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Helpful Tip

If you mix Tamiflu with twice as much lemonade as medicine, it is much easier to get a four-year-old to take it. Although when said four-year-old is on eleven doses of medicine a day they are all a bit of a struggle.

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Will peanut butter cookies help? Cuz I am planning on sending some your way...thinking of you all during these tough, tough, days...xoxo

Yes that could result in a rather alarming amount of output ;)

But SO good for her kidneys (the liquid and the lemon). :) No, really!

You could switch it up and mix some with orange juice? You know, for variety.

I feel for you. Good luck.

Lemonade? Y'know, that sounds so much more sensible than the Jack Daniels I was using for my kids. Much love.

Good luck with the meds! I remember my parents trying a million tricks to get meds in me when I had pneumonia as a kid.

Is Mia playing hospital now? Kids that age so often re-enact big experiences that they have.

My SIL uses a separate medicine syringe of Hershey's syrup, and the minute the medicine is down she squirts in the chocolate. But then again, both my nieces are chocolate freaks. I thought that was genius though.

So glad you are home and said meds are not being delivered by IV. Sending good thoughts your way.

SO SORRY to hear about all your troubles. My son spent time in the hospital last year and it was terrifying. As we live in a University community we have already had H1N1 this year. I found that ice cream was the only way to get him to choke it down. Have you tasted it, it is horrible!!

Sending all my good thoughts your way.

btw, I hardly ever post comments, but I love your blog!

I LOVE the idea of the syringe of chocolate syrup! My kids are all grown so I guess I will just have to use it on my grandkids! I hope Mia has a fast recovery--I remember when my daughter got pneumonia at that age and was so excited when she was allowed to run again ("Mommy, I got my run back!"--heartbreaking comment when the doctor finally gave her the go-head to resume being a normal child). Good luck!

My almost-3 year old son is on a twice-daily dose of Tamiflu (5 days) & 3x's a day amoxicillin (10 days).

We just finished the Tamiflu today (yay!) & even though it was cherry flavored (supposedly), it was much harder to get him to take it than the bright pink amoxicillin. In the end, the best solution we found was letting him squirt a syringe of water into my mouth as I squirted the Tamiflu into his. He thought it was so funny to give Mama "medicine" that he'd swallow the Tamiflu before realizing he didn't like it (and it was a seriously small dose, only 2 mL).

Good luck - I hope Mia is feeling better soon & your family can get back to normal.

Oh, I hope your baby is getting better and better all the time. And that you are getting some rest and some time out of the house, too!

(I'm only on day 2 of having a sick kid at home and I'm already a bit restless!)'re supposed to mix that stuff with liquid. Man. I guess that would work. I've been snorting it all this time and seeing pretty much no effect, except for a headache.

Everyone is talking about tamiflu and I have no idea what it is.

So very glad Mia is home and on the mend. I know Owen is glad, too.

Poor Mia . . . I'm so glad she seems to be getting better but all the medicine taking must be NO FUN. :(

Glad you found a way to get her to take it. My daughter took Tamiflu in the spring and flat out refused a second dose until I took it back to the pharmacy to see what they could do to make it tolerable. Watermelon flavorRx is apparently just strong enough to mask some of the nastiness :)

I got lucky to have a kid who randomly loves taking any sort of medicine. I hope this doesn't bite me in the ass when he's 17.

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