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Lightning Round

The name of this game is "The Stangest Thing that Has Ever Bitten Your Child" and I will go first.

Emu. (Poor Owen.)

Your turn!

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You win :(

Me? Yeah, I took some bad advice to stop some of her chronic biting. This was only slightly less traumatic than her getting bitten on the ear by a Scottish Terrier.

Um, a snake, I guess. Good thing it was probably a baby, because *my* baby spent two nights in the hospital being monitored because of it. Don't know what a larger snake would have done; don't want to know.

A pelican took my head in its mouth when I was about the same age as Owen. What is it about two year olds that inspires these things??

This was a friend of mine not my kid, but when we were kids, a friend of mine got bitten by a sting ray. We were at a Sea World type place (might have been Sea World, or not) and there was a shallow pool where you could feed the stingrays. You were supposed to put the food on your hand and hold it flat under the water. His pinky was sticking up and the stingray bit it!

Can we count ourselves instead? Armadillo. Long, embarrassing story.

South African Crown Crane - but wait, that isn't the best was in the garden, at THE Playboy mansion.

And she was only 18 months. Clearly I get to win this one. (Along with Best Parent of the Year 2005)

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