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Well this is sad

Right now, at this very moment, both of my children are immersed in entirely spontaneous, completely voluntary naps. This marks only the second time in history that Owen has put himself to sleep on his own, and also the second time in history that Mia has fallen victim to an unplanned couch nap (and the last time was due to a raging fever).

I have at least half an hour, probably more, of nobody wanting a drink, nobody wanting me to watch anything, nobody smashing anybody else in the face with a stick. I have free time, smack in the middle of the day, for the first time in over a year. And I can't think of a single damned thing to do with it other than wander back and forth between the kids checking if they look like the might be waking up soon.

I'm honestly ashamed of myself right now.

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Haha a shower? Or a nap yourself?

Happens to me all the time (the not know what to do with myself, not spontaneous naps). I complain about never having a minute to myself, and when I get one, I either can't decide which of the 30 million things I need to do should get done first, or I can't think of a single thing I *want* to do, just for me.

I dreamed I was hanging out with you and your husband last night, this is actually getting weird... I might take a break of reading both of your blogs :S

I find tooling around The Internets to be a fine activity for that kind of free time. =)

'Completely voluntary' = 'I gave them some bourbon'.

You SHOULD be ashamed.

seriously, if i ever get a real minute to myself i am practically paralyzed with indecisiveness. what a shame :)

Been there! I feel your shame. Free time and a mother is lost....

What did you end up doing?

Another indecisive one here!

It's pathetic, but I think we've all been there. Glad to see you blogging again - welcome back!

That's happened to me quite a few times would think that after a while I would get better at using that free time. BUT NO. I pretty much waste it every time.

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