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Hello, 2010

Ah, well. Christmas was wonderful here, how was yours? We decorated cookies and spent time with family both nuclear and extended. We opened gifts and rode bikes and played with choo-choos and dollhouses and chap stick. My kids love chap stick, must be genetic. We hit two museums and the aquarium, where Mia wanted only to visit the revolving door that she recalled from our visit six months ago and Owen bashed his little nose in trying to kiss the fish in the tanks. Mia scored her first ever Happy Meal and then her second ever Happy Meal and also, at age 4.5 consumed her first ever animal (1.5 fish sticks) and saw her first ever movie theater movie. Owen tried to high-five the stuffed tiger suspended from the ceiling at Natural History and started saying "What's that?" every nine seconds and screamed in terror every time we tried to get him anywhere close to his great-great-uncle but kissed and hugged and patted and generally adored his 2-month-old cousin.

We played lots of Wii and did lots of coloring and spent hours watching Owen's new Thomas go around and around (and around and around). It was lovely. And even though I left the house without taking at least one child with me precisely once in three weeks, I am grateful that we are able to take this time with these little people to do not much of anything but be together.

And now, here we are again. My New Year's Resolution is to grow decent fingernails. Any tips? I don't bite them, they are just pitiful and peely.

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My nails are so weak I get holes in the middle of them. Sephora makes this opaque nail strengthener and I swear with Jebus as my witness, that shit works.

Calcium? I drink lotsa milk and my nails are in pretty great shape. If you wanted a little useless anecdotal evidence ;)

Avon Strong Results. Excellent stuff (and it's not a polishy (is that a word? Anyway...) substance so doesn't need to dry and doesn't peel off. Works really well.

Get a good cuticle cream (I use Burt's Bees Lemon Oil Cuticle Butter) and file with a glass nail file to reduce splitting. Always use gloves when washing dishes and such.

Get a good nail strengthener, moisturize your hands and cuticles, and always wear rubber gloves on your hands when doing dishes and cleaning.

My nails grow like weeds and my hair won't grow an how about if we make a trade....

And the fact that I could have sworn that you let Mia have pepparoni pizza on some vacation a while back makes me realize that I really need to get a life. No. Really, I do.

Whew! Sounds exhausting!! Glad you had a good holiday season!

Can't help you with the nails though. If you ever DO start biting them, I've got the perfect stuff.

Vaseline's Healthy Hand and Nail lotion has been a wonder to my nails. I usually have these splitty, peely nails and when I use this cream regularly they are much better. I even had nice pretty nails that were all mine for my wedding! And, it isn't a crazy expensive fix either.

Eating Jello seems to help me with the nails and the hair. In high school I had my wisdom teeth out and could only eat Jello for like a week. After that my nails were pretty long.

I read something once about if you tap your nails it stimulates growth. That seems bogus, but up to you if you want to try.

ok i can't help with the nail thing but i'm curious as to whether mia ate the fishsticks before or after the aquarium?

Happy New Year! I would think that calcium would help. Everyone else seems to have great ideas for you as well.

My nails and hair were never as strong or healthy as when I was on pre-natal vitamins. When I stopped taking them, my hairdresser noticed and told me to start again.

Take Gelatin capsules. Speeds nail growth and makes them stronger.

Wait, what's in a vegetarian happy meal?

I also must know what is in a vegetarian happy meal.

As for the nails . . . prenatal vitamins? Or, you know, get pregnant. Mine are growing super fast lately and it is either the vitamins or the pregnancy itself.

I have to second Vaseline's Healthy Hand and Nail lotion. For some reason (extreme stupidity? Selective forgetfulness?) I stopped using it and tried nail treatments (Sally Hansen, Nailtiques and others) and they never worked as well as the VHHN. I currently have bottles in my handbag, the bathroom and both the home and work desks. LOVE it.

Wait, they make vegetarian Happy Meals? Where have I been?
I use QTICA natural nail growth stimulator...pricey, but works like a champ. Wear gloves when cleaning or doing dishes. DO NOT use your nails to open things, or pick things, or unwrap things, or pry things, or retrieve bits of things from small places. Moisturize cuticles every night...I like Lush Lemony Flutter, or Burts Bees Cuticle Balm. Trim ragged cuticles often. Push back cuticles weekly. Ta da.

Glad you had such a fabulous Christmas. It makes me happy for your family.

Have a wonderful new year. I bet you keep this resolution.


I think that's the best new year's resolution I've read so far. You are truly an inspiration sometimes.

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