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Not sure which is the insult and which is the injury

WTF, 35?


We're doing acne now? It goes so well with gray hair and wrinkles? 35 is the new 14?

I call bullshit on 35. Bullshit, 35.

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wait until you hit's like little mount vesuvius happens at least twice a month!

I am right there with you!

I just turned 33, and 3 months post-partum with my second, my skin has decided to act like I'm 15 again. Except now with crow's feet, too.

I am almost 32 and still get random pimples regularly. I hate it. It doesn't help that I look like I am 12.

I so agree. I went off the pill in January (was 35 then, am 36 now) and went with an IUD (with no hormones). My skin decided to just break out and not just my face but my upper back too. I've found that the Neutrogena Anti-Stress Control Face Wash and Gel have really helped.

I don't think anything these days are fair. I am having contractions and well, I am not pregnant just a severe UTI.


The volcano that wants to erupt on my chin wants to say hi to your volcano on the forehead.


36 doesn't make it any better.

37...nice eruption on the chin all week uterus.

Amen sista only I am like this and 36... Le sigh.

OH tell me about it! I went to my doctor and demanded acne medicine...........what on earth?!

Don't worry... you're not the only one.

33 and still have acne! Right there with ya.

Um, turned 47 yesterday and celebrated with a zit on my nose! My mom still breaks out! Stupid hormones.


After years and years of fighting with my complexion, I finally think I have it figured out. I'm 4 months out from my 35th birthday, too.

I have a friend here who does microdermabrasion and facials, etc. She turned me on to some products that have changed my whole face. Now I stop and look in the mirror every time I'm in the bathroom and think "OMG...What happened to the pores that you could jump into from the other side of the room???"

The products are called "Nutrimin C" and I'm just using the face wash, moisturizer and occasionally the "REgain" peel.

I think the company that makes it is called Arbonne?

I think my face would have improved even without the facial, but it's helping the process along.

I have super sensitive skin & all sorts of stuff tends to bug my nose (scents, dust, etc). This stuff smells like oranges & doesn't irritate my skin at all!!!

I know I sound like a sales consultant, but I promise I have nothing to gain by telling you about this. I'm just really happy.

I have some "before" pictures and when I'm done with my series of facials, I'll post the Before & After on my blog.

As a related note, I have never thought to use moisturizer on my face as I have extremely oily skin and usually within 30 minutes of washing my face, I've got the "shine" going. Amazingly, this stuff doesn't make it more oily. My face has never been this great and I'm thrilled. Apparently, once the moisturizer starts to level out your moisture/PH levels, your face doesn't feel the need to produce the oils to "hydrate" the skin!!!

It's amazing how much I can still learn at my age!!!

Anyhow, sorry for the long post, but perhaps it will help you or one of your readers that struggles with the whole "Really? I'm HOW old and looking in the mirror at a hormonal teenagers face????"

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