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Me me me

(Wait, is it redundant to title a post "Me me me" on a blog that is all about me me me? Yes, I think it is.)

I'm 35 today, Happy Birthday to me. Those round numbers always come as a bit of a shock, don't they? I mean, wasn't I just in college? Didn't I turn 30 a week ago Thursday? My mom keeps asking me how she can have a 35 year old child, and I keep telling her that I am only going to explain the birds and the bees thing one more time because honestly she has four grandchildren and it is time she understood these things.

But you know what, 35 sounds good to me. I think I'm going to like it.

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I turned 31 yesterday!! Wish we could go out and celebrate our coordinated Bdays! Or at least meet your wonerful self. You amaze me, enlighten me, and dunno if it is pathetic or quite sad but I consider you a friend even though I just read your blog. I hope and pray you have a WONDERFUL, awesome day!! Happy Birthday!

So funny, I think 35 sounds like you've made it. I think you, my friend, are a grownup.

Happy Birthday Beth! I hope Chris and the kids spoil you rotten......GROWNUP.


Hope your birthday wish comes true! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

happy 35th! enjoy your day! :)

Happy birthday! I'm 32 on Monday which i find a little odd as I always think of my mum as being 32.

Happy, Happy, Birthday! And you do not, no way, look 35!

Happy birthday, youngun!

I'm a few months behind you, Mrs. Fish. I'm taking myself & the kids to Ireland for this one! It's a CELEBRATION!!!!

I'm not a big beer drinker, but for that - I will raise a Guinness in honor of the Cactus-Fish family. :)

Happy Happies!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday!!

Happy 35th Birthday! 35 is great, enjoy!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Beth!! I hope you have a great day.
(My husband's birthday today too - must be a good day for good people to be born!)

Happy Birthday. I sent you an email yesterday,I hope you get it and it does not get spammed for any reason.

I turned 36 a couple of weeks ago. Very empowering as a modern woman.

Enjoy your day,beautiful inspiring friend.

Happy birthday Beth :) I turned 32 this year and I still feel like a 5 year old playing dress up hehe Anyway, my mum won't allow me to call myself old because she says since she gave birth to me, that'd make her really ancient lol!

I think 35 will be a very good year :) Happy birthday, Beth!

Happy, happy birthday. I hope that this is the best year yet!

Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Beth!

Happy birthday!

I think you will wear 35 extraordinarily well. Happy Birthday!

I like round numbered birthdays because they're easier to remember. I'm constantly second-guessing myself about my age and have to do the math to figure it out. I refuse to believe that marks me as declining.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! (My mom asks me how she can have a __-year-old daughter every year on my birthday too! You'd think she of all people would know.)

Happy birthday!!!

Wish you and your lovely family a great day celebrating your advanced age, and an even better year ahead filled with more love, madness and awesome blog posts =)

Happy B-day. Please tell me 35 is great b/c I'll be there is May and I could use some great.

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, Beth! May your 35th year be full of blessings and happiness.

And you? Are young. LOL (I turned 41 this past June, so I know of what I speak!)

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 35 Birthday! I hit 34 on Tuesday so it will be kind of ho-hum for me but I'm with you round numbers are nice. 35 will be great!!

Oh, I hope your day was awesome and that you were made to feel special today!

Happy Birthday! I turned 37 in October and I could swear that it's only been a few years since I graduated from high school rather than nearly 20. I hope you had a great day and that Chris, Mia & Owen spoiled you silly.

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday!! I hope you had a fabulous day!!

Sending you wishes for a very happy year!

I'll be 29 in a month, but for some reason, the thought of being that age is hitting me harder than if I'd just turn 30 a year early! So maybe round numbers are more settling. :)

Happy Birthday Beth xx Have a great day!

Happy Birthday Beth! Hope you had a wonderful day.

Happy birthday, Beth! I hope you had a great day (and will have great year)!

Happy Birthday! Have a great day!!

Hope it was great!

Happy Birthday, lady!

Happy Birthday from one who is on the other side of 35. Come on over the weather is great here!

Happy Birthday Beth...hope you have a super great day!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUGAR! And don't think I don't love knowing that you're older than me for now. :)

WHeeeee!! Happy Birthday!

*Belated* Happy Birthday Beth!

Happy, happy belated birthday Beth!

Happy birthday youngling!

You have yet to notice my present to you!

Happy belated birthday, Beth! I think birthdays last a week, I'm just appearing in the MIDDLE of the birthday-ness.

happy happy day!
(a little late!)

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