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Budding artist

Hey, you guys wanna see a picture of me naked! Too bad, here it is!


And before you even start, she messed up my legs and crossed them out to start over. You need not make the obvious joke. And anyway, my husband has already beaten you to it.

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Is that your belly button or a uni-boob?

totally cute!

omg, from the mouths of babes :)

Oh that drawing stage is my favorite!! The hands/claws are the BEST!

Love, Love, Love this drawing. I still love it when my kids draw pics of me. They are very generous in giving me a better figure. :)

Such a little cutie, Mia is.

Thats so cute, my daughter draws a belly button on every person too!

I like your almost perfectly centered navel!

Eat woman, eat! :)

oh MAN, if I'm not allowed to make the obvious joke then shoot....I don't know what to say. adorable!!

(and hey, say hi to the rest of the German Swim team for me, Brunhilda) (GAH! I COULDN'T HELP IT!!)

You look so happy.

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