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Pictures of My Kids are a Lousy Excuse for a Post

Owen vs. the chocolate chip muffin


Owen vs. the hand soap


Mia and Owen stage a sit-in on the walk home from school


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I can't believe how big they're getting!! Owen looks like such a big boy!

um, so when did Owen turn 5?

It's never a lousy excuse, Beth!

Are you starting to get the impression that Owen is going to be awfully tall? He seems to be racing to catch up to Mia!!

In fact, they could probably be TWINS! (just kidding!)

Those are some damned cute children you've got there, lady. You probably ought to produce another set soon. :)

Luv your kids, Beth. No worries, it is Friday and the weekend!

You should post one of them standing next to each other so we can see if the "twin" people are COMPLETELY crazy heh.

Owen is getting so big! They are both so adorable, Beth.

A sit in? You're raising anarchists? Is that really necessary?

Owen's cheeks are too cute! Love the photos!

I could look at pix of your kiddos any day of the week...They are too stinkin' cute!

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