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All I Do Is Eat

Hello! I am on large doses of steroids! Oh, no reason, I just really enjoy the side-effects. Like the anger. And the eating everything in sight. (Seriously, I had two lunches today and several snacks and finished dinner an hour ago and am giving serious thought to a bagel.) Oh, and breathing, I suppose I also enjoy the breathing, which I am currently unable to do without the large doses of steroids. Yes, it doth sucketh. But since all I can do lately is yell and eat, I figured we may as well talk about what I cooked last week, so here we go.

Vegetable Chowder - This was billed as vegetarian Manhattan clam chowder where it seems that cabbage was meant to take the place of the clams. It was nothing at all like Manhattan clam chowder, but it was good. Make a tomato-based vegetable soup, add some cabbage, tasty.

Stewed Chickpeas with Zuc-Quinoa - Ok, the title of this recipe is supposed to be a joke, but to get it you have to know that quinoa is pronounced keen-wah. I do know that, and it still took me a week to figure out that if you say "zuc-quinoa" it makes the first half of "zucchini" and then all of "quinoa." Not a very good joke, but now we are at least all in on it. So, the stewed chick peas bit was, you know, chick peas and an onion and a can of tomatoes and there was supposed to be tomato paste but I didn't have any and didn't miss it. The zuc-quinoa was sauteed onions, then the appropriate amount of veggie broth from the quinoa box, brought to a boil, then add the quinoa and cook for ten minutes, then add the zucchini and cook another ten minutes. We liked it. I had never made or eaten quinoa before, and I don't think it was Chris's favorite, but since I have most of a box left and since there are 5 grams of protein in 1/4 cup, we will be eating it more often.

Chili - Did you know that if you are making, oh say chili, and you run out of chili powder, you cannot just fill in the rest of the amount with chipotle chili powder? Well, I mean, I guess you can, but then you may end up like I did with one of the few meals I have ever cooked that was flat out inedible. We both made it through a few bites, and then just ate the bread to try to kill the burn. Lesson learned.

Mushrooms Paprikash with Dumplings - The best part of this meal was teaching the children to say "mushrooms paprikash" and then spending an hour yelling "Hey, what's for dinner?" and having them respond in unison yelling "mushrooms paprikash!" Otherwise, the dumplings were nasty, the dish was bland but edible, but not worth the after-effects. I can usually eat as much of whatever veggies or beans or really anything other than ice cream as I want with no gastro-intestinal impacts, but this seems to have been Too Many Mushrooms. My stomach felt like I had a seven month fetus in there kicking around. Since this was the same night I spent three hours in the ER, it was insult to injury and not appreciated. Don't think we will try this one again.

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Take care and I hope your breathing problem clears up. I've been using my inhaler a lot lately!

I did not know how to pronounce quinoa, and now I feel silly :P

Oh, and I don't really know how to say gnocchi, either.

So, so, so sorry about the steroids. I kept breaking out in hives and having random swelling of my eyes, lips and tongue when I was in law school. Ended up on 30 mg of prednisone a day for 6 months. That combined with the copious amounts of antihistamines meant that I was either(a) asleep or (b)awake and eating while bitching you out. Good times. Or sweating. UGH! Hope your breathing gets itself in line quickly!

Oh. I remember the day my mom made Popcorn soup. We ended up getting pizza. You're fine, woman. Keep plugging along.

Well crap I hope you feel better! I on the other hand started a new med (for my headaches) that makes me not want to eat a single thing and yet I still have not lost a single pound and its been 3 weeks, but my husbands pants are fitting him so much better and are actually a little looser than normal. He was a damn stick to begin with...bastard!

I got the joke! Only because just the other day I learned the proper way to "say" Quinoa from Sundry. Question, (which I suppose I could ask my grocery store "help desk", but I hate asking for help, which...I suppose I'm doing right now anyway, but not to your actual face, so it's different), where the hell do you find Quinoa at the store? You said it's in a box, right? Is it with the pasta? The ethnic food? Where? I want to try it and am tired of searching the shelves.

So, you're all 'HULK SMASH' all the time now? I'll be sure to send nicer comments to Chris.

I'll also send you a paprikash and dumpling recipe that certifiably does not suck in the least and doesn't even know the word 'bland' exists. You can just replace delicious life-giving meat with your precious little vegetables.

I hope you feel better soon, I hate taking steroids I eat enough as it is!

With the Paprikash, try making with fried or baked tofu and serve over egg noodles. My grandma made the best paprikash and though her dumpling were the best, we usually ate it over noodles because my mother couldn't nail the dumpling.

I found quinoa in the rice aisle at my grocery store. It was near the couscous.

Can I get the Stewed Chickpeas with Zuc-Quinoa recipe? That sounds yummy. No one else in my house will eat it, but whatever. I love me some quinoa.

Quinoa... Mmmmm... I make a Moroccan stew that is supposed to be served with couscous, but I serve it with quinoa, instead. SO much better!

Your sick, so indulge. Feel better soon.

I know how to pronounce "quinoa" but still mispronounce it in my head every time I see it. Hope you feel better soon!!

Oh man I LOVE quinoa. My husband is also not a huge fan, so I'm always looking for new tasty recipes that call for it.

I ALSO love quinoa. And FINALLY know how to pronounce it!

Also, I thought of you tonight- I made us a spinach pesto to toss with pasta and ZOMG it was really good. I had never thought of making pesto with anything other than basil, but OH YES, very good.

Zuc-Quinoa. Wow. I get it. NOW. A little far reaching, however. Too complicated for my little mind.