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Whine, Kvetch, Complain

Oh lordy, I'm drowning over here. And none of it is very bad, but it has just been non-stop. First there was the Man Cold and the Man Broken Toe. Then we had the Screaming Angry Sleepless Ear Infection of Doom, which turned out to be resistant to amoxicillin so we had to have ten days of a stronger antibiotic, which also meant ten days of Constant Nasty Pooping of Doom, which just happened to coincide with Owen's decision to potty train himself. There has been much laundry. And then Mia turned into the poster child for horrible spring allergies complete with streaming eye boogers and screaming. Then on Friday, we started to notice that Mia couldn't hear. At all. Sometimes, but other times she was fine, and she wasn't complaining about anything, so we figured either her ears were stuffed from the allergies or that she was a space cadet from all the allergy medicine. Finally took her to the doctor on Tuesday and learned that she can't hear because both of her ears are massively infected and oh yes, she's on the same antibiotic we just got Owen off of so we are waiting for the fun to begin.

And just for kicks, I hurt my foot running a month ago and it hasn't gotten better so I finally went to the doctor and scored myself a referral to the orthopedic surgeon so that he can send me for an MRI. It appears that my warranty has lapsed, because I have been to the doctor more times in the past six months than in the past six years, and that includes the birth of two children. Also I'm weeks behind on work and have to figure out what to wear to an event for Chris's work, which is a task for which I am not qualified and at which I always fail miserably.

See, nothing all that bad, I told you. And on the flip-side, it is just possible that the Cactus-Fish family has moved entire out of diapers, at least until Chris and I start to require them, and my doctor put me on anti-inflammatory drugs until I can see the orthopedist and my foot feels well enough that I am even considering giving running a try this weekend and I am less than 48 hours away from babysitters and date night. I am trying to breathe deeply and get over myself, but I am starting to think that the only thing that will help is a couple of days sprawled in the sand of a tropical island somewhere. I am just barely considering taking Chris with me.

(Please don't call me a baby, I already know that.)

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Umm...little black dress? ;) Good luck sorting it all out dear! I hope all is back to manageable levels asap.

Did you buy the airplane dress? Maybe you could wear that? I totally sympathize on the foot thing I have a peroneal tendonitis...Fun Times! OUCH! Yipee for date night!

sometimes the only words that get me through weeks like we both seem to be having are DATE NIGHT.

I think we're getting an overnight date night tomorrow night and I'm resisting the urge to start up a musical number in the streets.

You're not a baby. All that little stuff adds up -- it sounds like plenty of stress to me!

Hang in there, and enjoy your well-deserved night out!

He gave you steroids, didn't he? I recognize the manic overconfidence. ("I CAN RUN ON THIS FOOT!)

Baby? I'd say more like "Rockstar". That sounds like a whole lotta suck, and I'm hoping from here on out you experience a spring of rainbows and bumble bee flutters.

Ack! That's a lot of crap on one mom's shoulders. You're not a baby. And besides, if you can't whine on your own blog, where the hell can you whine?

I also vote for a little black dress. You can never go wrong there.

Well, you could have just found out that your husband hooked up with a man on a business trip, contracted herpes and came home and gave it to you.
Find a black dress that makes you feel sexy, shoes that your foot can tolerate, and congratulate yourself for having a potty-trained 2 year old son!

actually, it sounds plenty much. i hope it's all better soon!

Oh my gosh - That is A LOT!!!!!!! We've been in streaming eye booger hell here too. Allergies can suck it. Hoping lots of rays of sunshine fill your weekend!!!!! Oh, and sorry about your foot!

I went to The Dress Barn and found the cutest dress for $39.99! I looked adorable and spring-y in it and felt like a million bucks. However, need new shoes as my feet hurt the entire time. Fallen arches are not to be sniffed at!
Fingers crossed for the improved health of the Cactus-Fish Clan!

If you leave Chris behind when you escape to your island, you won't have to worry about finding a babysitter.

Just sayin'.

Just be careful on your foot. Until you see the orthapaedic doctor, I don't know that I'd go running in case you do more damage to it.

Run away to the tropical island...alone!! Or take some girlfriends.

Oh, you poor girl. That is a lot. Beth, you so will Rock the work people's world--give yourself some credit. You entertain a whole websophere (?) you can handle a few stuffed shirts.

Enjoy date night. Had my husband actually ever taken me on one, after years of my asking, he might not be living in a weekly as we speak.

Do not run! I repeat do not run!

You might feel like its a good idea, but really it's one of your lamer ones. LOL!

Have a better weekend, my friend.

Be tough Beth! It sounds like a heck of a lot, but you can handle, being the super woman that you are.

Hang in there. Simple dress or a dressy blouse and a skirt is my vote.

If you'd stopped at "Man Broken Toe" that would've been bad enough. Hope your weekend goes better than your week has!

Loads for you to cope with - carry on and complain, whinge and moan all you like (maybe someone will listen and consider aforementioned trip to tropical island?!). Hope all resolves soon, big hugs xx

Anyone who calls you a baby is a JERK who has NO IDEA. How's THEM apples??

Nope, I think you could have stopped at Man Cold and I would've been plenty sympathetic right there. No further hardships needed.

The Man Ailments just annoy me to no end...(Dude, why do I not remember you being this wimpy when I married you??)

I second the little black dress idea as it always looks great and a suggestion about the antibiotics that our doctor always reminds us is to have the kids (and adults too!) eat a lot of yogurt with live cultures when we are taking them. It replaces all of the good bacteria that the antibiotics kill in our stomach and really seems to help with the "pooping of doom".

Um, my head hurts just READING that. You need a cocktail, woman.

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