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That Sound you Hear is Angels Singing

Owen, age two years, one month, and fifteen days, puts himself to sleep for the first time ever.


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Love it! Thanks for sharing this precious moment.

I hope he repeats the feat tonight for you.


YAY! I hope he continues this trend.

Is that him sleeping? How sweet. I hope you were able to take the pic without waking him up! :-)

This is the SWEETEST picture!! I don't think I could keep my mitts off of him.


did i spell that right? hmmm....

OMG! SO adorable!

Omigod how cute is he?! Too stinkin cute!!

Did he really fall asleep like that? That is hilarious... and extremely cute.

Awww - looks like he is praying!!!! So cute!

Um...he kinda missed the bed there...

VERY cute!

Very cute - just needs to master putting himself to sleep in bed now!

Seriously - asleep? Praying to the baby Jesus?

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