Aves. 46th St (between 8th and 9th), and 9th Ave itself in that area have numerous places to choose from. Of course, pizza IS always an option! ;)

As for clothes. Macy's. Some stuff is expensive, but I have found some very good deals there.

Dress: Silk taffeta ruffle wrap dress from Jcrew. This would look really great on you.

Hair: Breakfast at Tiffany's Hepburn.

Dinner: There is this hole in the wall place called Lamarca it's on 22nd around Lex. They have the most incredible pasta - the pasta Aurora is incredible - pastas, sauces, bread and the salad dressing are all made that morning. It's really incredible but not "fancy". But. INCREDIBLE. Seriously - you will be very well fed. And I kind of like that its not fancy - it's cozy.

TJ Maxx and Marshalls are really great for cheap dresses. You just have to put a little time in. I've also had really good luck at Macy's. You can often find things on sale for reasonable prices. I would love an anthropologie dress as a splurge though... As far as hair goes, be careful cutting it too short for a pony tail. There is nothing worse than have that need the pull it back and being unable to because its just too short. My favorite places to eat in NYC are candle79 and red bamboo but I have no idea where they are in relation to where you'll be. They are both vegetarian places. So yummy...Have a great time! Have you gotten back on the exercise/diet band wagon like you'd hoped to?

MM left naps behind right around then. Maybe even earlier.

We instituted a "quiet time" instead. He had to be on his bed with a book, or something to color, or a quiet toy for at least 45 minutes.

Tons of vegetarian restaurants in NYC. I recommend Indian.

Your hair is gorgeous, so any cut will look good.

And last, Nordstrom's. Nordstrom's. Nordstrom's.

From a Vegetarian friend in Manhattan:

Do they want to be in the theatre district or else I have a fabulous vegetarian restaurant for them called Candle 79. They can look it up on menu, put in upper east side, it's on 79th and Lexington. There's also Candle Cafe which is less upscale.

Hope that helps :)

Hello there, being a stagehand who works on Broadway in NYC.

I recommend Uncle Nick's on 9th ave between 51 and 52.

Its a greek place, where you frequently spot some b list celebs. But its the right price, and its great food.

What show are you going to see?

I am way late to the party but: Right near any show you'd be seeing.

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