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Three New Things

So far today I have done three things that I have never done before. (Well ok, really four things, but the fourth is unrelated to the other three).

One - Bought something from Craigslist.
Two - Assembled a toddler bed.
Three - Retired my crib.



(Elsewhere, gifts for vegetarians, including something you should buy for me should you happen to be my husband.)

Comments (11)

Well, lookie there! Owen managed to secure a big boy bed!

Do you think y'all will climb into the toddler bed like you did the crib?

That is an awesome bed. We had the exact same one. We borrowed it from a friend for 3 years, gave it back, and then bought it from her for a nephew. It's over 9 years old and still strong.

And it's a lot more comfortable than a crib. For you I mean

The cat looks protective.

What a cute picture. But he's growing up so fast!

Oh my goodness that is so sweet, but I must ask? Where did your baby go? Where did this little man come from?

Awwww. Such a big boy! And he keeps a blanket on, too!
I'm just curious, what prompted the move to the big boy bed? I really have no idea when I'm going to attempt the move for my 20 month old guy, he hasn't tried to climb out and we're not going to have another one anytime soon, so I really don't know what the trigger will be. Just curious what it was for you.

He looks good up there! It's actually a pretty funny picture. Prop an empty bottle of tequila next to him and you have the first page of his college scrapbook.

Sigh. The move to a big bed. I feel your pain.

Um, my son is 2 1/2 and still in the crib. Am I am a bad mom? We've asked him if he wants a big boy bed and he said no. I like that he is *contained* and since he has never tried to climb out (being risk-averse has its benefits), I am in no hurry, but I wonder if we are making a mistake by keeping him in there too long. How long is too long?

I gotta tell you I thought that was a REAL CAT there for a sec. FREAKY!
(And great job with the bed and sniff! No more crib! How sad!)

I thought that cat was REAL for a sec! FREAKY!
(and great job on the bed. and SNIFF! for no more crib! Sad!)

So... was the 4th new thing "have sex on a toddler bed?" Sorry! Sorry. I just, I'm so curious about #4. Also, fun fact: we've never owned a toddler bed. I feel like that simple milestone is a "missing piece" to my early mama-hood fulfillment. Ok! Well, now I'm not even making sense!

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