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Old Miss

I was nineteen the first time someone called me ma'am without irony. I was horrified. I was nineteen, nineteen! I was not a ma'am! My chagrin lasted for several years, as the ma'am-ings became more and more frequent. At some point, I ceased to notice, probably because there was no longer any way for me to deny my ma'am-ness.

And then this morning, Owen and I stopped at the paint store, and as we were leaving the clerk said "thank you, miss." Miss! I'm thirty-five, I was sporting copious matrimonial hardware on my left ring finger, and I was hauling my two-year-old along with me. I am no more a miss now than I was a ma'am at nineteen. I think the realization of my absolutely ineligibility for miss-ness is the first thing that has ever really made me feel like an adult.

What first made you feel like an adult, or are you still waiting?

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It wasn't the FIRST thing, but it was a BIG thing: when my mother-in-law was visiting and Paul told me he could smell the brandy on my breath and I was horrified and panicked (WHAT IF SHE'D NOTICED??)---and then I remembered that even if she HAD noticed, I was an adult and allowed to make my own decisions about drinking, and that I couldn't "get in trouble" from "a grown-up" for it.

I am still waiting. I go into help with my girls classes and I am fearful of being called to the principles office (not that I ever went there as a child). Every once in a blue moon I get a little glimpse of what it must be like when I hear things my mother would have totally said come flying out of my mouth. I wonder when it will finally hit me?!

I think buying softener salt made me feel like an old, old person.

Or maybe the guy that asked my dad, when I was 12 and still had the body of a 6 year old, if I was his wife.

I'm kind of still waiting.

i got recruited in an Abercrombie & Fitch store on my 27th birthday, which felt pretty damn good. The next time i went in, i got called Ma'am. Doh. aaaaand, that was 5 years ago...

I don't remember the first time I got "ma'am"ed, but I do remember the first time I got called "lady". It was by a 4 year old in a fast food restaurant, and I was 18. It was incredibly alarming.

I'm not sure what I am haha. I mean I'm old to be a miss, but I don't think I'm really old enough (or married or mother enough) to be a ma'am!
Also, because I like shiny things I kinda want to see your copious matrimonial hardware.
(That sounds vaguely dirty.)


The first time it hit me was actually recently. I am 21. I began working at this government job in September. I cover for people when they are out, and on one particular day I was covering several stations at once. I had alot of work on my desk. My boss sent out an e-mail saying "Please help Sara out today, she has more work than any one WOMAN can handle"

and all I could think, reading that, was... she called me a WOMAN! Weird!!!

The first time I had to sign some school-related thing for my stepkids. I was officially signing under "Parent Signature". Dude.

I still don't feel like a full blown adult (at 30). But I have my moments. Like when I found out I was pregnant (at 21). When I'd call the doctor in the middle of the night due to a fever my daughter had. When I bought my house. And the first time I invited my parents over for dinner (where EVERYTHING was homemade) I felt so damn old. I still have moments when my daughter (nearly 9) calls out to me and I think "Holy SHIT, I am someones MOTHER!" But the majority of the time, I still feel like a kid.

Still waiting on that one.

I'm also keeping track of at what age I stop getting carded. Being 38 and being consistently carded may not be a big thing, but it feels damn good.

The moral of this story is that there's really no pleasing you.

Grownup, buying our first home. I like Miss, Ma'am makes me feel like a Grandmother. Someday, I might appreciate Ma'am, but it makes me feel much older than I am when I hear it.

One word: colonoscopy

Amazingly, buying my own home didn't do it...however, suddenly NOT being mistaken for a student on campus has made me realize that I really am a grown-up, even if I technically still am a student. Now, I am never mistaken for anything but a professor.

Bring on the ma'am!

I don't know that "ma'am" has really ever bothered me, but I did feel really weird when I returned to Texas and waitresses (who I'm sure were younger than me) started calling me Sweetie and Hun. Sweetie? Seriously? I think TWELVE is the cut-off age for "Sweetie."

It was at a friends BBQ... there were about 8 pre-teen and teenagers running around and I overheard one of them ask "Where did that lady go?" and he was referring to me. Lady?? What?? That's how I referred to "old" people to my friends...

Also, Magazine ads are solidifying the "adult" factor since all of the models look 12 to me!

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