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Nobody Cried Their Eyes Out This Year - Progress

Mia wants a big girl bike, but it needs to be pink and she also requires a princess basket and be careful loading it into the sleigh so it doesn't get scratched and where are your reindeer Daddy said they were in the woods but Mommy said they were double parked what's double parked and Mia also wants an Easy Bake Oven but the bike is more important and Mia is four and her brother Owen is only one and he likes cars and trains and remember about the bike Santa ok Santa ok?


Owen wants to get the hell away from the creepy old guy with the smelly beard.


But Owen, Santa might bring you some candy.


There now, you've survived my Children With Santa photos once again and don't have to repeat the experience until next year. That wasn't so bad now, was it?

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I really enjoyed it! They're precious. :o)

Mia looks so pretty. She's a little you!

I love how Chris is smiling for the camera in the first one as if to make up for Owen's trepidation!

Too cute! I love that you subject yourselves to this picture every year. I won't even go near the mall.

You have such adorable babies :) Looking at pictures of them is never any hardship!

Wow! Those kids definitely kept their distance, didn't they?

What beautiful babies you have Beth.

I really hope Mia gets her Bike and Owen gets his cars and trains.

BTW...your hubby's not too bad with his project today either. Your family is defenitly making the world a better place.

Your little ones are super cute! I love Mia's coyness with Santa. But I am with Owen I don't think I would have gone near that Santa. What's going on with his beard? I thought we were past the fake beards and only hiring Santa's with the real thing?!

Neither of my kids were particularly fond of the big fat man. The baby tolerated it by giving him the stink eye. The toddler on the other hand was extremely excited about Santa until he was actually in front of him, wherein he then proceeded to run off cartoon style. The resulting picture was "one of the worst Santa pictures ever." According to my friend.

Oh my, Owen looked happy! That is quite a feat for his age. Mia looks beautiful and so grown up.

your children are lovely and delicious as usual...but I gotta tell you that is one of the worst Santa's I have ever seen!! Yeesh!

So fun, and adorable!

Beautiful pictures. I couldn't help but notice the tree behind Santa is undecorated, what is with that?

I love the look on Owen's face!

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