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My mom loves Christmas. My mom especially loves decorating for Christmas. (My mom also reads this blog, hi Mom.) When I was a kid, our neighborhood had an annual outdoor Christmas decoration award, and my mom wanted desperately to win it. So one year, she nixed the strings of colored lights that my brother and I voted for and decided to go for classy. She went to the craft store and returned with foam circles and miles of holly garland and spool after spool of red velvet ribbon. And she spent a weekend wiring garland to foam and making her own bows and stapling and gluing and whatnot, and she made wreaths. And they looked great, and the house looked lovely and traditional and colonial and just like the houses that won that award every year. And my mom didn't win. She hung those wreaths for years, and for years she didn't win.

And then, finally, she did win. Several times, really. And lo, the heavens opened and the angels sang except by then I think she was pretty much over it. But still, vindication.

Now, my mom is very practical. She made nine wreaths for the nine windows on the front of our house. Obviously, of course, that is just what you would do. Why hang wreaths on the back of the house, which faced only trees, or the side, which faced only neighbors? But my room was at the back of the house. I had no front-facing window, and therefore, I had no wreaths. And I was bitter. I wanted one of those wreaths on my window. I watched my mom make them, watched and helped her hang them every year, and I wanted one. I asked my mom (repeatedly, I believe) why she hadn't made wreaths for my room. And she said, very logically, that my room was at the back of the house. Nobody would make wreaths for the back of the house. She was completely right, completely reasonable. I lost nothing in life by not having wreaths on my windows.

But this week, when I made wreaths for my house, I made one for Owen. His room is at the back of the house, and I have nine wreaths on the front, and one on the back. On Owen's window.

And I'm sure that one day he will ask me why the heck I bothered to make a wreath for his window and tell me it was ridiculous and want me to take it down. And I will say no. No, because it is funny the things you remember.

P.S. If you want to see the wreaths I made in all their glory (and please do not mock me, I am not crafty and am feeling a bit insecure about my wreaths), you can check them out here at Style Lush.

P.P.S. I feel I should mention, as I do sometimes blog for money at various corners of the internet, that the Style Lush gig is purely for fun. I'll always tell you guys if I'm getting paid, promise.

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I think they look great!!!!

I think they look great!!!!

YOU! You, Beth Fish, are the Christmas Decorating Wind Beneath My Wings!

I love to decorate the house for Christmas, and we've been here for (coming up on) three Christmases. The past two years I've done lights on the bushes out front, garland and lights framing the door, and one classy wreath. But I'm already bored and want to shake it up.

We're a classic colonial, 2 windows on the first floor plus the front door, three windows up top, and I am TOTALLY going to do your wreath in each window trick this year!

OMG am doing clappy hands (which no, is not sad) and heading to style lush RIGHT NOW.

Those wreaths look wonderful. I'm very impressed!

The wreaths look great!

One request...can you take a picture of just one...close we can get a better look at your handywork?

We only make one big wreath to put on the house, but if we made smaller ones I would put one on my kids' windows, too.

From Weingarten's chat yesterday:

And Heather Moline reports that she was once again disqualified from her neighborhood's "best decorated house contest" for her "bad attitude."

(There's a link in there somewhere, I think.)

I think that the wreaths are great. I agree with seeing a close up picture. I want to do a wreath for my front door but I've never done one so haven't done anything about it. I think you may have inspired me to actually go to the store and just do it.

They're beautiful! And I think it's great that you made one for Owen!

You are such a good momma! I would agree with your mom that really who puts things on the backside when no one can see it. But I love that it was something you were keenly aware of not having as a child so you made sure Owen wouldn't feel left out. So Sweet!

I loved this post, Beth. I remember little things like that, also.

Love the wreaths over at Syle Lush.

At my house, it was candles in the windows, but yes, I wanted one, too. They were much easier than wreaths, though, so we put them in every window. But it was my job to around the house and plug them in every night.

Very nice, Beth. I find it hard enough getting the dang tree up and hanging one wreath on the door. Hope Owen appreciates his wreath.

They look awesome! And now I know what a wreath is! I had no clue. It's sounds a bit like our Dutch word "wrat" which means wart. But clearly those are not warts.

My mother got me good. She planted a "Holly" bush outside my window. Which she claimed had to do with my name. But I knew what it really meant.

"If you dare to sneak out of this house, may you be scratched beyond recognition by your namesake!!!"

Of course, looking back now...I still appreciate that there was/is a little piece of Holly in the yard.

That is absolutely the nicest story I have read all week. I am sure that your son will secretly appreciate having his own wreath.

I was feeling quite proud, indeed, that I'd bought two wire-and-lighty reindeer and plugged them into the front yard. I EVEN UESD THE LAWN STAKES.

And here you are, making wreaths and hanging them.

It took me three tries to SPELL wreathes correctly. You win.

Lovely story...and the wreaths look fabulous!

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