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I Should be Arrested

We received a package delivered by UPS yesterday, and I couldn't tell if it was the same delivery guy or not because he came up the driveway with his hand smacked over his eyes and then sprinted back to his truck as fast as he could. So, I'm guessing it was either the same guy or the story has spread.

And then, I took the kids to the pool and was playing a game where I grab both kids and jump up and down in the water and they scream and giggle. Now, I selected my bathing suit specifically for the level of difficulty it would pose to any child who decided to try to pull Mama's shirt off, but after several jumps I stopped for a rest and oh hello, that's my boob hanging completely out of my suit in front of a selection of 30 or so neighborhood teenagers in the middle of swim team practice.

I'll be moving next week.

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But are they nice looking boobs? At least you could have that going for you.

Ohhhh Beth. You are too funny. I'm sorry, that sounds mortifying, but I pretty well laughed my head off ;)

I'm seeing a pretty clear trend. You're either super naughty in a 'tee-hee whoopsie!' kind of way or just ridiculously prone to outbursts of awkwardness. In either case, I'm sure the children are scarred for life. You and Chris should go ahead and create a 'Therapy Fund' for them.

I'm sorry, and I know it's awful, but I am laughing right now. Not at you of course. With you...

I had the same thing happen, but shudder to think about it happening, now that I am an old woman. You are still young and beautiful, so it was probably good. The teenage boys are probably dreaming of you now!

OMG! Laughing behind my juice cup. Too funny.

Maybe you are secretly trying to be a "Desperate Housewife"?

Between you exposing yourself on, well let's just say it like it is--a semi-regular basis and Chris and his bathroom issues--I second the therapy fund.

Thank you for being so honest and willing to share this stuff with us. :)

Dude, I wish I lived in a neighborhood with "free spirits" like you.

LOL. ;)

too funny!!!!!!!

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