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Here Comes the Hate Mail

I know probably should, but I find Mia so adorable whenever she starts talking about the Baby Cheesus that I just can't bring myself to correct her.

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Was it inappropriate to chuckle and think, "SO CUTE!" I mean - I'm not saying that's what happened. We were, you know, just being hypothetical...

My wife texted me today to tell me that Adriaan (almost 3) was singing this line from Jesus Loves Me: "The brino said no" (the bible tells me so).

Hey, I'm a Christian and I think it's adorable :P

She's probably talking about Babybel cheese! ;-)


I mean, it's not as though CHRIS is referring to the Baby Cheesus. Right? Or wait, is "Mia" code for "my husband"?

Either way, I'm still not going to judge.

"Whaaaaat a friend we have in Cheeeeses..."

As long as you correct her before it could become potentially embarrassing (ie, she uses that phrase in front of someone at age 13 without knowing it's wrong).

You won't get judged by me. My two year old calls Chuckie E Cheese "Jesus". He is also terrified of Chuckie so being there having him hide and cry "No, Jesus!" whenever the mouse walks through puts me last in line for writing nasty emails on the subject.

That's great. :-)

That's adorable, I'm with you on not correcting it just yet. My daughter keeps saying she wants a zhu zhu pet "the one with the hard on" meaning the one with the HEART on his back, which makes me snort everytime I hear it come out of her mouth. So innocent at 4!

I wouldn't correct her, either. Too adorable!

My daughter called him "Baby Juices"

No hate here!

My daughter calls her Jebus. I love it.

LOL! My son called him the baby Jeejus...I never corrected it. I was actually really sad when he started pronouncing it correctly...

My kiddo is says a few things worng that I get a kick out of that I can't correct because it so stinking cute but Baby Cheesus is too funny!!

Baby Cheesus...LOVE IT! My 2 y/o is always saying things happened lasternight. "We went to Grandma's lasternight" I figure I'll actually be sad when he learns it's not a word...

Better than Baby Cheez-Its, yeah?

When Kaelin was two, we drove by Chuck E. Cheese's and she yelled, "Look Mama, I see Jesus! Right there, it's Chucky Jesus!"

There is no way I'd EVER correct that. It is perfect.

At least she knows there actually IS a Baby Cheesus.

It's adorable, we all know it.

And at least she's not a two-year-old toddler boy walking around saying, "Oh my GOD!" because his parents are obsessed with watching 'Friends' and THAT'S the line that sticks with him. And despite his parents repeatedly telling him to instead say "Oh my GOSH" he repeats the normally forbidden phrase even louder.

Yeah. Baby Cheesus is a-okay. ;-)

That's ok. She'd probably get in trouble at school if she pronounced it correctly anyway.
When my daughter sings The Twelve Days of Christmas she says "on the first day of Christmas my chula gave to me..." I love the mispronunciations!

I'm going to give her (and you) a "thumbs up" just to counteract any negative comments/mail you receive. I'm not religious at all, but attended religious school nearly my entire life, and I have to say that the authority figures who made the most positive impact on us kids were those who mixed a sense of humor and the absurd with their deep faith.

So cute! My daughter calls Jesus, "Jesits", but it sounds more like "cheez-its". I'm not correcting her.

Very cute, although I can totally hear my husband saying the same thing, and he knows better.

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