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I took the kids to the pool for 4.5 hours today. I didn't plan to stay that long, but it turned out that a couple of the kids' favorite friends showed up while we were there and everyone was having such a nice time that we just never got around to leaving.

At one point, Owen was sprawled on a towel playing Legos with his friend and Mia was sprawled on her own towel across the pool trading snacks with her friend and I was just sitting under an umbrella watching them (like I hawk, I assure you. Chris thinks I am desperately uptight but I have a deep and knee-quaking fear of what could happen to my children in the pool and I think I have learned how to make my eyes operate independently so I can watch them both), and there it was, the exact summer I was hoping to have. Neither of them wanted a damned thing to do with me right then, but it was peaceful and fun and unscheduled and all about kids being kids and nobody was yelling at anybody else. It was perfect, and I hope that if I don't work too hard at it, we can have lots more of those moment before fall.

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Enjoy it, my friend.

How wonderful! Mine are approximately the same ages (Owen is a little older than my baby) and I pray we can have moments like this in the near future... For now the older (a boy) seems to enjoy using the younger (a girl) as his personal gumby figurine...

One of the scenes I always pictured about motherhood was me, with a couple of darling children, spending a leisurely afternoon at the pool- them, splashing happily nearby while I lounged and read a good book. And then I took my kids to the pool and it was NOTHING- NOTHING!- like I pictured.... however, as they've grown, I've had glimpses of it coming. It's such a beautiful thing!

I am so happy that you had one of those perfect days that we mothers have always envisioned, even before we brought our babies into the world! I hope you have many more of those days this summer!

I have to say....I love not being "scheduled"!

That is great, I am hoping to have that soon. My little one, not 2 until the very end of summer, is too young to keep my eyes away for a second, but I'm hoping next year the summer will start to be a little more fun and relaxing.

One day I actually be able to read a book in the summer, during the daytime, it's in my future, someday...

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