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22 inches, give or take

The view of my deck from my kitchen window.


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Awesome!! We sure miss snow here in Michigan (it keeps going south of us), so we'll have to live vicariously. My parents have a wonderful old 8mm movie of my brother trying to walk in snow like that when he was 3 years old! So cute!


Yeh, we're buried here in NJ too. I live in the southern part of the state and our average winter snowfall is 6.5 inches. There's two feet in my yard right now and this is the third big snow of the winter. I'm tired of this. Anyone who wants snow is free to come to my house and take all you want. Bring a truck. A BIG truck!

I thought our 10 inches was a lot..Hmm..not so much!! We are expecting more Mon & Tues. Maybe then we'll get up to the big numbers..=)

Slightly jealous. We got about an inch, and that's already melting.

Beautiful sunny day here. The cherry trees are even blossoming! Too bad we NEED snow for the Olympics and none is forthcoming . . .

WOW! I know how you feel. Usually, it is us getting that kind of snow!

Did you catch the sun right before it set. I think we've finally shoveled the last of it off the driveway...until Wednesday. I hope Mia & Owen are enjoying it!

I love how it just keeps piling on top of itself. It's like an extra addition to your fence.

We are in a similar situation here in Pa...I live west of Philadelphia. My bro-in-law in Delaware has not had electricity since 2am today...hopefully you aren't going thru THAT. Our boys are LOVING it, although they have been totally wired today. And I think we are supposed to get more on Tuesday...darn that groundhog!

Do you still have power?

I hope you are staying warm!

Ew. I know some people love it, but that right there? The reason I moved to California.

Man- that is INSANE!


Whee!!!! I love it!

34 and a half inches here in VA. INSANE. Everyone keeps telling me it's never like this but DUDE. IT BETTER NOT ALWAYS BE LIKE THIS.

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