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Owen calls me Eva. He wants me to call him Wall-E. Although when he says it, it is Lolly. My boy speaks in paragraphs but has yet to master W. If I forget and call him Owen, he corrects me. "No," he says, "I Wall-E."

And yet, it took a question from Mia about what she was called before she was called Mia, and a long explanation of how she looked like a lima bean in her first sonogram so we called her Lima Bean and then Beanette and then just Bean and that is why we still call her Bean and Mia Bean. And after all of that I asked if she wanted to know what we called Owen before we called him Owen. She said sure, and then it hit me:

Wally. We called him Wally.

(P.S. Some pretty amazing pictures of Mia, Swimmer Girl, are here.)

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Now my heart just went all squishy and mush. GOSH Beth :P

I saw the pictures of Mia and I thought how quickly the time has passed. Can you believe your baby girl is so grown up?
Wally, eh? That is cool!

Oh my gosh, I remember that! I remember I asked if you'd start having Wally Wednesday on this blog! That's so weird/cool. :-)

AAAAnd it all comes full circle.



Holy crap. I totally remember that. Wally.

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