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In the Kitchen with Beth Fish

So, you guys remember back a couple of months ago when I got totally into that cooking from scratch deal? And it lasted, oh, three or four weeks because it was hard to focus on cooking from scratch when I was at the pool with the kids until 5:00 every day. Well, now that I don't have the pool as an excuse anymore, I've decided to start doing a better job at this again. Although we do have swim lessons two nights a week, so there is still likely to be a lot of frozen pizza in my life.

Anyway, here's what we ate last week. If you want to know more about anything, just let me know and I'll send you the details.

Black bean tacos: I make these pretty often because they are good, and also because it is easy to make a huge pot of the filling and then freeze the leftovers for another dinner or two. You basically just cook black beans with onions, red pepper, cumin and cayenne pepper, run it through the blender, and dump it into tacos along with whatever makes you happy. I used canned beans, because the whole dry beans in the crock pot thing still seems like a huge amount of effort for too little pay off to me.

Spaghetti provencal: Hey, did you know that spaghetti sauce doesn't have to come from a jar? Go figure. This is a big can of tomatoes in thick puree, yellow squash, zucchini, a bunch of herbs and assorted seasonings, and maybe an onion, but I forget.

Zucchini with Chick Peas: So you take some zucchini, right? And then some chick peas? And you like, cook them? And then you eat them. We did it with Mediterranean cous cous and it was surprisingly good, considering how simple it is.

Broccoli and Black Beans: So you take some broccoli, right? And then some black beans? And you like, cook them? And then you eat them. We did it with rice and soy sauce and it was ok. I mean, it was broccoli and black beans and rice. Edible, but I don't think I'll be doing it again any time soon.

Mushrooms Stroganoff: Good and surprisingly easy, considering the fancy-sounding name. Basically just portabellas and some onion in yogurt and fresh dill sauce over broad noodles.

Salmon, Asparagus, and Mediterranean Cous Cous: We had this when my parents came to dinner, and we don't eat much fish, but for when we do I love the individually packaged flash-frozen filets you can buy just about anywhere. Also, Owen loves asparagus, is that weird?

I'm actually a little proud of last week since I managed to cook every night. Ok, Monday I was out to dinner and Chris and the kids ordered pizza, but I cooked every other night, even when that meant, as it did several times, that I had to make dinner at 8 AM and throw it in the fridge to be reheated at dinner time. Of course now, the only think I have in the house is frozen pizza and frozen burritos, I didn't make it to the store over the weekend, I haven't found recipes or made a list, and I have no time for shopping until tomorrow. Oh well, if I were too perfect you would all just hate me for it.

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Beth, that's impressive. Good for you.

Hey, I'm impressed! Lately I'm lucky if I cook once a week :P (Because i do not count things in a box.)

Those are great ideas! Thanks! I always love when you post what you're eating, because we don't eat meat either, and I always love getting simple, healthy, vegetarian meal ideas.

I'll give you one in return:
Chipotle-like burrito bowl
-layer rice, beans (we do brown rice and black beans), and a little pepper jack cheese in a bowl. Top with any or all of the following (usually whatever I already have): guacamole/avocado, salsa, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, sour cream.

My son LOVES this meal, especially because he can choose his toppings. He'll then announce "I cooked! Now I eat!"

Sounds great. I'd love the recipe for the mushroom stroganoff. Good for you, I need to start cooking more too.

I am super impressed! The only time I cook in the morning is when I am using the crock pot but how smart are you to make dinner in the morning and just reheat it in the evening?! I should totally be doing makes so much sense!

Wow, you run your black bean taco filling through the blender? I just stuff the beans into the shell whole. Ain't you fancy.

I also take the same black bean filling, roll it up in tortillas, put it in a baking pan, dump cheese and canned salsa verde on the top, and bake until melty and delicious. It takes a smidge longer, but I personally would give longer than 10 minutes in the kitchen for crunchy, browned cheese. But that's just me.

Also, try some tofu in your mushroom stroganoff. Just saute it with the mushrooms and onions. Adds a little more heft and protein.

I'm such a food geek. I'm sorry. I'll shut up.

I do something similar to your black bean tacos, I put the blended mixture on top of tortilla chips, then melt goat cheese into heavy cream (about 1/2 cup) and pour that over the top with cilantro and avocaco, it's by far our fave meal. Other stuff is great ideas, thanks!

I go in cooking spurts too- when I make a lot of meals a lot of days/weeks in a row that require nice wholesome ingredients and some stove time. But then I go back to... scrambled eggs? Well, and frozen pizza.

Hey, you know the worst part of cooking for me? Well, it's two-fold: 1)deciding what to make and 2) procuring the needed ingredients.

I would do very well on a menu plan with included shopping list... but then again, I'd probably get bored, but the CREATION of a meal is sorta captivating for me...


That Zucchini with Chickpeas is going on my list soon for sure!!!

Up this week I have: baked potatoes topped w/ sauteed bell peppers and onions, pico di gallo and white cheddar; a pot of veggie chili; whole wheat pasta w/ tomatoes, basil and shallots; and one night there is going to be a dish of cheddar cheese soup/durkees french fried onions/french green beans casserole JUST FOR ME (4 months pregnant, I cut slack here and there :))

You are my hero. As I eat my take-out lunch.

beth, how long have you been a vegetarian? have you ever discussed the origins of this here on your website? (sorry, too lazy to look)
i'm curious to hear about this (was it an ethical decision? a health decision?), also if you plan to let the kids choose whether or not they will be vegetarians.
oh, as for a good recipe, extra-firm tofu, cut into cubes, stir fried with all sorts of vegetables served over rice using soy sauce, ginger (fresh or dry), sherry (non-alcohol variety works fine) & scallions as the sauce (cut with some water).

Would you mind sending me your recipe for Mushroom Stroganoff? I am sure it is easy, but I am not sure what to do with the stuff you listed and I LOVE mushrooms. Thanks and way to go on the made from scratch food!

ummmmmmmm, this recipe could be the one for me.....certainly would like to try it out.

I just stumbled upon this blog and I must say this is an exceptional post. I might just be checking in more regularly in future...............

Must try this in my home..........but if you give some more detail, it would have been good.

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