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I am considering instituting a strict "you put it away or I throw it away" policy at my house. And applying it to my husband.

I am considering what to do when Child 2 falls in love with a toy that belongs to Child 1, leading Child 1 to insist that some toy she has ignored for two years is her Most Favorite Thing Ever.

I am considering buying a dress. A strapless dress. With airplanes on it. Please go here to tell me what to do about this one.

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It's adorable, but I can't see spending that much on a dress like that when I know that I would probably get tired of it after one season. But maybe that's just me. However, I am now lusting after the like-priced Swinging Sweetheart dress, so thanks a lot for that!

I so try to implement that rule in my house (at least once a month but it never works!), no one ever thinks I am actually going to throw their crap out!

If you figure out what to do about the toy let me know we have that same dilemma here!

I like the style of dress and I am sure it would look super cute on you but I am hoping they have another pattern besides airplanes. Where on earth would you actually wear an airplane dress to?

Cute dress. If you like it enough and feel you will wear it, you should buy it. Good luck with the rule. I'm constantly picking up after my guys and the dog.

My mom used to pick things up and place them in a trash bag and leave them there for a month. If in that month, we were asking for whatever item was in the bag, then it came back out into circulation. If after a month, we had totally forgotten about said item, then it was donated to goodwill (or whatever). Seemed to be a good way to get rid of old toys, as well as making us aware of picking up our things when we couldn't have them for a month. We got one warning before it went in the bag!

Personally, I love the dress. It's fun but mature at the same time. I kind of want one! Good luck with that toy thing. I only have one kid, but it never fails that she forgets about toys for over a year, I donate them and then the next day it's: "Mom, where is my panda bear that talks?" Ugh.

I ADORE that trash bag idea. And the possessive older kid is going to make me insane sooner rather than later.

So, hubs leaves his dirty laundry everywhere! And since he's taken over bathtime for the Little, he's doing this with his clothes too. I spent 25 min last week noodling dirty socks and onesies and undies and gah! out of every nook and cranny. This was after a little tiff with hubs about his running out of clothes, etc, and his completely patronizing lecture on just 'getting a system' going. So I dumped all his dirty laundry on his side of the bed, with a post it on top that read 'I want my 25 min back!' and instituted the new 'if it ain't in the hamper, it ain't getting washed' policy. Working like a charm so far.
Buy the dress. I would never normally suggest paying this kind of money for any article of clothing but, deserve it. It's super cute, don't know why but I'm really drawn to the planes. It will look great on you. You are an awesome mom, and I can tell you don't lavish yourself with anything, so get it! And considering the number of mom-thongs I have to endure at playgroup, I wouldn't consider this dress to be age-inappropriate at all! Not even close.

Your second item up for consideration happen at least twice every day in our house. It's misery-inducing.

The dress doesn't do it for me. The style, yes, but not the pattern on the fabric. (And I'm married to a pilot!) Still love me?

I am just going to be honest - I hate the dress. And I am shocked that you would consider dropping $168 for it. Blech. That being said, you don't strike me as someone who splurges very often - so if it calls to you - go for it! Just don't come crying to me when you realize you are wearing a garment that looks like my 2 year old sons sheets. Hee hee, sorry couldn't help it.

Our Christmas decorations are still waiting patiently to be brought up to the attic by my husband. I have seriously considered throwing them away but that would hurt me more than him. Meanwhile, I'm trying to hold back my passive aggressive antics and continue to do his laundry.

I like the dress. It's adorable. Go ahead and splurge.

The style/cut of the dress is super cute. The pattern makes me gag. If you think you'll wear it, though, and it speaks to you, then go for it. In these situations I tend to wait a week, trying my best to forget about it, and then revisit the idea/item after that time and see if the passion has dwindled or if I still desperately need it.

As for the toys I find that, periodically, I get so tired of picking up whatever it is they're repeatedly dumping all over the floor and not playing with (just making a mess with), that I take things away for a few weeks/months until I know they'll just love it again and it won't annoy me to have to start picking it up again.

If it's your husband, though, then he's an adult and requires direct consequences to his actions, explained in advance of carrying them out... whatever they may be.

Let's hope the first thing doesn't involve anatomy in any way.

And the second presents itself as an excellent opportunity to teach about how to appreciate something while it's there, and then how to let go later.

Finally, I think you'll want to wait until the snow melts before you throw that sucker on and go wandering around the neighborhood. I'm sure the planes will attract all kinds of pilots, though. You'll be the most popular girl at the airport!

Oh it's such a sad world when people discourage a fun dress that you love. I say, you love it, you buy it and wear it. The end.

The dress is very cute - but a lot of money for something everyone is going to know if you wear more than once. You really can't wear an airplane dress more than once!!! However, I think if it makes you happy - carry on! Life is short!!!

Well, love the shape of the dress (and you deserve a treat) but hate the print...... Sorry!

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