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Land of Confusion

These people confuse me. As in, I confuse them with each other. Although in some cases, they confuse me on many other levels as well.


Left - George Will, conservative columnist/journalist/talking head.
Right - Will Shortz, puzzle creator and editor.

This one is a one-way street. When I see Will Shortz, I think "oh, the puzzle guy." When I see George Will, I think "oh, the puzzle guy."


Left - Mary Matalin, conservative political consultant
Right - Marlee Matlin, actress

Just a name thing here. I always say one when I mean the other.


Left - Ann Coulter, conservative political commentator
Right - Heidi Montag, who seems to have no purpose

I simply cannot tell these women apart. I mean, if you showed me the picture above and told me that one was Ann Coulter and one was Heidi Montag, I could say which was which with about 65% confidence in my accuracy. But otherwise, I am just fully confused. I am always wondering why that ridiculous Heidi person is talking-heading on CNN or why that ridiculous Ann Coulter person is tonguing that prat in public. Highly confusing.

Also, each of these pairings seems to contain a conservative Republican. Perhaps I am just confused by conservative Republicans.

So am I alone in these? Are there people you always confuse?

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Now I just had to find out where I knew Marlee Matlin from :) West Wing, of course heh.

Good comparison between Coulter and Montag. I don't really see what purpose either one of them serves. It's further confusing that anyone actually takes seriously anything that comes out of either one of their mouths. I'll add that to the list of things I don't understand about conservative Republicans.

I am SO with you on the Matlin/Matalin thing! To further confuse matters, the actress was on The West Wing playing... you guessed it... a political consultant!!!

I think its a conspiracy...

Google Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. I thought Isla Fisher was the girl in the movie Enchanted AND the girl in Wedding Crashers and couldn't quite wrap my mind around someone doing both those parts. They look so much alike!

I am a Moderate Republican and am TOTALLY confused by anything Ann Coulter.

Hmm...I didn't really confuse those people, but I didn't really know what Mary Matalin looked like, either. And I didn't realize Marlee Matlin was on The West Wing. I still remember her from the '80's. My residence: under rock.

Dane Cook and Ryan Reynolds. I just cannot tell them apart at all anymore.

And YES, Melene! Amy Adams and Isla Fisher confused me there for awhile but I finally got them straight in my head.

Please tell me you can't tell the Voltaggio brothers apart on Top Chef. Please.

Unless you don't watch Top Chef, in which case: Thank you for making me feel better with your three examples.

I don't have the George Will Shortz problem, only because I wouldn't recognize Will Shortz or Merl Reagle if they were standing in my kitchen. Or appearing on an episode of the Simpsons. (OMG, did you see that, by the way? I never watch that show anymore but caught that one. AWESOME.)

Also, since I seem to be hijacking your comment section with random shit: Did you see the movie Wordplay? If you like crossword puzzles - or even if you don't, I guess - put that on your Netflix queue.

I'm kind of in awe of Will Shortz, who has turned puzzling into a real occupation of sorts. Regular radio gig, actual name recognition - hell, even big-shot bloggers are talking about him. He EDITS CROSSWORD PUZZLES, for crissakes. Yet? Famous. Kind of. In a "at least he's not Heidi Montag" way.

Okay, I'll shut up now.

Wow...that Coulter/Montag comparison never occurred to me, but the resmblence is downright astonishing, isn't it? You know, I've people say that both of their careers are nothing more than highly orchestrated performance art, so maybe they ARE the same person and we just went through the little door like John Malkovich.

I am a moderate republican and the conservatives confuse me too. John Bolton as far as I am concerned is a comic book artist.

For a very long time: Dennis Quaid and Kevin Costner; Bands: Greenday & Weezer; almost *any* two supermodels (even between black & white); Ed Quinn & Ed Harris (names only obviously). Probably dozens of other combinations. I think I do this all the time!

I think famous people in general confuse me. I cannot ever picture who my husband or kids are talking about.

I think famous people in general confuse me. I cannot ever picture who my husband or kids are talking about.

I'm always confusing James Taylor, Neil Diamond, and Neil Young. They might as well be the same person!

I ALWAYS confuse Jason Bateman (from Extract) with Nathan Fillion (from Firefly).

I am not alone in this, apparently:

Also, I always mistake John Cusack for Edward Norton, and vice versa.

Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson. They just look/sound so much alike. I can usually tell who is who, but it takes me at least two extra seconds of deep thought to make my final choice.

I definitely have confusions like this. Usually they're like the George Will and Will Shortz one.

Any Kardashian, which is excusable, I guess, given all the K names and the fact that they're related, but mostly I don't know what they do or, like Montag, what purpose they serve.

Any male hip-hop performer whose name is prefaced with L'il. My failure in this regard is a running joke with my students so it serves a purpose, perhaps greater than the Kardashians and Heidi Montag combined.

I was with Lumpyhead's Mom on the Voltaggios until last week. I have it now.

The guy who plays Andy on "The Office" and the guy on SNL who looks just like the guy who plays Andy on "The Office".

They might actually be one guy, but I don't think so.

I can add two: Mary Matalin & Mare Winningham and Gary Busey and Nick Nolte. In each case, I could probably figure it out if the pair I confuse is side by side.

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