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Dear Internet,

Mia is in the hospital with double pneumonia (also likely bronchitis and a good possibility of the flu). She is holding her own and we hope to bring her home tomorrow. In the meantime, if you could spare a good thought for my little girl, I would greatly appreciate it.

Yours in fear and exhaustion,

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Oh! I'm so, so sorry to hear this! Healing thoughts to Mia, and to you guys too!

Oh man, so sorry to hear the little cutie is sick--lots of loving thoughts to you.

As I told Chris this morning, lots of good thoughts & wishes to all of you! Hang in there!

Sending good vibes your way. ALways. But especially now.

Sending many, many good thoughts. Hope she feels better soon.

Oh no! Poor Mia! I'm thinking every good thought I possibly can and sending them all your way!

Sending healthy good healing vibes your way. Hang in there.

Thinking good, positive thoughts and sending them your way!!!

Sending all my love and positive thoughts your way!

Oh god, Beth, I'm so sorry. My daughter has asthma that's landed us in the hospital twice. There is nothing worse than having a sick kid in the hospital. Hope she's on the mend VERY soon. Y'all are in my prayers.

Will def. keep y'all in my happy thoughts today!

Oh no :( We're sending happy, healthy thoughts your way!

Sending Mia (and you) lots of happy thoughts and positive vibes. Hope she feels better and comes home quickly!

Good vibes, good vibes, good vibes. thinking of you all, hang in there.

many, many, many good thoughts....

all of my thoughts and hugs to you and Mia.

Sending many healthy, healing, happy thoughts to you.


Thinking of you, take care and get well soon Mia x

Oh my gosh! I sure hope that she gets well soon.

Take care!

Hang in there little one. Best to all of you.

(((HUGS))) and many many good thoughts and prayers.

I've been there and know how scary it is. I think my son was the same age as Mia. The chest x-ray was the worst part, well, other than leaving the pediatrician's office with a hospital order instead of a prescription.
Wishing her good health and speedy recovery.

Good thoughts for all of you.

HUGS, prayers, and thoughts with you all.

Oh god, Beth, I'm thinking of you and Mia. Keep us posted.

Thinking good thoughts. Thinking hard.

Oh, poor girl! Poor parents! I am thinking of all of you.

best thoughts, hope she feels better very very soon

Keeping Mia and your entire family in our thoughts and prayers.

Oh Beth! My thoughts are with you guys.

Just came from Chris' blog so knew about this but wanted to let you know that Mia, as well as the rest of the family, are in my thoughts and prayers, and that Mia has a speedy and complete recovery.
Love and Hugs,

lots of hugs, thoughts, prayers and love!

Sending many, many good thoughts to all of you; may good health come again very, very soon.

Beth, My thoughts, positive thinking and all things good is with you guys. I hope Mia gets better soon!

Thinking good thoughts and hopeful that Mia is on the road to recovery :)
Hope everyone gets some rest soon!!

Sending good vibes your way and hang in there!

Oh NO. I'm so sorry. Thinking of you guys and hoping for a very fast return to normal.

Sending all our good thoughts your way. Here's hoping Mia has a very speedy recovery. *HUGS* to you!

Good thoughts and hugs coming your way. Hang in there!

I hope she's feeling better. All good thoughts coming from here.

Our thoughts and prayers are with your little Mia.

I'll add her to my prayers.

Thinking of Mia today, and hoping for a full and speedy recovery.

Oh, I'm so sorry, poor mia bean. wishing for a speedy recovery.

oh gosh - lots and lots of healing thoughts for you all winging their way across the atlantic right now

Oh no! Sending all the good vibes in the universe for a speedy recovery.

Oh holy hell, I will be sending good vibes your way until I hear that she's better!

keeping you guys in our prayers...

Sending all my good thoughts your way.

OMG! Sending lots of healing thoughts and good wishes to all you guys. Hope she recovers quickly.

My good thoughts are all over you & your family. Hope she's feeling better (and you all are!!) soon!

get better soon mia....I had Pneumonia this summer and it sucks hope she feels better soon

Praying for you, and sending happy healing thoughts too

Get better soon Mia. You are all in our thoughts.

many many good vibes your way

My thoughts are with all of you right now.

Thinking of you and crossing fingers and toes that you are soon on your way home.

All yours, Beth. Much love.

Thinking of you all and sending my get well wishes Mia's way. (((HUGS)))Hope she's home asap!

So sorry to hear about that. Hope Mia feels better soon. Many warm thoughts and good wishes coming your way...

Thinking and praying for you and Mia. We've been there, too.

Oh, no!!!! I sure hope you can all be under one roof the by tomorrow! Poor, poor baby! (And mama too!)

Oh god. I'll be thinking of you and waiting for a 'we're home, all is well' update.

Hoping everything ends up okay.

I'm here, praying and sending good vibes Mia's way.
Hang in there Beth and Chris and Owen too. You are all in my thoughts.


Keeping Mia in my prayers. Hang in there Beth.

I am thinking and praying for Mia and all of you. Hang in there!

Many good positive wishes your way. You are all in my thoughts. May you all be together home soon.

I'm keeping Mia and your whole family in my thoughts. I hopes she's well enough to come home today.

OH My....healthy thoughts for all of you. Take good care.

Sending good vibes to the whole family! I hope Mia gets to go home today!

Sending positive thoughts to you during this.

Yikes! I hope she is better soon and that you stay well and get sleep.

You brought tears to my eyes. Thinking of you all and sending Mia a HUGE INTERNET LOVE HUG!!

You are the recipient of ALL of my good healthy thoughts today. Oh Mia Bean, feel better ASAP.

My thoughts are with you and your family and sending 'get well' vibes to Mia.

Poor little one! I am sure she will make a speedy recovery!!

sent the love and vibes to chris yesterday...poor mia. Hang in there and hoping she comes home today!

Oh Miabean get better soon! Lots of good thoughts sent yours and your momma's way from my little corner of the world.

I hope she's doing better and gets to go home today!

Recover fast, little Bean!

OMG! Wishing Mia a quick recovery! Take care - you definitely have all the healing good thoughts I have to offer.

How scary! Thinking of her and you!

Sending good thoughts your family's way.

Get well, Mia! Hope she comes home soon so that you can all rest (and breathe) easy.

Wishing Miss Mia a speedy recovery and hoping tonight finds the 4 of you home together and on your way back to healthy children. And perhaps some much needed rest and peace of mind for Mom and Dad.

We're sending you lots of love and peaceful healing thoughts.

Haven't stopped thinking of you all, my friends. I know she'll be fine.

I am so sorry to hear this - how scary it must be for all of you. I'm glad to hear that she's holding her own, and hope you get her home as soon as possible. Take care of yourself as much as you can.

Sending thoughts and prayers to the CactusFish clan.

We'll certainly keep Mia and the rest of the family in our thoughts and prayers.

Sorry to hear. Thinking of you all and hoping for a speedy recovery!

So sorry to hear she's sick. Hopefully she'll be back home soon and well on her way to a full recovery. We'll be sending good thoughts your way!

Oh how stressful and scary! Poor your whole family. Sending you healthy thoughts.

I jut left a novel at Chris' blog, but i wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you, that I've been there, and that if I wasn't so afraid of breaching stalker-blogger privelege, I'd totally call you.

Hugs to you, my friend.

Oh Beth! I am behind in my reader and am so sorry to hear about Mia! Having kids in the hospital is the worse and I can only hope that you are doing ok and that she gets better soon!

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