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1) Given that I walked all the way to preschool hauling a metal wagon laden with one child and all the way home from preschool hauling a metal wagon laden with two children, and further given that there were hills involved and even further given that I had a mere 10 minutes previous completed that blasted 30 Day Shred crap, how many mini candy bars do I get to steal from the children's Halloween loot in recompense?

2) What do five-year-old boys want to receive for their birthdays?

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You get three candies for every swear you screamed at Jillian during the workout. In my case that would equal ALL of the loot my kids got for Halloween. I say terrible things to Jillian when I do that workout.

Question 2: Transformers, cars, trucks....and that's all I know. I haven't had a five year-old boy for over 6 years.


My five year old nephew LOVES Star Wars. He also likes board games, books, and Legos.

1. either as many as fit in that wagon or as many as you can fit in your mouth before Jillian comes to your door to tell you that she is "in the same boat" so keep at it! aughh!
2. star wars, legos, knex, transformers

No opinion on the candy.

5 year old boys I know though. Star Wars, Lego, Lego StarWars, Bakugan, swords, guns, bricks to throw at other boys (oh wait that isn't birthday present material is it?) if he has a DS the video games Starfy & Lego Star Wars: the Complete Saga are both fun and easy enough for the kid to play without too much parental help.

I think 5 mini candy bars and on man, I am no help with question 2!!

When I am done being pregnant, I hope to have the motivation to exercise...

2) Star Wars, Lego, Star Wars Lego is a match made in heaven... Dorking Kindersly do these niffty beginner readers books featuring Star Wars, Transformers, Scooby Doo, Spider Man etc etc which are awesome, and dirt cheep on Amazon.

1) At least 10.

2) something that can be used for fighting or a bakugan

Our now 6 year old isn't a huge fan of Legos/Star Wars. He loves cars, cars, cars, trains, fire trucks...anything with wheels. If it makes noise, has a remote controled or a track, even better!

Star Wars, Transformers, Legos

1 - As many as you want!

2 - My almost-six-year-old boy loves dinosaurs, books about dinosaurs, lego dinosaurs, and dinosaurs.

TRANSFORMERS!!!! at least that's what my 5 y.o. grandson LOVES!!!!

TRANSFORMERS!!!! at least that's what my 5 y.o. grandson LOVES!!!!

1) Fifty-Two

2) I agree with Star Wars. Keep Luke Skywalker alive in the hearts of little boys everywhere! Though, I think Spiderman, Batman and Superman would ALSO be a hit. All of Lady's little boy friends from school (turning 5) are very into the Super Hero scene.

I can support the Bakugan people with personal evidence. You won't go wrong there.

1) As many as you like. It's not a big deal.

2) Transformers. That answer hasn't changed in 15 years!

My 5yr old doesn't know starwars yet (we think it's too violent for his age) but loves bakugan - doesn't have any yet but deeply desires them (but they're ridiculously expensive considering what they are). He also loves transformers/robot toys, all manner of cars/trucks/trains, books and ds games (we've had great success with the "Smart Boys" line of games and the "Jake Power" games).

I'd like to elaborate on your question 2, because I am also at a TOTAL loss on this question, and I have a 5-year-old nephew that lives very far from me. I don't get to see him very often at all, and I really don't know what he's into.

BUT, the problem is that by all accounts of anyone who's visited them and stayed at their house for any length of time, the They routinely just go to toy stores and buy whatever he wants. I have heard from my sisters and parents that we should NOT buy him any toys. But what in the world else do you get a 5-year old boy? (Keeping in mind that you want him to love you and think you're cool, of course, so socks and underwear is out.) And my idea of annual membership to zoo/museum/whatever was nixed because they are a standard workaholic family with no time to do things with him (hence, the overpurchasing of toys to relieve guilt, SIGH). Does anyone have a most fabulous idea of something abstract or nontraditional to give to a 5-year old boy that would really seem special to him? Not just another toy?

Ok, to question one, I say 5 :)

To question two, as I am the mother of a five year old :) Hotwheels, Transformers, Bakugan, or anything Lego :)

We're really into those Thomas trains that take batteries and run on their own. They're good on tracks or off.

For question one no one is counting, so enjoy. And for question two I would say art supplies are a safe beat. I have three girls so I am no help with the boy thing but I do have a five year old and I know that's what she'd love. ;)

Oh wow- my boy is growing up way sheltered. almost 4 and totally ignorant of Star Wars AND Bakugan AND Transformers. To this I say, mine loves the custom superhero cape I found for him on etsy. Also loves "educational" toys like models of the solar system and sciencey stuff he can mix and mold. I hope I'm not raising a geek. Knex are cool though- go for those.

Sabrina - I'm in the same boat with my nephews -- it is embarassing how much stuff they have. EGADS! They are 7, 5 and 3. I send them $10 gift cards to either McDonalds or Burger King. It's a real treat for them to go and they feel super cool paying for stuff themselves. I have no idea what to do when they get older, but right now, I'm their cool auntie!

Otherwise, I totally agree on Legos, Bakugan, Transformers and Star Wars stuff -- can't go wrong with any of these!

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