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Dress, Finale

Why yes, our evening/night/morning was lovely, thank you for asking. The babysitters (also known as my fabulous parents) arrived at 3:30 yesterday, we were out the door at 4:00 and checked in to the hotel by 5:00. The hotel was lovely. I showered (was rather nasty from scrubbing my entire house in preparation for my parents staying here), we changed for dinner, and then walked around Chinatown for a while until I was entirely hobbled by my new shoes (flats! Who gets hobbled by flats?), at which point we had come full circle back to our hotel. So we went into the massive courtyard and had a drink at the restaurant there. It is a really lovely place and we enjoyed it, especially since you get to sit outside without staring at traffic. The downside is that there is no breeze in the middle of a courtyard in the middle of a four-story building and it was 92 yesterday, and after a bit we hit the point where we had to leave but fast, so we arrived a little early for our dinner reservation at Oyamel. But we got right in, and had a delicious dinner which included, no lie, french fries topped with cheese and chocolate. They were amazing, and also, I think I just discovered the cure for PMS. After dinner we picked up cupcakes with which to bribe the children upon our return, and one for me which was seriously oh my god the best cake of any kind I have ever eaten. Then it was back to the hotel and straight to sleep, of course. (Hi Mom, thanks for watching the kids!)

This morning I woke up at 5:00 and could not go back to sleep. Figures, right? We eventually headed out for breakfast at the hotel restaurant, then retrieved the car and headed home to the kids, who had taken full advantage of their grandparents in our absence. We spent the rest of the day in the back yard with the wading pool and the swingset and tucked the kids into bed early. Add in a visit from my niece early Saturday afternoon and it all adds up to an entirely lovely weekend and a much-appreciated change of routine.

Oh, right! One or two of you may want to know about the dress! I asked for Chris's vote based on the pictures on Friday night, and he said #3 or #6. Since #6 was not a contender, I took #2 and #3 with me to the hotel, tried them both on for Chris, and he picked #3. So #3 it was, which turned out to be a good choice since I felt good in it, looked nice but not too nice to wander around Chinatown at 5:00 and also because dinner really was delicious and I still fit into my dress at the end. I am definitely returning #1, #5 and #6 (although I really adore #6, but as a couple of you astutely pointed out it doesn't fit me well, so back it goes). I'm obviously keeping #3, will probably also keep #2 and am considering #4 just to have another dress option in the future and not put all of us through this again.

So that is that. Thanks for all the help. You done good, internet.

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Sounds absolutely perfect to me! You did good in giving hubby a little say. =)

You definitely should keep 2 and 4. You deserve to have pretty clothes. But maybe you could have 4 hemmed a bit shorter? You have nicely defined legs and look good in the dresses with mid-knee and above-knee lengths.

Oh, I loved #6, too. But I loved #2 on you, too. Good for you, keeping more than one! It gives you more reasons to secure those babysitters again.

I WON!! I so didnt think my #3 would win! WTG CHRIS! I bet you were smokin' hot! Glad you had fun...I only have Henry who is 2 but when is our turn for a whole night away? Jealous you can wear a dress like that, jealous you can afford those awesome places you went, AND jealous you got to run usual YOU ROCK!!

YESS!! I was totally rooting for dress #3.


Very nice! I am jealous.

4 looks really nice on you, but I have to agree with Lise- you should get it hemmed to just above your knee. Then it will be perfect!

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