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My Pain, Your Gain

This is what kudzu looks like:


This is what poison ivy looks like:


This is what you will look like if you confuse the two:


Hey, I was feeling great for about six hours there, so I was clearly due for something new.

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I had no idea they were so similar! We don't see a lot of kudzu in MN.

I hope the rash gets better soon. My daughter's Fancy Nancy book informs me that jewelweed can help with the itching -- it's what Nancy used when she got poison ivy.

Good luck!

Eeep! Well, now at least I know what poison ivy looks like. Seriously - had no idea before. What kind of childhood did I have, anyway?!

they both suck ;)

hope you feel better soon!

Benadryl and I didn't grow up with poison ivy, so I had no clue what it looked like until you posted that.

So glad we don't have poison ivy this side of the pond. Agree with Kati - benadryl. Hope you feel better soon!

Yuckity Yuck. :(

OW! Beth! I'm sorry!

I'm a desert rat. I can tell you about cacti. I can't tell you about anything with green foliage.

I am highly allergic to poison ivy. In fact, I think I just started scratching looking at your photo. Invest heavily in calamine (the old fashioned orange stuff, not the wussy clear stuff), Benadryl, and if need be, steroids, which (according to the doctor who last prescribed them to me) will make you cranky AND hungry. No really. But at least you'll stop scratching. I hope.

I too had now idea what poison ivy looked like so I am so sorry you had to endure so much to teach us all! You are a great teacher. ;-)

Hope you are feeling better!

How did you get it on your neck? I have never heard of Kudzu before, and I thought poison ivy had RED stems!?! Ugh. It looks miserable. Hope you feel better soon.

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