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Strange Question Day

So far today, I have been asked:

- Whether my children, ages 4.5 and not-quite-2, were twins. Now sure, I know they look a lot alike, but they were standing right next to each other and the asker had two children of her own and when you put them side by side there is no missing the fact that there is a couple of years between them.

- Whether I was the Hotty Pediatrician's wife. Technically, the Hotty Pediatrician was asked this question, but I was right there to hear it and admire the strangeness. This one is more understandable as we were standing together in the middle of a public library (bumped into him and his kid, oh how I wish I had remembered to brush my teeth this morning), but still a very strange question to face on a random Tuesday.

As I am always one to milk a theme, I figured we could all play along? Anybody out there have any strange questions for me? Fire away, it is how my day is going anyway.

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My kids are just under 3 years apart and I get asked frequently if they are twins. I find it so bizarre! Guess some people don't think to notice things like a dramatic height and developmental difference!

My sister has boy-girl twins and when they were babies, people used to ask her all the time if they were identical - even after confirming that one was a boy and one was a girl. She finally just started answering "No, this one has a penis."

The twin accusation is always so weird. In college, my best friend and I would go on vacations together over spring break. She is tall, tan, with dark hair. I am shorter, plumper, with blond hair. Without fail, we would be asked more than once during the vacation if we were twins. Very bizarre.

OH MAH GAH, you guys clearly have ka-razy chemistry and should probably steer clear of each other in the future. Just kidding, of course. People are so weird.

I get the twin thing frequently even though my girls are two years apart. Though they look so much alike that sometimes I wonder if they aren't ... or at least clones.

Odd Question: Did you blush in the library? If so, the gig is totally up.

I love the twin question! I get that one a lot with my two oldest even though there is 2 1/2 years between them and then inevitably the idiot behind that idiot will ask me if they are related?!

Were Bryan and Chris separated at birth?

ha ha. Couldn't resist.

Were Bryan and Chris separated at birth?

ha ha. Couldn't resist.

No strange question, but I was told today by a former coworker that if he was younger he would have wanted to marry me when we worked together. It was ... startling. Especially when you add in the fact that he said this while we were at visiting/viewing hours for a recently deceased co-worker of ours.

People ask if my (older) sister and I are twins. I always answer, "Why yes. Twins born 5 1/2 years apart"!
It makes them think!

Which one of your little ones is older? (I got that one today)

Hey, I'm all curious about your findings with the shopping amounts. I hope you're still planning that post.

Let's pretend you're a man. And currently single.

Now let's say you're trolling the fertile fields of a dating website and you see a lot of profiles written by the grammatically impaired and a disturbingly high percentage of pictures that include women holding cats. Do you

A) Leave immediately
B) Drink until the cats disappear and spelling/grammar issues no longer matter, then send a 'Hello' message

I've gotten the twins question quite a few times. Although my almost 5 year is only a couple inches taller than her 2 year old brother.

I have no odd questions, seem like you had your fair shard today, but I can echo what Maribeth said. My sister and I get that a lot. And my answer is usually similar to hers, "Yep. Born 4.5 years apart." Sometimes I just say "No", but then they follow it up with, "Are you sure?" Um...yes?

well it's not odd, but I do get asked it with monotonous regularity 'are they all yours?'

I WANT to answer 'nope, just picked 'em up in the street' or something. but I don't, I just smile and nod...

My *daughters* - 9 and 7 - regularly ask me if *they* are twins. In spite of how many times I explain to them what twins are... Maybe it was just a couple of times, but enough to make me shake my head.

My second grade teacher asked my mom about us all having blue eyes. "Don't most Italians have brown eyes?" She asked. So, my mom said, "Wasn't Frank Sinatra called 'Old Blue Eyes'?" Ms. O'Brien (who, shocker, did not have red hair and freckles) had no response.

I wracked my brain trying to think of odd questions for you, but I can't beat the ones you were asked so I will tell you my own Odd Question stories instead.

I had my 6-month-old-at-the-time twins out with me and someone asked if they were twins. That's not a TOTALLY weird question, since I guess I could have been babysitting a couple of babies, but when I said yes, she said, "I thought so, but then I thought they might just be really close in age." Er.

I've several times been asked if Edward (4) and Henry (2) are twins, but I think people's circuits get blown trying to figure out how the three littles are structured: Edward and Elizabeth (4) are the same developmentally, but Henry is the same weight as Elizabeth and has the same haircut as Edward and they're both boys, and, well, it's puzzling.

I got asked if the twins were identical or "paternal." Hee.

I also got asked very often if they were identical or fraternal. My mom would always pipe up "Look in their diapers and find out!" but I just said "Fraternal."

Oh, the BEST question: I was at the mall pushing the twins in a stroller, and it was May, the same month I was going to give birth to Henry, and someone looked at the twins and said, "A boy and a girl!---so are you done now?"

My brother is three years older than me, and people thought we were twins when we were young. But, my Mom often dressed us both similarly if we were going out, just to be able to find us easily. So I think that prompted the questions.

My question: Are you ever going to say why you were asking what people pay for groceries each month? I check every day for an answer. I'm going to turn to the Magic 8 Ball soon.

People often asked if my little sisters were twins (still do) but they're only 14 months apart, and looking at their baby pictures, even Mum can't always tell who's who :P

Well, my two kids could never be confused as twins because of the major age difference (14 yrs) but I have been asked frequently if they had different fathers because: They are 14 years apart
Like no "normal" couple would just wait that LONG to have another child with no other children in the middle!
But as a matter of fact, they do have different fathers and I had a really nice peaceful break there for quite a long while! People are just nosey. And weird.

oh yes, the twin question! There is 11 1/2 months between my oldest children, that was asked alot. They are also of polynesian descent on their fathers side, the most rude question I was ever asked was.. wait for it... 'Pardon me, I hate to ask but really would just love to know.. where did you get your children??'
There just is no appropriate response to that one.

People ALWAYS ask me if my B/G twins are identical. Now they never know they are twins because my daughter is taller than her brother.
I guess twins are always supposed to be the same height??

People always asked my sister and I if we were twins and I am 3.5 years older. I guess because we are the same height.

My twin boys are currently 16 months old, and I am due with another in March. The two questions I get are "was this one planned?" I never know really what to say to that one so I just nod and smile. The other is when I say we are having another boy, they look concerned furrow brow and all, "you are not going to try again for a girl, are you?" Ummm.. we weren't trying for anything specific this time, and will make our own family planning decisions thankyouverymuch.

I also want to know where you are going with the sopping post. Do share!

I got the twin question once when my boys were younger - one in a stroller, one holding my hand. The only thing they had in common was the same hair colour/cut - they look *nothing* alike (one's the spitting image of my husband, the other's the image of my father).

I'm surprised I haven't had it lately, though, as the younger one is huge and the older one is tiny so they're the same size right now, but built entirely differently. People just aren't very observant, oftentimes.

Question: are you eating anything with beans this week? (we are - several dishes - avoid our butts!)

We too were asked this week at Target whether our kids (2 years apart) were twins. My situation was probably a little bit more believable since they were both sitting in the backend of the card so you couldn't tell the height difference, but i still think our 2 1/2 year old son *looks* much younger than our 4 1/2 year old daughter.

Strangest question ever.....while shopping with my 2 kids - a blonde and a red head - someone asked if they have the same father! Hmmm

I have the opposite problem. I have 4 y old boy girl twins, and my daughter is MUCH taller than her brother, and they don't look anything alike. Every time I say they are twins, people almost refuse to believe me !!

My sister had triplets and when they were around 6 months old I went with their family on a trip to the Mall of America. I was pushing the triple stroller and my sister dashed into a store to look at something. An older couple came over and asked if they were triplets. I said yes. Then the lady asked if they were mine. I said no, they are my sisters. She said that was good because I looked too young to have had three kids already. I was 28. Ummm. Plenty old enough to have had several kids, especially if I were going to only have one pregnancy. Weird.

No bizzare question, but if you could acquire a new talent (and be good at it) what would it be?

I have come to accept the twin question as routine. I'm waiting for the baby to beef up a little more so I can have "triplets."

Oh, and when should I get my hair cut?

Well, since you said we could ask you a strange question:

Did the dishwasher ever finally get emptied?!

I only have one so never get the twin question. I do have a friend, C, who has fraternal girl twins. V has brown eyes and straight brown hair while K has blue eyes and curly blonde hair. C said one time she took them shoe shopping and the clerk was only going to measure V's foot because she thought K was just a friend of V.

We have twins (boy/girl) and we were always being asked if they were identical twins. Right. I love that someone asked if you and the Hotty Pediatrician were married given your fanatasies about him. Somehow fitting. Funny how you keep running into him outside the office. :-)

My question is if you hadn't ended up marrying Chris, who do you think you might have ended up marrying instead?

My question is Do you think you'll ever get that pet duck to keep in the bathtub?

My sister and I are 4.5 years apart, and when we're together, random strangers ask if we're twins. We do look VERY much alike (especially to random strangers who don't know us), but no.. not twin-like. heh :)

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