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Mia is home. Not all better yet, but well on her way and good enough to leave behind the oxygen mask and IV and come home to finish the job. Expect a thorough breakdown of the whole saga in the next few days, including a guided tour of my massive piles of mommy guilt. But for now, just a quick thank you to everyone who emailed or called or texted or left comments or even just paused your life for a moment to wish my kid would get better. I don't know if it helped her or not, but it made me feel less alone. And when it is 3 AM and you haven't slept in two days and you are sitting next to your four-year-old's hospital bed waiting for yet another alarm that means your kid isn't getting enough oxygen and you feel like the sun is never going to come up again and you will be stuck in the middle of this horrible, terrifying night forever... well, feeling less alone at that moment makes a big difference.

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Hurrah! I'm so glad to hear that Mia is home! Having been through this same thing with my son a few years ago, I know the relief you feel.

Yaaay! Thanks for keeping us posted. So glad she's back home. I can imagine how difficult these past days could've been for you guys. Here's hoping for Mia to get back to her healthy self soon!

I hope she's home soon and you can put this behind you. Sending lots of **get better** thoughts to Mia!

I'm so glad to hear that she's home. And I hope she feels better and better each day. I spent 3 days at my youngest son's hospital bed when he was a teenager, and I remember how scary everything is. (he recovered nicely, by the way)

I hope you manage a good nights' sleep tonight.

Glad she's home, it will make all the difference. Take care of yourselves.

Oh hooray! I am relieved, but I know my relief is *nothing* compared to yours. Sending good, healthy thoughts to one and all...

I'm so glad to hear she's home!

so happy to hear you're home! get better soon, mia!


Best news I've had in a long time. :)

so so glad that she's better

Such wonderful news that Mia is home! Try to take care of yourself a little too now.

so glad that she is home! that 'middle-of-the-night' monitor stuff is the pitts.

I'm relieved Miss Mia's home again. I know that this must mean you are overwhelmingly relieved.

I hope there's rest in the future for the Cactus Fish clan as she continues to get better and stronger and faster and back to the Mia we all know and love.

So glad she's home now. My daughter's been in the hospital for her asthma twice now, and the first thing I did as soon as she got home (both times) was give her a bath because I had to scrub that hospital smell off of her. Just the smell triggered some kind of PTSD reaction in me.

The Mommy Guilt sucks. But Mia is ok, so don't hang on to any of it.

So, so glad she is home.

Oh thank goodness! More get well wishes sent your way!

I would imagine it does make a big difference. Friends near and far, some you've met and others you have not - they sometimes fill the voids that the dark night finds us in.

Hang tight. She'll be fine in a little while.

So glad Mia is on the mend, and out of the hospital. Try not to feel guilty (I know it's hard). Every kid gets sick, or gets hurt. There's no way you can prevent anything bad from ever happening to your kid, although that's what you want more than anything in the world.

OH God, sweetie. I've been MIA for a while and had no idea about this! How totally scary! So glad she is getting better!

Oh My God. I was away from the internet for a few days and when I return I see this? Oh, I'm so glad she's home and doing well. I can only begin to imagine the stress and horror of the last few days. I'm sending hugs. Love to you all.

Max once spent two weeks in the hospital over Thanksgiving. He was only 5 months old and I remember those alarms that had my heart racing and the sleepless nights.

I'm sorry that you & Mia had to go through it but I'm so, SO glad to hear that she's on her way to feeling better.

Hang in there and though I don't comment too often, you and Chris get read and your family thought of often!!!

Stopped lurking just to say how happy I am she's home and thanks for taking any time away from her to let us know. Great vibes, thoughts,and prayers to your family.

So good to hear she's back home again! Positive vibes are sent over the ocean!

I'm so glad to hear that Mia is home. I've been thinking of y'all.

Dispense of the mommy guilt. It doesn't do us any good.

So glad she's home. Now pile the whole family between you in bed, and catch up on some much needed rest.

Holy GOD Beth I had no idea! I'm still praying even though she's home (I'm a bit late for these things) but I'm so glad she's doing better and at home. I hope she's up and running around playing princesses and ballet in no time!


So happy to hear Mia is home, although I suspect Owen is much happier about it than me. I hope she continues to recover and is 100% very soon.

SO glad that she's home and you can have her to yourself again!

Hugs, Sweetie! Now try to get some sleep, when Mia and Owen do.

Holy hell, I had no idea. I'm glad she's home. I can't imagine what you have been through. Get some rest. Good vibes are being sent your way.

YAY! I'm so glad to hear this! Was checking in on Chris's site to see if there were updates. I'm glad you guys are all back together at home. Still thinking good thoughts for you all.

I'm so SO glad that Mia is home. I think every parent is scared that they will have to live through a nightmare that is similar to the one you two have lived through these last few days. Again, so SO glad Mia's on her way to getting healthy.

So glad Mia is home...where she belongs. Have been thinking about y'all these last few days...

I hope that she continues to feel better. Take care of yourselves, we are all thinking of you.

oh, I have been thinking of you and your entire family, lady. I am sooo glad to hear that she's home. Hugs to all of you. fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

YAY! So glad to hear that Mia is home! Thinking of you all.

Fantastic news! Here's to Mia continuing on her road to recovery and that some much needed rest comes your way :)

SO glad she's home and on her way to being well again. Hugs to you all!!

SO happy she's better! I've been reading since I was home pregnant with my now 4 year old, and have appreciated you all. I think life just throws us a scare once in a while to be sure we don't take anything for granted.


Wonderful news that Mia is home. Continued healing for her and rest for all of you.

So glad she is home! Wishing her a very speedy full recovery so you can get some rest!

So glad you're home. The (thankfully) few times I've spent in the hospital I recall flipping between hating being there and being sooooo glad it was there to be at, with everyone all focussed on my kid's well-being.

Don't forget to take care of mommy.

Beth, so relieved for everyone. Just rest and take care of each other. Hoping Mia recovers quickly.

totally understand where you are coming from with all the alarms and bells and crap it does scare the hell out of you. she must be doing MUCH better I was in the hospital for 7 days so feel blessed she was only there for two i am soooo glad your baby feels a little better. Give her time and let her know it will take a while to feel 100% such a scary thing to go through no matter how old or young you are. get well mia with a quickness

I'm glad you're all home safe and sound. :-) Don't let the mommy guilt get you down too much.

oh i'm so glad she is home. i'm such a fan of the miss mia! hope you and chris are doing okay too. sending lots of healthy and positive vibes.

So glad to hear she is home.


I'm sorry it's been a tough few days and am so glad Mia's home. We're praying for a quick, full recovery and for the rest of you to stay healthy.

Welcome home. While you may not sleep for awhile, I imagine you'll all be more comfortable at home.

So very happy to hear that she is home!

So happy to hear she is home. Hope recovery is swift. I'm sure Owen is happy to see her! Looking forward to hearing the gory details soon...all us parents could use a cautionary tale this flu season. It's *scary* out there. Kisses to Mia. And since I know she's a big fan of names, please ask her which one we should give our soon to be born daughter: Phoebe Catherine, Phoebe Cassandra, or Juliet Lynn. :)

OMG! what a stressful week you have had! I'm so sorry, and really hope Mia gets well quickly!

Glad to hear you guys are back home. Mia will be feeling better in no time now that she is back in her nest!

Yay! Many hugs to all of you. I'm so happy she's home and feeling better!

Glad to hear that Mia's feeling better.

I've been lax, but I've sure as hell been praying, as have my grandparents, the boy, and assorted friends. Mia is my status message on chat, and you guys are very safely all tucked into my heart. You're an EXCELLENT mama, Ms. Cactus-Fish, and tell that stupid voice in your head saying otherwise that I'm coming to beat it up.

Massive hugs.

I've been negligent when it comes to commenting, but you have all been in my prayers these past few days. I'm so happy to hear Mia is home. I know how scary an experience that can be, for both the child and the parents! Thank God for parents smart enough to take a child to the doctor, thank God for a doctor smart enough to know when to send said child to the hospital, and thank God for the miracle of modern medicine!

So glad to hear she is home. Hugs to all of you, and continued getting-well energy to Mia.

so glad she's on the mend. :)

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