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Burning Question

So, does everybody clean their house primarily with baby wipes, or is that just me?

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I don't actually have baby wipes on hand, but all those Clorox/Mr. Clean wipes? Yeah, I'm all over that. Sometimes I even do the floor with 'em - drop 'em down and swish 'em around with my slippered foot :P

Sorry to disappoint, but I don't. Not because I'm pious about cleaning or anything. I keep a basket under the kitchen sink with a couple dozen cheap rags (I think a huge bag of them was $10 at Home Depot several years ago), and I get those wet with water or cleaning solution and go at it. I just wash them a couple of times a week with other towels and it isn't a big deal.

TOTALLY! Bonus: Cole can help and I don't worry about chemicals. He's the best at floorboards and window sills. I do not hire him out, though.

yeppers! great for carpet stains, dusting, fingerprints on windows...:)

Also, when I wipe the kids up after meals, I then use that same wet washcloth to wipe the counters or whatevs. (Whatevs = nothing else.)


Clean?! I'm too busy picking Bendaroos out of the carpet.

No, but I will start tomorrow!

Nope, not here. I'm big on vinegar & hot water and a few other things. Lately, I'm regularly spraying the door knobs with Lysol.

My kids are too old for me to have a lot of babywipes on hand...but I did when they were little.

Now I use a lot of the Clorox/Mr. Clean/Windex/Pledge wipes around the house.

I know it's probably a horrible thing to do, but it's quick and I clean all the time around here. It has something to do with having an OCD husband around.

Baby wipes are also great at removing stains from clothes when you are at a restaurant!

Totally. I'll stop once the last is potty trained (I think), but those babies are great at cleaning things that I wouldn't expect - like mystery smudges on my kitchen floor and crayon on the table.

Yep, I don't even have babies yet and I use them for quick bathroom clean up.

We have no one in diapers at our house, but we plan to keep baby wipes around for duration. They also work great for wiping out my vehicle. Which I do once MAYBE TWICE a year.

My youngest has been out of diapers for 4 years, and wipes are still a regular item on our grocery list. We have some on every level of our house, and use them on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. I am not really sure how I managed to clean before I had my first kid...

No, but i have cleaned my preschoolers face/hands with Clorox wipes at times. tch tch bad, i know!

I clean primarily with babies. And pledge dusting mits. And rubber bands. Don't you judge me.

never thought of it.

Snaps to you on that one....I have them placed all over the house for easy cleaning of house and bums.

better yet... toilet paper!

I am learning so much from you this week! Baby wipes...I've never thought about it but it works on the kids it must work on the house!!

I clean my body with baby wipes regularly. The house? Now *that's* an idea.

Yes! Our bathroom, especially, regularly sparkles with the scent of fresh baby. :)

I actually skip the wipes, spray the back of the baby down with Lysol, then clean everything with the baby.

Is that so wrong?

I actually skip the wipes, spray the baby down with Lysol, then wipe everything with the baby.

Is that so wrong?

No, but *hot damn* I am certainly gonna try it! Here from Fluid Pudding tonight, and wondering how it is possible I've never stumbled across your blog before. It's bookmarked now though!

I haven't found anything that they won't remove!

Makes you worry what they are doing to baby's butt when they are strong enough to get oil off a sofa!

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