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Insult, definitely

I took the kids to a birthday party this morning at Rat Hell, and after I had been there a while, I noticed that I was being checked out rather more widely than usual ("usual" being "not at all"). Nothing leering or nasty, I just noticed myself being noticed. And I thought to myself, "Well damn, I guess 35 is working for me after all. I'm sorry I called bullshit on you, 35. I take it all back."

Then I noticed that many of the women were checking me out too.

And then I noticed that all these people who suddenly thought I was noticeably hot were staring only at my forehead.

Which is when I realized that nobody was checking me out, they were checking out the mountainous zit on my forehead. Which has increased quite considerably in girth since the picture below was taken, but I can't bring myself to subject all of you to an update.

You're just fucking with me now, 35, and I can see I'm going to have to show you who's boss.

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Maybe you can slap a bandage over it and pass it off as some wound you received by rescuing Owen from falling off something he was climbing. I turned 30 this year, and I swear I have had more acne this year then when I was 15. At least I could hide a forehead one. Mine are around my mouth/nose area. Not cool.

I had cystic acne for many years (like until menopause!) and eventually (in my 40's) I started using little spot band-aids. If anyone asked, I would say oh, I had a little cancer taken off. But you know when people see a bandage they usually shut the fuck up!

Oh I love that we're cursing!

Fuck YOU 35.

Go to I AM Bossy. She has tutorial on how to get rid of zits.

...and wow that was big.

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