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Thanks for sharing! I teach, so I see a lot of handwriting and like to think about such things (perhaps a bit too much!). When I know someone mostly either in person or by e-mail, and then for some reason receive something written from them, I'm often so surprised by their handwriting! So it's neat to see yours too! It is a little young looking but not bad, and I would think you're a Mom who is friendly and trying hard based on your handwriting! :-)

I would vote that yes handwriting is genetic. I write almost exactly like an aunt who I only see every three years! How would that happen if not through genetics?

My handwriting is horrible, but it's sort of similar in style to my mom's. Not sure if that's genetics or just because I grew up looking at her writing.

Also! I've noticed my handwriting has gotten significantly worse since I finished college. I'll bet you anything it's because I almost never handwrite anything anymore, since it's all on computers these days.

Wow, you hand write your notes to school? I always type something to just print and sign. Never would have occurred to me to write it by hand. But then, I loathe writing by hand.

Yes, I absolutely believe handwriting is genetic. My sister's looks just like my mom's. Mine is identical to my dad and 2 brothers. Seriously identical - we once all signed a wedding guestbook in a row and it looked like one person signed for all of us.

My third brother's is totally unique. I guess we should ask the milk man for a handwriting sample. :-)

My writing always gets worse as I write, too. And I think it's a messier version of my mum's.

Hey! I did a post with my handwriting about a year ago.

In my defense, it was the first time I was using my Wacom tablet, so it's slightly sloppier than usual. I swear. :-)

I wrote you back...I did want to add that my Dad that I speak of is not genetically linked to me. So it might be a bit of Nature Vs. Nurture in it, too!

My handwriting depends ENTIRELY on what pen I'm using. I can go from chicken scratch to beautiful penmanship with the switch from ball-point to felt-tip. I do find that as I get older and write less frequently (darn computers), my handwriting skills have decreased.

I don't think it's wholly genetic, I think it's just that your parents are the ones who teach you, so you adopt their style. My handwriting has elements of both of them, with the sloppy factor dialed up to 11. If I have children, I'm going to outsource teaching them handwriting.

Haha! What a cool post. I like your handwriting.

Mine is AWFUL! It's always different and I always think of those handwriting analyzing stuff. I am sure to be declared a total lunatic based on my bi polar schizophrenic handwriting.

On another note; sorry to read about Mia's hospital trip! I hope she's fine now! I can't imagine how scared you must have been.

I think it is interesting how important someone's handwriting can be. I lost my mom this past summer to cancer and when I see something written in her handwriting, it means so much to me. That is why I am keeping a journal of handwritten letters to my children to give them when they are older. Your kids will love your handwriting no matter how bad you think it is, because it is uniquely yours.

I saw this in my reader and was sure, SURE, it was going to be a viagra joke.

Also, you draw a real pretty daisy.

I can't promise it's legible, either, but:

I'm tempted, often, to try using an even slower method of writing when i need to, like a fountain pen or crayons.

Mine is pretty bad, too. I've actually rewritten notes to the school to try to make them look more adult. I thought I was the only one who worried about it :)

I'm a teacher and your handwriting is great!

Back in college I was really interested in handwriting analysis.

Mine changes depending on the pen. :)

There isn't a thing wrong with you handwriting! I think you might be on to something though ~ a pen with spellcheck. I would buy it!

So here is mine...

I came from you husbands site and did it myself (, this morning, before reading yours.

Thanks for starting this up.

Love this idea. Here's mine!

Best idea ever. Your handwriting's better than mine... not much, but better. :) See today's post.

Better late than never, right?

I will put mine up next week.

P.S. It rocks. I am always forced to sign the birthday and sympathy cards at the office.

Here's a link to my homemade font, created using my own handwriting (and there's a link to the site where you can go and create your own!)

Here's a blog post with pictures of my actual handwriting, when I'm trying particularly hard to be legible:

Rather late in the game, I know, but I added mine here:

I'm visiting from Greeblemonkey to say I did this too after her post!

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