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You guys are just dying to hear more about potty training, aren't you? Yeah, I knew you were.

So Owen, my sweet, adorable, impossible child, he mastered the pee in the potty thing almost immediately. By day three he was having one or two small accidents a day, and he would run to the potty so quickly that we could almost always salvage the pants. And then he pooped in his underwear several times a day. Not his fault, he was on antibiotics, I just did a lot of laundry and tried to focus on our areas of success.

Then a week ago, three weeks in, Owen figured out how to get to the potty in time and lo and behold, the kid was potty trained. I mean, not perfect, of course, but we had a couple of days where he wore the same pair of underwear all day long without incident. I didn't want to get cocky, but I thought we had it made. I thought we had a brief period of reinforcement ahead of us, and then I would be able to remove myself entirely from the process.

And then yesterday, I had to put Owen in a diaper at 2:00 because he had peed in every single pair of his underwear. And he has a lot of underwear. It was like the last month never happened, except that he still pooped in the potty with perfect accuracy. I tried taking him more often but it didn't matter - he would sit on the potty and produce a tiny squirt and then pee all over the floor two minutes later. And today is more of the same.

It is driving me bonkers, just because I thought we had this, man, I thought we were there. Do you guys know what to do here? Is this a mild set-back or should I restock my diapers? Do I need a better bribe for peeing in the potty? Should I have him tested for a UTI? (Do boys even get those?) Help me out here, internet, I'm at a loss.

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I'm the last one to give potty training advice b/c well, um, let us just say that was a less than successful endeavor on my part for years, but read this

It might be overkill but it gives really good advice.

My son potty-trained both pee and poo somewhere around 2 1/2 with almost no effort on my part. We hadn't had any accidents of either variety for about five months. Then out of the blue, the month of his third birthday and the month after he spent about six weeks wetting his pants at least one or two times per day. I was stunned and couldn't figure out what was going on. I tried being patient and not making a big deal out of it, but I know I must have snapped at him a few times, I was just so surprised - I thought we were done with that. Then as quickly and unexplained as it happened - it stopped. I still don't know why and did nothing special about it. According to the doctors I work for, it is supposed to be next to impossible for a boy to get a UTI. Maybe saran wrap the house? Sorry!

This may be a "no-duh" observation, but currently being in the throws of potty-training child #3, I'm convinced that they are still getting the hang of their developing bowels and bladders. Which means - you may ask them if they need to go one moment - and they may say no, either because they don't need to go or because they don't know what the signs are to indicate to them that they need to go, or maybe because their bowels and bladders are so small - they fill in a matter of nanoseconds, and after saying they don't need to go, their bladder quickly fills and suddenly they BURST in their pants.

I remember being so frustrated and motivated to get my first born trained, she and I had a miserable day where I had her sitting on the potty every 15 minutes. It took our pediatrician to step in and explain that i was probably confusing matters - and her suggestion that I take her LESS frequently (like once every three hours, and deal with the accidents along the way). So there's that aspect that never occurred to me- go less frequently.

The other thing -create a potty chart. A 5 X 5 grid where, once they successfully go potty - they get a sticker that they can put on their chart to show everyone how successful they have been. My kids quickly became invested in getting more and more stickers on their charts - they were "into it", and I hang the majority of our success on us eventually getting to and using a potty chart.

Hang in there. It'll come. so will the setbacks, but three steps forward, two steps back, eventually results in progress.

Maybe Owen is just figuring out his spinchter muscles. He's keeping himself from peeing when he poops because he just learned how to do that, and he'll go back to being fully pee-trained in a few days.

UGH! I've got nothin' but I am sure you must be frustrated. Hang in there!

I only had girls and I think it is different. But...I'd try, not feeling bad, don't let him feel bad, it happens, just give it a rest for a day and try again.

Not sure about little boys and UTI but my father has Alzheimers and is at the stage where he needs reminders to go the bathroom and he gets UTI's quite often now.... (TMI??)

That sounds oddly like the way my first kid trained, except she poop trained first. We spent some time getting her to the point that I was ready to call her trained, and then she spent a week or two having more and more accidents until she was basically just peeing in her pants.

And then one day she just stopped having accidents, and she hasn't had one since. I have no idea what changed, if she just finally got it once and for all, or if I said something magical (HA!) or what. BTW, she's 7 now, so I don't anticipate any more regressions :)

Whatever you do don't put the diaper back on, he will get it! I think that confuses them even more so, I have three that no longer wear diapers so I did something right, LOL! Hang in there!

Normally, I would just say don't worry, he'll get it by kindergarten. However, talking to some teachers on the playground I learned that for some kids, it's not so much a rare accident but a regular occurence.

All the same, I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon!

My son learned to pee like a big boy by peeing into his own special 'pee can'. Take a frosting container, take the label off, and decorate it with stickers that he likes. Teach him to pee into the 'pee can', then pour it into the big boy potty and flush. He can keep the 'pee can' on the back of the toilet, or counter -- depending on what he can reach. It helps them learn to pee standing up, and they like using the little decorated 'pee can'. Worked like a charm for my son.

Do you know the book Alexander and the Terrible No Good Very Bad Day?

Potty Training...some days are like that even in Australia.

Do you know the book Alexander and the Terrible No Good Very Bad Day?

Potty Training...some days are like that even in Australia.

I agree with the first comment. both my boys had a little regression after a few weeks. and, it did seem to disappear. I wonder if they get to that point where they stop thinking about it all the time because they think they have it down, just like us... but alas, they still need to think about it all the time, because, come on, they are wee little things. :)

Yep, totally normal. Just like the 2-3yr pee explosion (both my boys went through a phase around then where they burst diapers constantly and were just pee machines!). Don't put him back in diapers, just keep at it and he'll get the hang soon.

Owen sounds like he has it. Perhaps, the setback is an issue because he was sick and got out of the habit. If it helps, I don't know of any kid that was potty trained without any setbacks.

I'd go with pull-ups when your away from home and/or can't deal with the possibility of tons of accidents. Good luck.

Could be a UTI. I'd have it checked if just to rule it out. If its not that, don't bribe, but reward instead. Stickers, small cheap toys that he might like... dollar store things. Give him a reward for every dry day and stand firm on that. Kids love to test us and they are so adorable to us that it usually works, but no.

I'll admit that I had to get a firm with my son after about week 4 or 5. He had mastered it, or so I thought and then we had this "peeing on things" bit that he seemed to think was funny. Me.. not so much, so we had to get a few things clear.

First we had a time out after peeing on a bookshelf in his room. Next we had a very stern talking -to after peeing on the glass door in the liviing room. It ended when I finally [in desperation] threatened to spank his hiney [he'd never had one, but had seen someone get a spanking] and that seemed to do the trick. I'm not sure if I would have, but like I said, I was getting desperate.

I don't think he was trying to be mischievous, it was more of a realization that "Hey, I can aim this thing and pee anywhere I want!" kind of thing he was going through and he was fascinated with his new skill. lol

I know I'm rather late on this post, but I just came across it and wanted to add to the discussion. My oldest son went through a phase last summer where he was peeing nearly every 15 mins, and getting up 2 or 3 times a night to pee. He would pee his pants at daycare at least once, if not twice, a day. I was sure he had a UTI and my pediatrician agreed to run a test without having him come in for a full exam. The test was negative, and several of my friends told me that their sons went through same kinds of issues during training. I guess it's a boy thing... lucky me, I have another to start training in a year or so. :) Hope Owen has worked his issues out!

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