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Writ by Hand

I am loving all the handwritten posts you guys have done, and I think everyone should check them out. Here's a list of the ones I know about - let me know if I missed you.

My amazing, handsome, sexy, talented, caring, all around fabulous husband from Rude Cactus who just read this draft over my shoulder and started pouting about being in the middle of the list so fine, here you are at the top and I hope you are happy now

Holly from Sichernde Seele (75% chance I misspelled that one)

Kelly from Assorted Nutz

Melissa from Under Construction

Michelle from Momma's Pixie Dreams

Leah from Lakeline's Thoughts

Ticknart from Useless Writing

Swistle from, you know, Swistle

Stephanie from Completely Irrelevant

el-e-e from Hello, Self

Aimee from Smiling Mama

Megan from The Empty Cookie

Heather from Muirnait's Musings

Parking at Home from Parking at Home

Sir from Etcetera Etcetera

Sarah from Sarah and the Goon Squad

Anne from Belgian Waffle

Lumpyhead's Mom from Lumpyhead

Angela from Fluid Pudding

Erin from The Looney Bin

Aimee from Greeblemonkey

Mary Lynn from Riding in a Handbasket

Aaaaannnddd.... That's what I've got. Please let me know if I missed you, I assure you it was due to idiocy rather than intention.

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I like to think of my spot like the foot of the table.
Like the hostess.

It was a brilliant idea! You sexy brilliant thing, you.

I love that so many of us did it :) Good times!

Nope! You spelled it right! :)

This post was a lot of fun. Thanks for the creative idea, Beth!

That was both embarrassing and fun. I'm convinced that I do the right thing, though, in having my husband write school notes. I don't think practice would help, in my case. :P

I finally did it! (Well, as you know, I "did" it a long time ago, but I'm a huge dipshit and what I mean, I guess, is "I finally posted it!"

Everyone clap for the airhead.)

I am very lame and have finally gotten mine up. It's here:

I really enjoyed seeing every one's writing. It's such a personal thing, but not something you see very often any more. Especially for internet friends.

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