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Spoiled, Vain, Rich Lady, Etc.

I need a dress. And because I am cheap, I need this dress to be the perfect thing for three occasions. Occasion 1: Dinner with Chris at a downtown, not super fancy restaurant, which dinner precedes a child-free night in a downtown hotel. Occasion 2: Happy hour the week after next with people from Chris's office, of which some will likely be wearing suits and some will likely be closer to business casual but still closer to the business bit than the casual bit. Occasion 3: Dinner in Duck, NC in three weeks where I will be stuffing myself with the best crab cakes known to man.

So, I need a dress that is not too fancy but not too casual and that can accommodate variable spring weather which could be in the 50s or in the 90s. I also need this dress to not come from Target, which is the only place I have bought a dress in the past five years, and even then only two of them, and I need it by 4:00 Saturday at the absolute latest, so internet ordering is out.

I theoretically have access to just about any store you can think of, but in practice the only real option I have is to find something at the small-ish mall near my house and to do so in no more than an hour and that window may be smaller since Chris will be home sometime after 5:00 today and I am meeting friends for dinner at 6:30. Which means I can go to Macy's, Nordstrom, Banana Republic, H&M, LOFT, Abercrombie & Fitch (although not really, because just walking past that place gives me a headache), New York & Company, or Old Navy. There are other stores, of course, but I don't think Charlotte Russe is my speed.

Could somebody who is less clueless than I am pretty please tell me exactly what kind of dress to get and exactly where to go to get it? Much obliged, kisses, mwah.

(Oh yes, and I have to wear flats at best, because my foot is all kinds of screwed up. That was actually the officially diagnosis.)

P.S. If you are leaving me links, I love you like you cannot imagine, but I have to approve all comments with links in them, so it might take a while to show up. Spammers ruin it for everybody, don't they?

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I have the perfect dress for you! It's sort of a slinky material - boat neck, 3/4 sleeves, in a fun pattern. I dress it up with fancy jewelry and heels for weddings and other fancy functions and dress it down with plain jewelry and ballet flats when I don't need it to be so awesome. I got mine on sale at Belk, but I've seen similar styles lately at Stein Mart and Macy's. You're looking for something classy that offers variety. Anything Maggie London or London Times is awesome.

Jennie seems to be a wealth of knowledge. I was just going to suggest a Kohls. Of course the last time I remember wearing an actual dress is my nephews wedding in Oct. 08.

Wow--it's been a while. I used to wear dresses every. single. day.

Ever since I have only been allowed to wear a certain shoe because of my back I quit wearing dresses. Oncce in a while, I will wear a long skirt but that's it.

I really love this dress from LOFT... considering buying it myself.

I think it'd be cute with a cardigan or blazer for the work happy hour thing and if it's chilly.

I picked solid colors, so you don't have to worry about matching the print - and prints go in and out of style every five minutes, but you can always wear a solid color.

This is my favorite for what you describe:

You could wear that dress anywhere - the mood just depends on the shoes and jewelry you put with it. Cardigan or blazer over it if you get cold, sandals for a more casual look, closed-toe for a more formal one. Pearls for the office party, etc. Works for spring, summer, probably fall, AND it's a pretty timeless look, so you can wear it for more than a year.

This one is nice too:

Dude, just hit up the LOFT. Amazing stuff lately. Jennie nailed it!

I just got the perfect dress at ann taylor loft, way marked down for like $20 but I can't find it online. Sorry. But go scour their sale rack.

I don't have a specific dress for you, but I say try Loft first. Also, a wrap dress always works for me. You can wear it with flats, sandals, etc and they are always in style. Throw on a wrap or shrug if it is chilly. A for real date overnight, oh I am jealous.

Do you have Anthropologie?
I buy ALL of my dresses there.

I would have to agree the wrap dress sounds like a great option. I would hit Macy's and go online and print their coupon to take with you...I am sure they have some sort of promotion and they always have so many options but I like Old Navy too. Although all of their dresses seem to be tube dresses and summer weather stuff. Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you find!

PS, I also really like that you told us that the dinner with Chris would be followed by a night at a hotel, so we know the dress requires a certain level of sexiness ;)

I got the cutest dress at Dress ZBarn. Cute, comfy and cheap!

Don't know how close you are to the Leesburg outlets but I was there this past weekend and there were some very cute, very reasonable dresses at the Ann Taylor Factory Store. Scored one for myself for 40 dollars! Ann Taylor look at a Target price!

go to nordstrom rack (near the mall) :) great selection of wrap dresses :) - i have a few spares if you strike out - I'm in the school directory under 'ellie's mom' (I have a closet full of clothes that I never wear...)

omg - it's probably too late if you have already gone shopping...but! just in case.

ditto on the nordstrom rack - great selection of all styles at great discounted prices.

but the LOFT is my next many cute things there these days.

Something like this:
(without the tie bow thing maybe)
It can be dressed up or down and throw on a sweater or shrug for the cooler weather.
Tights and flats, or just sandals.

LL Bean Signature has some cute stuff. I love this one:

I like the blue better than the red.

Duck's a nice, informal place. You may end up getting weird looks (weirder than you're used to, I mean) if you wear stuff that seems formal.

I stopped wearing dresses last year, so I have no up-to-date advice to give other than the Duck thing.

Looks like it will fit well with all three occasions!

The mixed media dress by Style&co

Reg. $59.00
Was $44.25
Sale $39.99

Bodice: cotton/spandex; skirt: polyester
Machine washable
Sleeveless, with bra-friendly cut
Scooped neckline
Smocked waistband
A-line palm-print skirt with soft pleats
Hits at knee; approximate length from center backline: 35 inches

Order this and save yourself a trip:

It's very pretty on and can be dressed up or down depending on the sweater or jacket you wear with it.

My choice. Love the pattern, the neckline is flattering, and the slight flare at the skirt, helps hides the hips & thigh area.

TJ Maxx??? I don't know - I am as clueless as you, if not more so. And clearly - you have way more of a life than do I. :( I don't even know when the last time I wore a dress was..... Sad. Enjoy your evenings out! Especially the first one!

Completely not the point of your post (I will vote on dress in next post - love #3 and #2 but mostly #3) but where are you finding the best crab cakes in Duck? We go to OBX most years and I have yet to find good crab cakes. We stay in Corolla but I will totally drive for good crab cakes - it is my holy grail.

I'm too late to help you out, but I really digg #2 in the photo post. You look awesome, and I'm sure it will be fine for all the occasions!

And hold on, you get to approve comments with links? You use MT? I have SO much spam it isn't funny anymore. This might be helpful!

I'm too late to help you out, but I really digg #2 in the photo post. You look awesome, and I'm sure it will be fine for all the occasions!

And hold on, you get to approve comments with links? You use MT? I have SO much spam it isn't funny anymore. This might be helpful!

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