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Cupcakes are Serious Business

From Owen's birthday party yesterday:


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"Hmmm.... do I prefer this blue frosting to red? I mean, the blue looks great with my eyes, but red is the color of Elmo. I just don't know."

So very serious and cute...
"I am an artist. Look how I place the icing just so above my eye and on my cheek."

He has a look of sugar euphoria in those beautiful baby blues!!

I love the icing on his forehead! We have a very similar picture from my son's party this weekend as well - if I never see another cupcake I will be okay with that!

This is so totally adorable!

This is right before the coma, no?

I LOVE that he has frosting on his head! That takes effort.

Love love those eyes, baby.

I guarantee you that icy-blue glare he's rocking is totally intention. Because he's that awesome.

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