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Everybody Loves Potty Training

So, I've been thinking about potty training Owen. I have to do it before September if I want him to go to school (which I do, sort of, I suppose, he's all signed up though), and I've been thinking it would be easiest to do it now before we are spending large swaths of each day at the playground and pool, where running off to the potty every three minutes gets a little inconvenient. And he's been showing signs of being ready, like on more than one occasion pulling off his pants and diaper and peeing in the potty. Or like telling me he wants to pee in the potty two seconds after he finishes peeing in his diaper twelve times a day.

And he's my second child, so I should be all whatever, piece of cake about it, right? Except that he just turned two six weeks ago, and I potty trained Mia a week after her third birthday. It took about four hours to fully transition Mia from diapers to underwear and she had maybe six accidents, total, in her entire life. I suspect it will not be so easy with a two year old.

So I decided to start slow, and this morning I let the kids watch Elmo's Potty Time. And from that point on, Owen refused to wear a diaper. Refused. And those of you who are thinking that he is two and I am the adult and that maybe he objected to the diaper but by no means could he actually refuse to wear one, giving that I have a hundred pounds on him have, I suspect, not met that many two year olds. Owen no longer wears diapers, at least not in the house. And there was no poop on the carpet or pee on the couch today, which I consider a huge Potty Training Day One success, and he did really very well, all things considered, but compared to my one previous potty training experience, today was a disaster.

And hey, he wants it, he proved today that he has at least a rudimentary control over the relevant systems, and I intend to be fully supportive and encouraging and proud and liberal with the M&Ms. But oh my word, if anybody out there has some super-fast, easy-to-follow, no-book-reading-required-because-I-don't-have-time advice, I would be oh so happy to hear it. Like, pronto.

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Put some cheerio's in the toilet and have him aim at them. then reward with stickers or m&m's.

worked for my son 16 yrs ago. good luck

My son potty trained last summer at 2.25 and it went pretty well. Have a potty ready at all times, let him be naked and roll with it. The advantages to training a boy are many. No matter where you are, if they need to pee, just whip it out. Not so easy with a girl. You will want to master the stand behind him and stick your knee in his butt to push his hips forward so he doesn't pee on his pants technique. Then you are all set!

I've got nothin but support! Good Luck and it sounds like he is doing a really great job with it. ;-)

Bear in the Big Blue House Goes Potty. Overnight From Amazon. After that I'm Out. It took me years to potty train Michael.

I've heard good things about the Cheerios method too - and have Chris demonstrate. (Lucky, lucky Chris :P )

I think the main difference between potty training a 2 year old vs a 3 year old is just what you said: the amount of time it will take, and the number of accidents s/he will have. So prepare for longer time in "training mode" and always have pants with you. (If it weren't for school I'd say wait until he's 3, for no other reason than I'm suuuuuuper lazy.)

I think that book "potty training in less than a day" is basically: give child small cups of juice/sprite/water every 15 minutes, put them on the toilet 15 minutes after that. Repeat all day, every day until they've got it down. So I guess that means... over-hydrate the shit out of him? Or, well, the piss, I guess....

Good luck!

From reading your post- I am confused...Owen will not wear diapers, he made no messes, he WANTS to use the potty and there is a problem? These are all GOOD things. That is why I am confused- because my girl child who was smart as a whip and stubborn as an ox would have rather gone to school in poopy diapers rather than let me coerce her into growing up a bit with the bathroom habits. It was all about it being HER idea, not mine. Which was hard for me to deal with (she was 4!)

Oh, you are so not alone! I'm in the same place with (my) Beth right now, she and Owen are only a day apart. I think you're right about getting it over with now instead of summer though, especially since I'll have the added bit of a newborn. Thanks for posting, you've pushed me over the "to train or not to train (yet)" edge! So every time she pees on my floor, I'll have someone else to blame! ;-)

I wish I knew. Bridget is well past 3, obviously CAN pee in the potty, but refuses to do it for me. Does it at her dad's house, but not here. I'm going insane and yet trying to remain zen about it.

My comment is coming from the perspective of a mom who PT'd a girl first, and then a boy.

Long story short: PT'd my daughter for poop at 2.2 years, pee at 2.4 years, and at night at almost 3. PT'd my son completely at 2.4 years, in about three days.

I did NOT train my son to pee standing up. He does everything sitting down, and if you decide to go that route make sure you take at least one leg of his pants and underwear off entirely, so he can sit splay-legged on the toilet. I learned the hard way that not doing so will result in wet pants for the kid AND the mommy. My reason for not teaching the stand-up method was to keep it consistent, so that when the time comes for him to go he knows to sit no matter what. Standing can come later. JMHO.

Also, my method for training my little guy was to just take the diapers away 100%. We bought tons of "Big Boy Underpants - just like Daddy!" and resolved to stay home for a week. We PT'd him over Christmas, so it was convenient for us to not have to go anywhere. We used the M&M incentive for him, but not for long; he stopped needing anything other than dry pants as his reward after about three weeks.

My advice - after using them with my daughter and not with my son - is stay away from Pull-Ups. They're really just like diapers that you put on another way, and didn't help at all in the training process. But don't let him go naked, either. The best way for him to learn how uncomfortable it is to be wet is to BE wet, pants and underpants... during the say and at night. It means a lot more laundry for you at first, but it's the best way for him to understand the difference between wet and dry. I also required both of my children to take their dirty clothes after an accident and put them in the laundry, and to wipe up any mess on the floor. I wasn't mean about it, just getting them to take some responsibility. It helped hit it home for them that they need to take an active role.

Good luck!

Jealous! My son was 3.5 years old!

Jealous! My son was 3.5 years old!

Get a fold up potty (we have them made by Tomy over here) and a fold up toddler seat (toodle-loo) so you can aim for him when he is seated and avoid wet legs..... invest in serious quantities of pants and underpants, preferably with no zips/buttons - track pants are great) and go with it. Oh, and if you have an old washing machine? Replace it now before it breaks!!

I think your current method is totally the way to go. Go naked. I really think it'll become obvious to him what to do after standing in one or two puddles on the floor. And the weather is cooperating with nudity. Yay.

Oh, and Elmo's Potty Time was a huge hit in our house (but how infuriating is it that we never actually SEE him go potty?!? So unsatisfying.) But the catch phrase really caught on for us. We'd say, "Whenever you get the feeling that you have to go.....", and 2-year old would reply, "Stop what you're doing and GO!"

If it makes you feel better, we are on day 3 of potty training a boy here too. One thing I heard that makes good sense to me is that they are in complete control and you have to give it to them. I do alot of friendly reminding (because I think my son just forgets that he isn't wearing a diaper), I now lump him in with the big kids and make it very obvious ("All the big kids need to pee before we leave, oh Billy! I guess that means you since you are a big kid now too!"), I try to make going his idea and make a super ridiculous party when he does, whooping and hollering and calling a different family member every time (who have also been briefed on the whooping and hollering protocol). Accidents have to be no big deal, lest you raise a serial killer (kidding).

I have a different view on the naked vs clothed. I think at least underwear needs to be worn. My boys have peed naked and not even known they did it and IMO it is a bigger mess. I think the underwear lets them know right away that they are going and they are uncomfortable. So far the accidents my son has had, he started to go, felt it and stopped which equaled no mess on the floor and he got the signal to stop and finish on the potty.

Good Luck to both of us. This will be the end of an 8.5 year diapering career for me.

We trained my son just after he turned three. The daycare teachers were instrumental in getting us to do it. Her sage advice: let go of the diapers and DO NOT GO BACK. If you get tired of wet clothes, get those training pants (like cotton underpants but really thick) but DO NOT USE PULL UPS! (Her emphasis, not mine). We let him pick out cool underwear, used the interim thick pants for about a week and, all total, I had to clean up three puddles on the carpet and we let him pee outside a few times that week. Then he was done. The key is to put him on the pot at regular intervals, give him alot to drink, praise trying and do not freak out over accidents and, for the love of all things holy, let him pee sitting down. Standing up comes later. I think my husband still pees sitting down if he can help it.

My recommendation is that once you decided to start, don't go part-time with the diapers. It can cause some frustration but the whole process ends a lot sooner. Good luck!

Dude, my good friend's son (who is the same-ish age as Mister) ripped off his diaper when he turned two and never looked back. He was TOTALLY potty trained in like, 2 months.

If Owen is acting like he's ready, run with it! AWESOME!!

I had the same experience with my son when he turned two - showed all the signs of being ready so I just went with it. The thing that worked quickly with him was buying underwear. I let him pick out whatever cool boy underwear he wanted but then told him he couldn't wear them until he went on the potty. He was completely trained - day & night - in like two weeks. It's all in finding what motivates them. Good luck!

Its just going to be different than it was training Mia, though, in my experience, boys are usually ready a little later than girls are. Most of our family/friends, etc started training girls around 2 to 2.5 and boys about 2.5 to 3 years of age. Mia was probably so easy because she was older, probably more than ready and also easier to reason with and grasp certain things a little easier at that age.

For what its worth, my boy was easier to potty train than my girl. He got #1 down the first day or 2, but #2 took him a week or so... and that wasn't fun!

Thoughts and prayers headed your way! lol

I'm in the process of potty training my just barely two year old (Jan. 29), too. He's my first, so I really have nothing to compare it to. But, it's tons easier than I thought it would be. And, he hated his potty chair, only wanted to sit on mama's potty. He wont poop, though. Always saves that for the morning before he wakes me up. I'm sure Owen will do great. Good Luck!

The first boy was trained somewhere around 2 1/2. He was totally trained at daycare and totally not at home. We bit the bullet, bought underwear and many pairs of sweatpants (easy on and off) and went for it. Reminding him didn't really work, but letting him just wet his pants a few times in a row got it right away. Oh, and just because they wet their pants doesn't mean they are done. We still put him on the potty to 'finish' and many times he would then poop. We did the same reward as daycare. 1 m&m for being dry and 2 for going in the potty. Watching the other kids go was a big incentive too. Maybe let Owen watch dad and even you too.

The second boy wants to do everything brother does. He is almost 2 and it seems a bit early. He tells me after he has wet his diaper. Twice he has pooped in the potty when I caught 'the look' early and he wanted to go. He didn't care about the fanfare. He just wants to be like dad and brother.

Since I have 4 boys who all use the potty - the only advice I have is it has very little to do with us.

I forgot to mention earlier-- we never used a potty chair. Just the baby bj*rn potty seat that fits atop the toilet. Pricier but worth it. Didn't want to have to train him where to go more than once b/c eventually they will outgrow the potty chairs. Good luck!

after the first kid, havn't bothered with a potty, they've all seen everyone else use the toilet so have wanted to do that, so we just make sure there's a safe to use stool in the toilet, and we've now got a toilet seat that has a both an adult size seat and a child size seat - much easer than one of those seats you have to put under the normal seat, they can slip about.

four have potty trained so far, so have every tail to tell. some have done it in stages, some all at once. some didn't want to use any toilet but the one at home, some couldn't wait to use the toilet wherever we went. some took a week or so, some took a few days, Fluff (number four) memorable took a day. for everything. seriously. despite having false started 4 mnths before.

All the boys tended to pee standing up farely early on - its easier and its what they see the other do.

How Petal's gonna manage I'm not sure. She demands to sit on the toilet from time to time but hasn't done anything in it yet, and went through a phase of insisting she was going to pee standing up, and we had to explaing that she really couldn't! not into a toilet, anyways :D

we don't have any deadlines of nursery or anything, so have the luxury of just leaving them to it to do it when they're ready, which I've found is by far the easiest way!

I potty trained two of my kids at the same time last summer. I used kitchen timers. It was tenacious, but it got done. I started with every ten minutes, they had to try to go pee. After a week, it was twenty. On the third week, it was every half hour. During the fourth week, it was every hour. After that week, I stopped using the timers altogether and had them tell me when they needed to go.

This was the hardest thing I ever did. My son was four at the time and has sensory processing disorder, which made it hard for him to recognize the physical cues for needing to go. My daughter was three and was a true champion about it. It wasn't easy for me to do, especially because I was hugely pregnant with twins!

I will do it again that way in the future. My twin girls are only six months old, so I have time to gear up for the next round. Heh. I wish you luck!

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