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This morning, as soon as the yard boys finish hauling away the first round of our storm-damaged trees, I am heading out to be fitted for a pair of running shoes. I have been putting this off for weeks, because who the heck am I to be fitted for running shoes? I'm not a runner. Except that lately, I sort of am. A very slow, very sweaty, very funny-looking, runner. I ran five miles on Tuesday. All in a row, and I didn't die. And I have some birthday money that has been hanging out in my wallet since November, and if I don't find something to spend it on soon I will end up doing what I always do with it, which is hanging onto it until the week before my next birthday and then spending it on diapers or clothes for the kids. So I'm going to do it. I'm going to walk into the running store and ask to be fitted for shoes. I'm not quite sure why I am so nervous about this, but I somehow feel it would be less embarrassing to walk into a different store entirely and ask to be fitted for a dildo.

Wish me luck.

Also, I am considering buying a vinyl tablecloth. A faux-lace vinyl tablecloth. For my dining room. Won't you please go here and talk me out of it?

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Excellent idea if you are going to run to get the proper shoes for it. Good luck with it!

There is nothing embarrassing about getting fitted for running shoes. That fact that you have "yard boys" on the other hand ... :)

I kind of skipped ahead to the last line of the first paragraph at first and that was rather shocking ;) I think it's a very, very good idea - not only to actually spend your birthday money ON YOURSELF (not that I've never used mine to pay bills haha) but to get proper shoes for running - I am sure your feet, legs and back will thank you eventually!

I cannot tell a lie. I went and got fitted at a fancy running store. I wanted to get an idea of what fit best. And I truly intended to go back and fork over the $100 bucks they wanted for those shoes that FIT perfectly on their recommendation. But I googled the shoes and lo I found they were being discontinued and I paid $65 for them rather than $100 (plus tax). I felt bad for using them but I totally saved money. - this is the site I bought the shoes from and if you join their VIP club thing ($2.00) this gives you an additional discount on the purchase!

Anyway whatever happens it is actually kind of fun but weird to have someone watch you run because I kept thinking 'OMG MY BUTT DO NOT LOOK AT MY BUTT!'

Pamper yourself! We don't do it nearly enough!!

Yay! Go, and your feet will thank you for it.

I was fitted for running shoes when I was in college, and it was actually a great experience, despite my expectations. They lined up a bunch of really expensive shoes and a couple of cheaper ones for me to try, and ended up recommending the cheapest because they fit the best. I was impressed and comfortable.

Congrats on the 5 miles! And get good shoes - don't be embarrassed or however you spell that. Good running shoes that fit right are a MUST. Good luck!

Good for you, on the running! I've never been fitted for running shoes, either, although it would probably be a good idea...I've run 5 half marathons, but I still don't really feel like a runner, either. BTW, I highly recommend doing a half marathon - not a huge time commitment for training, but a great feeling of accomplishment. :)

Walk into the running store and ask to be fitted for a dildo. They'll nod and go get the shoes, because I'm sure they get that all the time from nervous mothers unsure about spending birthday money on fitted shoes.

Good for you! I am hoping to start running in the coming months. Any advice for how you got started? Also, what type of store will fit you for shoes- I know NOTHING about this stuff- obviously. But it is my one goal for the year!

I just did this for the first time too...the Potomac Running store in Ashburn. The process was simple -- run on a treadmill for a min and stand on a board that shows your balance/where you hold your weight on your feet. I worked with a woman who was really nice and I learned I need really supportive shoes, 1/2 size larger than what I have been wearing. I need to get out and start running now that i have some good shoes.

5 miles is great Beth. Runners come in all sizes and forms. Don't sell yourself short, it is all about putting one foot in front of the other and pushing yourself to keep going.

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