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Mia is better but a maniac from the drugs. Owen is sick and screamed his head off all day today. This is all you get from me.

Owen was accepted to preschool yesterday. He'll start in September if he is potty trained and if I don't run from the building clutching him to my bosom screaming "YOU CAN'T HAVE MY BABY" and take him home to have to myself for another year. He'll be two and a half in September, and he is so in love with school, and every morning when we drop Mia off he insists on carrying her school bag from last year so that he can pretend he is going to school too and I think he will be ready and it will be good for him but "WAAAAA MY BABY!" Expect a lot of this in the coming months.

Speaking of Owen, at bedtime tonight he spent five minutes pretending to take my head, throw it up in the air, catch it, and put it back on my body. Odd.

We had three or four inches of snow around these parts this morning, and after we had shoveled and played on the backyard playset and built a snowman taller than the children and accidentally knocked it over and built another one, Mia looked at the snow-covered sidewalks and decided it was a great day for a bike ride. Which is how I came to be pulling Owen in his Radio Flyer wagon and following Mia as she forced her training-wheeled big girl bike through the snow drifts. It seems odd runs in the family.

Last night, Mia's BFF was over for dinner, and I decided it would be fun to let the kids make their own pizzas. So I made the dough from scratch, which I had never done before and it took two tries because the first batch was not happy to see me, and I made the sauce from scratch, and I rolled out individual pizzas for each child and not one of them took more than two bites of pizza. Bitter, but what did I expect? Chris and I, however, loved the pizza and why didn't you people tell me that homemade pizza is so much better than any other pizza ever in the history of the world? And then I used the leftover dough to make cinnamon rolls. I am starting to think I have some type of mental disease.

You know what ticks me the hell off? I'll tell you. 1) People who mail out tax forms on the absolute last legally-allowable day (I'm looking at you, freelance clients, you too, mortgage company). I like to do my taxes early because I hate doing them and then they are done, and these late-mailers ruin January for me every year. 2) The way our letter carrier takes any packages that don't fit inside our mailbox and straps them to the open mailbox door with a rubber band connected to the flag, which has broken the mailbox door three times and the flag twice. Look, I wouldn't want to hike to everyone's door either, but I am tired of fixing the mailbox. 3) People who do not shovel their sidewalks. I mean, if you are unable to shovel your sidewalk, I get it, but if you can shovel your long, steep driveway then you are certainly capable of spending the extra five minutes on the sidewalk. Some of us are trying to ride bikes here.

I have a five-item to-do list for tomorrow, and four of them involve phone calls. I hate phone calls. Anybody want to make my phone calls?

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I love phone calls! I'll take over.

Also, love your tidbits today. Made me smile after an extra two hours at the office. I need to leave and go home now.

I hate making phone calls too. I usually make my husband do that, even when it's to call my friends. Odd here, too.

I'll make your phone calls if you'll deal with Michael's "issues" Deal?

I hate people who don't shovel the sidewalks. Does your town not have a bylaw about that? Mine does - significant fine if all sidewalks not shoveled by 10 am the day after a snowfall.

Funny, Chris said five inches - leave it to a man to exaggerate :P

Also, I really want pizza now heh. I think I have everything I need for it but the mozza...hmm. Shall I dash to the store?

If you have a mailbox at the street, the mail carrier is not required to walk to your door with any packages that don't fit in your box. All they're required to do is leave a yellow slip in your mailbox, and return the package to the post office where you will have to pick it up yourself. It sounds like your carrier is trying to save you a trip to the post office. I wish my carrier was half as considerate. He's the reason I was forced to buy the most obscenely large mailbox they make. Yeah, through rain and sleet, but not to my front door. Don't even get me started on the UPS man who won't drive his truck down my driveway because my trees

and bushes "might scratch" his truck. O.K., I'm done ranting now.

ONE: Preschool??? As if. You and I both know he was JUST BORN.

TWO: "The first batch was not happy to see me"---AHA HA HA HA HA!

THREE: We got a tax form today that was postmarked February 1st. I am tempted to REPORT SOMEONES'S ASS. I am pre-crankified by receiving, like, FOUR forms YESTERDAY. What is the GAIN in POSTPONING??

FOUR: I hate phone calls too. Why doesn't EVERYONE take EMAIL?

Glad that Mia is feeling better.

Homemade pizza is the best! My husband excels at making it and it gives me the night off from cooking.

And I must have the best postal carrier ever. She brings all pkgs larger than my mailbox to the front door. And if it's pretty outside and I'm either outside or have the garage door up, she will come hand it to me or knock on the back door and deliver it to me.

Our town has little sidewalk plows. I love them for this. Even though I live with FIVE BOYS the driveway hardly ever gets shoveled so you can imagine what happens to the sidewalk. (And we get quite a bit of snow up here)

Mmmmm...homemade pizza. What's your recipe? I'd love to try it. I might have to try some of your other recipes, too.

Oh my gosh, I so hate phone calls. Hate. Good luck!

Homemade pizza is, indeed, the shiznit.

Snow down here is such an anomaly that even the side roads in the city don't get plowed. So, my road and the sidewalks were destroyed and basically can't be driven by people with front-wheel drive cars. What's even more annoying than being stuck inside the house with the dogs, however, is trying to walk to dogs on frozen snow and ice without one or all of us going ass over tea kettle. The walks have become efforts in not hurting anyone, as a result, and I think I just blogged in your comment section.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Homemade pizza IS so much better! And don't feel bad about the crazy cooking. I made cheese last weekend. Yeah. Cheese. And then homemade donuts. Yep.

And the hospital I work at? Even THEY didn't shovel their walks this last time. I wanted to slip and fall and break my head open just so I could sue them.

Where I live if the sidewalk in front of your house isn't shoveled within 24 hours of the snowfall you get a fine.

Beth, except for the sick kids part, your life sounds awesome. Have a great weekend!

I hate phone calls too! (Right up there with doing my taxes) Have you called the post office yet...I know you hate phone calls but I think I would make an exception for this situation!

Now we need your pizza dough recipe. At least I do!! We love homemade pizza but I've just always bought the frozen bread dough.

I missed something. Owen has to be potty trained to attend preschool? Is this the new thing with preschools?

Cinnamon rolls! You rock!! I'll make your phone calls if you make me cinnamon rolls.

I've been a lurker for... well quite some time and I'd just thought I'd drop by and say that I love your posts, all of them, but recently, the "what you made for dinner" posts have inspired me to start cooking for myself. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's changed my life. So, thanks!

I make homemade pizza at least once a week, we never get tired of it since we do different toppings (shrimp scampi pizza tomorrow night). Please don't get me started on folks being lazy when it snows! We live in CT and our neighbor across the street has a really nice long driveway, instead of parking on it or in the garage he parks on the street, There are four people who live there and they all park on the street, two cars in front of their house and two of them park in front of my house, I find it so annoying, park in your driveway thats what you have one for. When it snows I can't clear in front of my house like I want to because they are there and then if company comes they have to park in front of someone elses house. My husband says I dont own the road but shoot you have a driveway, shovel it and use it!

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