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My children are weird


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I love that photo! It shows them in a totally different way than closer-ups do!

Weird children are the BEST. What a great picture.

They are not weird! They're totally normal. OK, "normal." In any case, they're creating memories.

Just be careful... my two weirdos were doing the same thing this weekend and now the smaller of the two has a staple in the back of his head.

Great photo. Now one question. Can you come and clean my house? Two kids and a husband and your house is so clean!

Mine do the same thing, though only on one side of the couch and it's followed by them falling face first into the cushions and laughing hysterically OR pretending to listen to Mommy tell them to stop standing on the arm of the couch and *then* falling face first into the cushions.

For some reason, I want to caption this, "Let's get ready to rumble!"

So cute! So very typical of childhood fun and games. :-)

I love this! Did they then take turns flopping onto the couch? Cause that's what I would do.

I don't think your kiddos are weird, just unique. They think outside the box and play that way too and they give you MUCH to talk about. Enjoy it, Beth.

What fun would it be if everyone was alike? I love this photo too!

They look pretty normal to me. Both of my kids spent countless hours jumping on and off our couches. They would announce, "Ladies and Gentleman, Elizabeth or Emily, is about to Jump!" They would jump and then start all over again.

My sister and I used to stand on the couch like that and then we'd see how many hops it would take us to get to the other side.

awwww that is too cute. your babies are adorable!

I can almost hear "1, 2, 3!!" coming right out of the picture. Thats what we would hear at this house with that pose:)

Obviously, they take after their dad.

My caption is...

"Come and get me!"



I can just SEE the bellyflops that must have followed that picture! You are a cool mom for letting them! (And I am with Maribeth, so tidy! A table without books/toys/juice cups.... one day...!)

Declan would be in time out.

If by "weird" you mean "AWESOME."

The dress Mia is sporting is something else! She's four, she can work it. I think they have great balance.

Owen is looking like a little boy - where'd the baby go?? :)

Regardless, those two are adorable (and very lucky to have you and Chris as parents)!

They may be weird, but they sure are cute.
Wow, Owen will be as tall as Mia before you know it.

Mine do this all the time! Except without the pillows. Glad to hear Mia is getting better. I can only imagine how exhausted you are!

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