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Waltz of the Flowers

Mia has been performing since she mastered voluntary movement. She sings, she dances, she put on elaborate shows, requiring all adults and young children to sit on the couch (or floor) and watch, and any children old enough to be biddable to participate to her exact specifications. She loves going to the theater and re-enacting movies and seems to have drama in her bones.

And this weekend, she had her very first real performance, on stage with lights and costumes and her entire family cheering from the audience. She was amazing and confident and brave and beautiful and I sobbed the entire time, because oh my god, where did this kid come from?




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I can see why you sobbed...I've been reading/lurking/randomly commenting on your blog for a few years and I can't believe how much Mia has grown - and how amazingly beautiful she is becoming. The costume is adorable and (from the look of all the flowers) she seems to have many adorning fans already! :)

I hope that first picture is already in a frame, sitting on your desk, where it will sit from now until the end of time. That is a TIMELESS picture.

She IS beautiful! This post kind of choked me up because I can see a similar situation in my (near) future) Congratulations Mia!!

She is heartbreakingly beautiful. You and Chris should be proud!

Okay, so I'm sitting here crying... she's grown up so much!!!! Wow Beth, just... wow...

She's just gorgeous!

So sweet! She looks like she had a blast!

She is simply lovely! I love the pure bliss she is exuding. :)

How wonderful!

Oh, Beth- she is just so radiant :^) A natural performer! Congrats to you all!

Se is just lovely.

OMG! Beth, she is so lovely! How is one so young, so graceful and totally gorgeous? Oh yeah, she's your daughter! No really, I have tears in my eyes. She is wonderful!
PS: You and Chris are terrific parents and it shows in your children, who are exceptional people!

She looks just like you in that first picture! It's uncanny.

I was all "oooo, pretty Mia..." and then suddenly a lump formed in my throat.

I too am totally a mess when the kids are doing anything like that. Christmas concert, with 100 other kids? TEARS. In fact, I can get choked up by the music (ie: HYMNS) at church.

Also, she looks so OLD!

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but Mia is so beautiful Beth. I would have been sobbing too.

Loved this. Great for Mia.

She looks so beautiful! Love the shot of her with her flowers.

OMG is there anything more adorable??? NO!

I think I'm going to cry! Well done Mia!

Wow, your pictures are even better than the ones on Chris's site. She is a natural beauty and appears to be a natural dancer also. She has the poise and stance of a girl 3 times her age.

PS--My mother-in-law still cries every year at her granddaughter's performance, and she's almost 11...keep the Kleenex, in fact, buy stock. My mom cried until I was 18 and "retiring".

Gorgeous! I only "know" Mia in the context of this blog but she sounds like an amazing girl :)

beautiful. you done good :)

so, so beautiful... congrats to your little springtime ballerina (and to her parents.)

Oh that is a heartbreakingly wonderful set of pictures. Bravissima!

So incredibly graceful, wow!

She is so beautiful! That ballerina dress is just too much. So cute!

Wow! I can't get over her beauty and poise!Prepare for many years of crying, my son is 22 and I cried last year when he won a regional competition!


OMG am now weeping like a lunatic!

She is so beautiful! How did she score such a timelessly beautiful ballerina outfit? When I took ballet and dance I ended up with a poodle outfit. Seriously. Now I want to cry since I have 'known' Mia since before she was born. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

this is mia?! this adorable and mature kid? what happened to her?! she grew up! this sort of thing just makes me into a puddley mess.

what is it about first daughters?
Emily was - and still is - EXACTLY like that. And i know that feeling of watching them on stage for the very first time. CONGRATULATIONS. Mia is amazing! and it's so clear in that first picture just how happy she is!

Just had to say that she sounds like she was born to be on stage. (And WOW those are great pics!)

Really spectacular pictures...she's perfect!

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