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I am grateful that Mia is upstairs, asleep in her own bed and breathing regular old air with no tubes or wires poking out of her and no oxygen mask needed to stop her from turning blue.

I am grateful for the pediatrician who lied straight to my face and told me I did the right thing taking her into the office instead of to the emergency room. I am grateful to that same pediatrician for being totally calm and casual when she then offered to call an ambulance to take us to the emergency room.

I am grateful for bronchodilators, corticosteroids, antibiotics, antivirals and that they were all available to my child when she needed them.

I am grateful for the tirage nurses, who hustled us into a treatment room as fast as they could while managing not to freak out a freaked-out four-year old. I am grateful for the ER pediatrician who met us in the hall before we even made it to Mia's room and started treating her before she even made it to the bed. I am grateful for all of the nurses and respiratory therapists and doctors who treated my child with kindness and compassion and who, most importantly, made her better and sent her home.

I am grateful for my parents and in-laws, who jumped in to take care of Owen so that Chris could see Mia and so that I could shower and get an hour of sleep. I am especially grateful to my mother who had just finished four days of caring for my kids while Chris and I were on vacation and who then canceled a trip to California on twelve hours notice so that she would be here just in case we needed her.

I am grateful that Chris could take time off work to stay with Owen while I stayed at the hospital with Mia, and to be here when she came home and help with the hard work of getting her to take all of her medications and getting her better and back to normal. I am grateful that he works for a company that really does believe that caring for your sick child takes precedence over showing up for your job, and I am grateful that the extra time off won't mean we are struggling to pay our mortgage next month.

I am grateful this happened when it did, and not a day or two earlier when we were many miles and many hours from home. I am grateful that I was there to look my terrified daughter in the eyes and promise her that she was going to be alright and that I wasn't going to leave her side.

I am grateful for seeing Mia smile again, for hearing her sing, for listening to her talk until I think I may go insane, for begging her to stop running in circles in the hospital lobby.

I am grateful this was no worse. I am so grateful for that.

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Us too.

oh my god, I missed all of this. I'm so sorry mia was so sick and I'm so glad she's on the mend. how incredibly scary. xo

oh my god, I missed all of this. I'm so sorry mia was so sick and I'm so glad she's on the mend. how incredibly scary. xo

Me too. Glad Mia is on the mend!

tears! i am grateful for all that too :)

Me too!

Bless all of the pediatric healthcare providers of the world. They really are special people.

I'm so glad that Mia is out of the woods, and so sorry that you all had to go through it. I'm sure you and Chris both handled it like the superstar parents you are.

So glad she is doing better and that you are all okay. You're never leaving town again, are you?

Oh wow Beth, that's a lot to handle :/ I'm very thankful to know Mia's okay and everyone made it through alright. Happy and healthy thoughts to Mia :)

I am so happy that you received such stellar care and that Mia is home and happy and healthy. My best wishes for a RESTFUL weekend for all of you!

OMG, I am crying reading this. I am so glad the worst is behind you. Hugs to all of you.

I had pneumonia bad enough that I was seeing imaginary things climb on the walls, scared the crap out of my parents in the process and ended up in the hospital on my 6th birthday. Almost 20 years later I haven't been in a hospital since, and I hope that Mia will have the same luck I have had. I'm so sorry you had to go through this, and I hope Mia feels better soon!

Ugh- even thinking about it after the fact, now knowing that she'll be fine, I'm having a hard time breathing. I'm grateful to have not experienced it firsthand. Heal well and fast, lovely Mia!

Happy she is on the mend.

Sweet are the days that we can remember to be grateful for regular old air.

So good to hear.

Oh, Beth. We're so grateful too. I'm nearly in tears, I'm so grateful.

We are grateful too.

Aw, I nearly started crying, grateful too for all these things.

Life is full of blessings.
And after the rain has fallen and the winds have blown....there is a rainbow.

Wow, that sounds super scary. I'm so glad you are all home now!

I am so glad that Mia is on the mend. How very scary. Hope you are getting some sleep too.

I hope this is the only hospitalization she's subjected to until she has her own children!

golly GOLLY gosh. (((HUGS))) to you all, so glad she's home and well and truly on the mend!

I felt awful that I didn't realize she was in the hospital until it was all over...I have fallen behind on my blog reading. That said, I am super relieved that Mia is well and home and that she could have both of you helping her get well again, as well as amazing doctors and nurses!

I never gave pediatric hospitals a thought until my firstborn was 3 days old and had to be admitted. The entire staff totally rocked and I was never more thankful in my life. Until my secondborn was 14 days old and had to be admitted. They rocked again and I was still tremendously grateful.

I am so glad you had a good team looking after your family. I'm not in healthcare, but it makes me proud to hear when folks really step up to meet the needs of a child.

Very sorry you went through any of it, but totally glad all is well. Mia was and will continue to be in my prayers.

I am holding back the tears and so grateful to hear that things are getting better!

gosh I am so glad I missed the beginning of this - I am retroactively FUCKING TERRIFIED for you. Of course only a tiny fraction of what you went through, but oh my GOD, beth. Sending all the love I can...

Oh my gosh! How terrifying for you all! So glad everything is OK now!

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