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Dress, Reprise

In the past two days, I have tried on at least 50 dresses - more if you count all the ones I tried in two sizes. I bought six of them. I plan to keep at absolute most two of them, and I can only wear one of them for my big date (with my husband, chill) on Saturday night.

I can't decide, so you get to do it.

First, some caveats. I suck at Photoshop, no need to mention. I was moving very quickly to either make the most of my kid-free time or to get out of the store before Owen melted down, so a couple of these I got home and couldn't imagine why I had bought them. And I'm a blinker. You bring a camera anywhere near me and I blink. 97.4% of all pictures ever taken of me feature large expanses of my eyelids. Since I had precisely eight minutes to get into, photograph, and get out of all six dresses before tossing Owen into the car to fetch Mia from school, I had no time to take 54 pictures of each trying to get a shot with my eyes open. I think I found an extremely logical solution.

Anyway, here they are, please do try not to shatter my delicate little ego thanks.


Now vote!

Comments (35)

I think #1 is the most flattering. I think you may be too petite to carry off the bigger prints, and they overwhelm you a little, #5 is too boxy and doesn't show off your figure, and #6 is making me dizzy. As much as you may want to enthrall Chris, I don't think hypnotism is the way to do it ;)

PS - very clever with the sunglasses haha. Goof.

Even though my guess is you prefer black and white based on 5 out of 6 of those dresses, I have to go with #4 (which I voted for). I also really like #2... I think square necklines are interesting.

I quite like #3, but I think #2 looks best on you. Good luck!

I think #'s 1 and 2 look the best on you. Says the woman sitting here with tomato sauce stained pajama pants and a raggedy old t-shirt. Maybe some of us aren't the best audience to give fashion advice, is all I'm sayin'.

1, 2, and 4 are the most flattering for your figure. Of those, I think my favorite is 2.

Take 3 and 5 back, because they just make you look frumpy and like you have no waist.

2 and 4 are the most flattering shape on you! Now you have to pick if you want bold or black/white!

#3 for shizzle... it's a great print and the halter lengthens your neck and the cut gives you an hourglass figure!

#2 is quite nice too, nice print and very elegant cut.

#5 is a horror, you immediately look boxy and shapeless!! *hissss booooooo*

#1, 4 & 6 are alright, but #6 looks a tad too casual to be a cocktail/fancy dinner place dress.

just my two cents =)

hope your date goes well *wink*

number 4. Seriously, Beth, choose the one with a little color. Also, I voted before I finished reading, because I'm impatient, and all I could think was, "why the hell is she wearing her sunglasses?" Touche.

I think you look good in all of them! I like #4 the best because it is bright and spring-y. Then I like #3 for the sex appeal! And #2 for something simple and yet classic!

love one and two. three and four are okay but five and six i'm not crazy about at all. :) have fun saturday!!!

I noticed everyone is voting for 2, which is a very nice dress, but I think 4 flatters your figure more.

If you are going to keep two, I would go with 3 and 4. You look AWESOME in both!

I voted for Dress #2. If I could have had two votes I would also have voted for Dress #4.

The comments on this kind of post make me so anxious! I remember when Temerity Jane did a wedding dress post, and people seemed to think it was helpful to say negative things about their non-favorites rather than just choosing their favorite as asked. And since everyone had a different opinion about which dress(es) needed negative things said about them, the overall effect was pretty mean and discouraging---like, there was someone to hate on EVERY dress and how it looked on her, and most of the comments were of the "DUH, how could you ever choose such an unflattering dress???" tone, so anyway the comments on this kind of post make me so anxious.

1 and 2 were equal. I like both and they look awesome on you!

I voted for 2,3 & 4. I own #2 so I'm a little partial to it and you look great in it, too!

I really like #3. I think it's very flattering on and looks like you could dress it up or down equally well.

2. 2. 2. 2. 2. 2. Most flattering. Hands down.
5 and 6 should for sure be in the go back pile. You're hot, #2 shows that, 5 and 6 do not.


I voted for 2, but want to state for the record that 1 is a very close second.

I am irrationally upset that "my" dress isn't winning. I'm very strange.

I voted #2 as well but I also liked #1. I hope you get some pictures of your big night out! ;-)

It's official- we all like #2. Keep it. Wear it. I'm putting a shout out for keeping #5 as well b/c everyone needs a little black dress and you can jazz it up with colored cardigans and shoes.

1 and 2 are close to equal, I like them muchly. I *really* like 3, but it isn't as flattering to your figure in the picture, although in real life with movement, it could actually be more flattering. 4 is probably fine, but I have a hard time moving beyond black and white (it's a personal thing, I wear a ton of grey (sweatpants)(and t-shirts)). 5 and 6 don't give you as nice a shape, and the print on 6 is too wild for me (which isn't saying much).

2, but I like 1, too. (Wun Wun was a racehorse, Tutu was one too. Wun Wun won a race one day, Tutu won one too...)

You have great arms, by the way.

The first 4 are keepers! I like 2 and 4 the best on you. If they are reasonably priced, I'd keep the first 4 and expand your wardrobe a bit. You look very nice in a dress!

I voted twice because I love both #1 and #4. But I think they're all very cute on you. You're very lucky to have a dress-friendly figure. Some of us (*sniffle*) do not.

I like #2 & #4. 4 has some fun color in the dress but with #2 you can always add a cute little colorful sweater or purse. Good luck chosing and HAVE FUN!

Ooh, I love to play dress up and share outfits and shop with girlfriends. So thanks for letting play with you from half way across the country. I'm totally going against the grain on this one. My vote is #6 hands down. Totally flatters your figure and is amazingly versatile. For your big date, pair it with a shawl or wrap and some delicate jewelry for an elegant look. For cocktails after work a little moto jacket for sexy-but-sophisticated rock-n-roll wife look. If you've got some black knee length boots that would be amazing.
For crab eating in NC, some strappy sandals and fun bold jewelry.
When you tell us which one you chose will you also share which ones are the I-couldn't-imagine-why-I-bought-thems? I'm dying to know.

hm. i emailed you with my choices already but now! that i'm reading the coments, i agree that perhaps the square neckline is most flattering. so #6 and #1

I voted for #2. I thought you looked the best in 2,4 and 6. I think you should wear what makes you feel the most comfortable in. Relax and enjoy your date with Chris.

number 3 is the youngest/flirtiest looking, I love it! (where'd you get it??)

3 is the least "mom" & most trendy - have fun! enjoy whichever one you feel most confident in (which I think might be 3)

I voted for number 1 since I think it looks best on you, but numb4er 3 is a close second and you definitely need to keep it for a more fancy outing. It's stunning!That said, I think you look great in all of them. You've got a really cute figure!

2!!!!! HAve fun on your date!

OK, without hurting the ego, my thoughts (I voted 3 by the way): Bearing in mind, this is based on me having similar issues with clothes. As my DH said to me on Friday when we went looking for clothes for me "you are a 37 year old sexy woman - don't dress like your Mum" (who for the record is 3 sizes bigger than me and 65 on Wednesday).

So, I like 3 for being flirty and balances you out really nicely (not that you are unbalanced, it just seems to work), I also like number 2 - shows off your figure really well. While I agree everyone needs a little black dress, I personally don't like the shape of 5 with this length (if it was shorter or longer I think it would work better so if you are handy you could pin it up and see if you like it then). 6 I just don't like - personal taste.

Pick the one that makes you feel flirty and sexy and confident - if you feel confident in it you will look great, relax and have a great time.

So that's my two-penneth worth. Like others I also want to know which were the "what was I thinking" dresses, and hope you have a fab time on your date!

I voted for the red and black one, but 2 is very flattering, too ~ and you look really confident in it. :) You look beautiful! :D

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