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3 vs. 1

I'm having one of those days where it seems that Chris's sole goal in life is to make my life harder. First, I spent all night up with Owen, only to discover this morning that Chris had neglected to change his diaper before bed and he was probably awake because he was uncomfortable sleeping in eight pounds of his own urine. Then, Chris left a full cup of water on his night stand, which Owen discovered and dumped all over my bedroom for me to clean up. Finally, Chris returned from a dental appointment with a large Starbucks for himself, the one who slept all night, and nothing for me, the one who was up all night.

When I confronted him about his many sins and told him that he seemed to exist only to make my life harder, he said that no, I was thinking of the children. I took some comfort in the fact that they all had something they could enjoy doing together.

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The Starbucks thing would have been enough to put me over the edge. Then again, I own my own one cup coffee maker b/c I can't figure out how to use my husbands crazy expensive coffee maker, so I may have a problem.

And here I thought this form of husband asshattery was a direct side effect of going off of zoloft. Hmmm... Unless you are also going off of zoloft (and it's none of my business so you don't need to answer that), I'm thinking this phenomena is more likely a ACTUAL defect.

(Long way of saying: I hear you, sister.... I so totally and completely hear you!)

Yeah the coffee thing might prompt some murderous intent from me ;)

Some days they all just suck. Men. Days. Whatever.

Beth, I feel for you. I'm going to smack my hubby when he gets home. He sneezed all over the place in the shower and left it there. It is still there, as I took a bath this morning. Not cleaning it up.


Also: it would be so tempting to take the Starbucks cup away from him with fervent thanks for his thoughtfulness.

Husbands. Kids. No one ever told me how ridiculously hard this whole venture was going to be. You are not alone :)

I second Swistle's idea to thank Chris for his very thoughtful trip to Starbucks on your behalf.

I can tell you there have been many days around here where the lack of a coffee filter (after Sweetie used the last and happily informed me he didn't need me to brew him coffee because he would stop for himself on the way to work) caused lots of weeping, gnashing of teeth and slamming of kitchen cabinets.

The only thing I ask for is coffee (and various coffee accessories) to be available to me in the morning time. This is all that I ask.

I think moms have a different chip in them that makes them think of everything dads just completely overlook - like dishes in the sink, dirty clothes that need to go downstairs, children up in the middle of the night.
Not that I would know from personal experience or anything ...

Sometimes I wish I could be the fun carefree one and my hubby would take on my role but he is my fourth child and it's just something I've had to come to terms with. There are days though when I want to kick that fourth child in the ass. I am sorry you were having one of those days!

Wait, you mean it's not just my husband that does those things? Well sheesh. At least we can take comfort in the fact we aren't alone.

I so don't want to get my ass kicked.... but, my husband does all the cleaning. He woke up a lot with my kids in the middle of the night. He does all the laundry.



Maybe we should switch genders? ;)

Well, he IS a man, therefore incapable of thinking of what someone else might want.... Is he related to my DH who does this ALL the time (to the point that my boss thought I was single when I met her because I was sorting out the house, the car, DS, the cat and the fish with no mention of a bloke!)??!!

I think it's in their DNA. Atleast you're not alone. Solidarity sister!

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